Koren: 12 Months

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Dear Mr. Busy,

While there are a lot of things I could say to sum up the little man you have become during your first year, I think your Papa put it best during your recent visit to Seattle:  “Your son is perfect, and relentless, and hungry.”

It’s true.  You wake up in the morning happy and ready to destroy (after putting away a breakfast that could feed a team of construction workers, of course).  You are so BUSY.


You still have no interest in talking whatsoever and we have yet to get you to voice anything besides the ever-constant “Dada Dada” … but fortunately you have eased up on the nazgul shrieking somewhat.

You are now quite good at walking.  I think you had an epiphany this last week in which you realized that walking really IS faster than crawling, and you have refused to go back to crawling ever since.  You zoom around the house chasing Kaelin, or Kitty or anything you see out of the corner of your eye that might fit in your mouth.


Unfortunately, you also have a penchant for running away and/or finding things you should not be messing with.  My day is a continual cycle of retrieving you from the dog food, the toilets, the dishwasher, the stairs, and any open doorway that serves as an exit.  You are relentless and the number of times you have been thwarted never prevents you from trying again 2 seconds later.

When we went for your photo session, I put you down long enough to sign my name on the credit slip.  By the time I caught up with you, you were already out the door and down the hallway in the mall.  Today at church, I put you down and you immediately honed in on the exit doors, 100 feet away.  By the time I caught you, you were 10 feet from running outside.  Today at Grandmommy and Grandpa’s house, I must have pulled you off the stairs 50 times.


You are fearless, and succeed in giving me at least 3 heart attacks every day.  You have no qualms about jumping head-first off the bed, climbing up anything perilous, running toward an open oven, walking right off the edge of the pool, or any other maneuver that spells certain death.  If you live to see age 3, it will be a wonder.  If I live to see you turn 3, it will be a friggin’ miracle.

We’re trying an experiment, which you have taken to surprisingly well.  We’ve taken you off of dairy to see if it has any effect on your chronic cough and tear duct issues.  So far, we haven’t seen much improvement, but we’re giving it some more time.  Fortunately, you take goat milk in a bottle like a champ, and as long as we don’t eat string cheese in front of you, you seem to do fine without the dairy.  If the experiment isn’t effective, we have an appointment lined up in a couple of weeks for you to have your tear duct probed, which sounds horrific and I’m really not looking forward to it, particularly since I don’t think it will actually solve the problem if your tear duct is under-sized.

You’re a somewhat solemn kid, but you smile and giggle the most when doing something dangerous or naughty.  Your favorite game is when Dada throws you up in the air.  You smirk and run away when I catch you holding something you should not be getting into.  And chasing/wrestling with your sister sometimes brings on a total giggle fit.


Dear one, you are exhausting.  In a wonderful, fascinating and entertaining way. 

Just between you and me though, it’d be nice if JUST ONCE, I could unload the dishwasher without having to pull you out of it six times.


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  1. Tom Meneley says:

    Very well written analysis of one Koren James – I am looking forward to the on-going adventure – Grandpa

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