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There are times when I feel like I’m getting pretty good at this whole parenting thing and have all the answers, like when Koren starts fussing and I’m all, “Just bundle him up like this and squeeze him and rock him sideways like this, and OH LOOK, HE’S ASLEEP.” 

Mama: 1
Fussy Baby: 0

And then there are other times when I am blatantly reminded that no matter how long I do this, I will always be a rookie.  Every day brings new challenges to figure out, new things to handle.  For instance, here are some lessons I learned this week:

  • When your daughter picks up an unidentifiable remain of a beloved toy that has been mangled and decapitated by the dog, and asks, “Mama, what’s this?” the correct answer is probably not “A piece of Timmy.”  In retrospect, I probably could have handled that a little more delicately.
  • While the “shock and startle” method of alerting your child that SHE IS SO BUSTED might seem like a good idea, it can occasionally backfire.  For instance, if she is supposed to be napping and you catch her out of bed playing and your reprimand surprises her so much she falls off the chair and poops in her pants.  There’s something about cleaning up poop that lessens the triumph.
  • It is never, under any circumstances, a good idea to teach a two-year-old the “copy cat” game.
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    1. Grandpa says:

      Parenting is always a challenge – I know first hand – Dad

    2. Hillary says:

      good lessons!

    3. trish says:

      OMGOSH Amy that was thee funniest post …..I am still laughing. you have such a funny way with words !!!

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