Sleepless Gabba Crayon

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Ha.  I dare you to decipher that title without reading the rest of the entry.

So last night was what we would call a “bad night.”  Koren was up every hour.  At first I thought it was because I was trying to make him sleep on a flat surface (gasp!) but he continued to wake up repeatedly even after I moved him from the bassinet to the rocky swing.

He’s zonked out in his crib right now and I hope he’ll be out for a while because he needs to catch up on the sleep.

I can tell I was delirious from lack of sleep in the middle of the night because I remember thinking at some point, “I should learn how to cook,” which (to my mother’s dismay) is a statement I would put right up there with, “I should dye my hair pink” and “I should take up crocodile wrestling.”

Kaelin has been remarkably good this morning at entertaining herself on the computer.  She’s learning how to navigate the Nick Jr. site, and I keep hearing little songs and intros to the various shows.

Which brings me to the aside …

I cannot stand the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba.  CAN. NOT. STAND. IT.  Every time it comes on I want to reach through the screen and throttle that guy that hosts it.  I wonder how some of these shows make it into production, because seriously.  Elijah Wood guest-hosted it one time and I will never be able to look at him the same again.  /End Rant.

And on a slightly different note, this:

Is the Cutest. Book. Ever.

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  1. Anne says:

    Can’t figure out why my email was bouncing it back but found ya.  I love that book myself.  lol My kids love it too.  Everytime I go to the library I have to pick it up if its there just to read it quickly lol

  2. trish says:

    OMGOSH Amy…. the only thing I have to say is,
    HOLD STILL, wigglwwigglewiggle STOP ,wigglewigglewiggle,STOP:grrr:  !
    I thought I was the only one that hated that show….that guy must feel like a total ding-a-ling. grrr
    Well, you are more beautiful than I imagined….you have a beautiful family…God Bless you all….or in your case Y’ALL (right?).

  3. ana says:

    i should have told you—kaelin has loved that book at ana’s house for over a year. and she always has the most interesting questions when we read it…

  4. Shannon says:

    I actually got the Yo Gabba Gabba reference.  Caleb walks around singing the wiggle wiggle song constantly.  I hate it too!!

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