Koren: 4 Months

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Dear Smiley Joe,

We’ve seen more changes in the past month – it still amazes me how much you can grown and change in such a short period of time.  Even your teachers at “school” tell me each week that they can see changes in you.

You love school.  They have “music time” and “buggy time” and with a teacher:student ratio of 1:1, you get spoiled for all of the 10 hours per week that you’re there.  Each time I pick you up or drop you off, I run into some staff member who tells me what a happy kid you are.  I get notes from your teachers on how much they love interacting with you and making you smile.  This last Thursday, we brought home a picture of you holding hands with one of the other babies in the buggy.  It said, “We make friends at [school name].”

Despite the fact that you’re pretty easy to coax into smiles (and sometimes giggles), it is surprisingly difficult to catch these expressions on film.  For some reason you don’t think I’m nearly as funny when I have a camera in front of my face.

You are rolling over now, though not regularly.  You seem to have more difficulty with it at night, and consequently we’ve entered the dreaded FOUR MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION.  You often spend a good portion of the night squirming and twisting around, while I spend a good portion of the night alternating between repositioning you and beating my head against the wall.

You do spend the entire night in the mini-crib now though, because the motion glider is too restrictive for all your thrashing about.  Also, you are becoming much less dependent upon the swaddle in order to sleep.  I was beginning to think that day would never come.  Now the only time I have to swaddle you is when you can’t seem to calm yourself down enough to sleep in the middle of the night.

You have also started wanting to stay awake when you wake up for a bottle around 5:00am.  THIS IS NOT OK.  Although, it might be negotiable based on prior nightly performance (reference this post).

You adore your sister.  When you hear or see her, you follow her around with your eyes.  She can get a smile out of you better than anyone else and you have been known to cry when she walks out the door.

You’ve also really started to enjoy bath time.  I think you are going to be quite the swimmer.  Every time we give you a bath, we are guaranteed a nap immediately afterward, because you just kick and splash yourself into exhaustion.  Tonight you dad bathed you and after half an hour of solid flailing, you were basically asleep by the time you had your jammies on.

You’re finally getting some hair on top!  This makes me happy, and it helps ease some of my guilt that every time I combed your head to treat your cradle cap, your hair would fall out.

Speaking of hair, please stop yanking on mine.  It hurts and you have a ridiculously strong grip.  Kaelin thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to watch, but I have a feeling she’ll change her mind the first time you try it on her.

You are all boy.  You love watching football in the media room with dad, which I know makes him really proud.  Your favorite TV shows are Football, CNN news and the Video Professor Commercials.  I know that last one isn’t an actual show, but you get a real kick out of that guy and start smiling every time he comes on TV.

You talk.  A LOT.  You babble and bubble and moan and gripe and gaga and squeal.  You talk to us, to your fish mobile, to the TV, and to anyone or anything else that will listen.  If you have a complaint, you have no qualms about telling us ALL ABOUT IT.  When you start using words and can converse with your sister, our house is going to be one nonstop stream of chatter.  I’m not going to get a word in edgewise.

You’re turning into such a fun kid and we’re really enjoying seeing your personality bloom a little more each day.  There are countless times that you do something and your father and I turn to each other and ask, “Could he be any cuter?”

And the answer is no.  You couldn’t.  Although if you want to try, there’s still this.  I’m just saying.


PS: Mom, you’re now going to have to retract your statement that I don’t have many pictures of Koren on the website.

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  1. Liz says:

    Loved hearing about what Koren is up to these days. He really has changed so much. He really could not be more adorable! Great pictures! And Koren and big sis together are such a sight to see. How sweet!

  2. Grandpa says:

    Wow!!! What a great “decopaige” (sp?) of terrific pictures and captions – You are an amazing mother – I know your mom will be very happy – Dad

  3. trish says:

    Oh—I think he looks like you Amy !

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