Koren: 9 Months

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NOTE: This entry posted a week ago, before I had finished writing it.  Oops.  So if you saw it and then it disappeared, that’s why.

Dear Butternut,

You may be wondering what happened to your 8 Months newsletter.  Well, son of mine, it got swallowed up in the vast and seemingly never ending black hole otherwise known as the Monster Mutant Ear Infections of Doom, which has more or less consumed us all over the last two months.

The desperate cycle of agony began when you got a double ear infection following a cold in January.  And it just never left.  Five rounds of different antibiotics later, the infection remained and you were scheduled to have tubes put in your ears.

The tubes procedure was remarkably quick and simple.  After the procedure, the doctor said we definitely made the right decision with the tubes, because apparently it was quite a mess in there.  You recovered within half an hour and even went to school without any problems that same day.  Your father and I spent the rest of the morning doing the “happy dance” because I do believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship.  I’m totally inviting your tubes to my next birthday party.

Immediately after the tubes went in, we had a series of bad nights in which you would inexplicably wake up in the wee hours of the morning and refuse to go back to sleep for two hours.  I still do not know the cause of these mysterious sleep interruptions, and I was on the verge of calling the ENT and demanding that they TAKE THE TUBES BACK because this new routine was NOT an acceptable alternative to ear infections…  And then the bad nights stopped and you returned to your previous sleep-through-the-night schedule, thank the Lord.

We can already tell you’re hearing better.  Your head snaps up at noises that otherwise would have elicited little response.  We’re hoping this will help improve your speech.

You’ve started, we think, attempting to say “Mama” and “Dada,” though “Mama” comes out as “Baba…babababababababa” and “Dada” is this odd guttural clicking sound.  We suspect the difference has to do with your inability to hear with all the fluid in your ears, so we’re hoping your pronunciation will become a little more accurate now.

You’re crawling now.  You don’t really prefer it as a method of transportation, but are willing to do it to reach something interesting, or get to someone who can carry you the rest of the way.  You’re pulling up on everything you can reach now, which makes me nervous because we have a lot of wooden tables, with sharp corners, and you are not the most cautious child.  Actually, you are downright fearless and would go diving over the edge of a chair or off a bed in an attempt to jump to another piece of furniture, if given half the chance.  I have a feeling that the first major lesson you will learn the hard way is that YOU ARE, IN FACT, NOT A FLYING SQUIRREL.  Sorry to be the one to break that to you.

You also have a knack for getting yourself hopelessly caught inside the coffee tables.

You are starting to let go once you have achieved maximum pull-up height and stand for a wobbly 5 seconds or so before either plopping down on your bum to try again, or crashing forward into whatever you were holding onto and wailing furiously.

One of your favorite activities, and one that consistently buys me at least 5-10 minutes of time, is sitting down with a diaper bag or bucket of toys, and pulling everything out of it.  You are a very hands-on kid and like to hold and examine and chew on everything you can possibly reach.  It consistently amazes me how someone with 10” arms can reach anything within a 3-foot radius.  Especially at restaurants, so CAN YOU PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE GRABBY-GRABBY MY SALAD IS NOT THAT INTERESTING HOW THE HECK DID YOU REACH THAT KNIFE LET GO OF THAT THIS MINUTE OR I’LL STRAP YOU TO THE TABLE LEG GIVE ME BACK MY STRAW.

You’re eating well now, though you continue to reject most vegetables.  Any object found on the floor goes straight into your mouth, yet turn your nose up at anything that resembles peas or squash.  Obviously I need to start rubbing my shoes in your food before offering it to you. 

You do, however, love fruit smoothies.  A piece of pureed fruit is fine, but if it has 2 or, even better, 3 DIFFERENT kinds of fruit mixed together, you will gobble down twice your normal meal portion.  Also, you’re really into those little dissolve-in-your-mouth rice snacks, to the extent that you will voluntarily sit STILL for longer than 30 seconds while stuffing them into your mouth.  These little rice snacks have saved the day a number of times, particularly in restaurants and on shopping trips.

As for sitting still otherwise, this is not a concept you’re familiar with.  Son, you NEVER stop moving.  You want to stand when you’re sitting, crawl when you’re standing, spin around when you’re crawling, and do cartwheels on the changing table as soon as I’ve stripped off your diaper.  Those little straps on the changing table?  You laugh and scoff at their futile attempts to restrain you.

You may notice that all the pictures from this newsletter come from a single photo “shoot,” despite the fact that there has been a 2-month gap in pictures.  Frankly, there is a direct inverse correlation between photo ops and the amount of sick going on around here, and the past two months have been a doozy.

One thing we are enjoying lately though, is your endless variety of expressions.  You often hear phrases like, “That’s a Jens expression” or “That’s a Papa face” or “Somebody looks like Mama” – it appears you have inherited a nice variety of expressive genes, which you put to good use on a regular basis. 

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