Things Currently Making Me Happy

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Yeah, yeah, I know.  One day I’ll get over this fixation with bullet points.

  • Koren smiled at me for the first time.  Like, a real smile that lasted more than half a second.
  • He also looks me in the eye since yesterday, which is new.  Until now he was always looking at something in the space over my left shoulder, which was making me wonder if there was something wrong with his vision.
  • Kaelin’s furniture matches the curtains and bedspread already in her room so I don’t have to redo them
  • My son took a 3-hour nap this afternoon.
  • And so did I.
  • Koren’s acne looks like it MAY be getting better, thanks to a tip from Julie.
  • Got some work done today, so I’m feeling accomplished – thanks Mom & Dad for watching the kids this morning!
  • The chicken burger at Sonic is actually not half-bad.  I’ve never found a chicken burger at a fast food restaurant that was more than tolerable.
  • But most of all…

  • Bright Starts bouncer with music and vibrating box:
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    1. Anne says:

      omg I can’t tell you how many times a vibrating chair saved my sanity, I cried when mine quit working it was like loosing a pet. lol

    2. Grandpa says:

      What a great picture – I am glad the Bouncy Bouncy thing works and KJ looks great in it!!!

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