Ode to Vitamin Kitty

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Most of you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the 5th member of our family: Vitamin Kitty.  VK is Kaelin’s BFF and accompanies her everywhere:  to the grocery store, restaurants, walks around the neighborhood…he even “snuck” into school the other day.

Don’t tell Kaelin, but she is now on her 4th generation of Vitamin Kitty.  Because he is so “well loved” he often gets dirty beyond redemption, and when that happens, he gets a “bath.”  Somewhere between the time he goes into the washer and the time he comes out of the dryer, a new Vitamin Kitty emerges from our special box in the closet and begins his journey as Kaelin’s sidekick.

She’s always very impressed at how clean and fluffy he is when he comes out of the dryer.

So here’s a little video I put together in honor of Vitamin Kitty and the special friendship he shares with our little lady.

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  1. erinboehme says:

    My Nolan has a puppy – whose name is Puppy – and he LOVES him.  We have a back-up stored in the event of an emergency.

  2. Charity says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only who does that…Bailey’s pink Lion “Liney” is a 4th generation too! We found some on ebay and have them hidden. smile

  3. Hillary says:

    Good for you to have back-up “kittys”!

  4. ana says:

    may the box of vitamin kitties never run dry.

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