Koren: 19 Months

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Dear Mischief Monkey,

You are 19 months old.  This was supposed to be your 18 month newsletter, but the time passed so quickly that I didn’t get around to writing it until now.  I guess that’s what you get for having your half-birthday in the month of December.

You have grown in so many ways over the last month.  You’re taller, heavier, and learning new things every day.

You have finally started talking and not a moment too soon.  You have a select repertoire of words that you use and it’s so nice to be able to communicate with you verbally.  The patches on my head where I have pulled out all my hair are finally getting the chance to fill in again.  Also keeping me sane is the fact that you now answer yes/no questions with head nods instead of blank stares and cries when I guess the wrong answer.

However, your favorite mode of conversation is still an incessant calling of someone’s name to get their attention without any sort of follow through.  Our car trips consist of this:

“Yes, Koren?”
“What is it, Koren?”
“What do you need, Koren?”
“I hear you, Koren.”
“What, Koren?”
(whispering) “…Mama.”

Besides Mama, your vocabulary includes words like Daddo, Ana, Papa, Kakee (Kaelin), baby, doggy, kitty, book, bippy (sippy), milk, cheese, cookie, up, down, out, please, juice, turkey, hi, hello, bye-bye, and ta-da!, though many of these are lacking a few consonants when you pronounce them.  You have also gotten fluent in a variety of animal sounds.  You never call animals by name (other than doggies and kitties) but rather by the sound they make.  A cow is a MOO and a sheep is a BAAA.

You’re working on learning the “k” sound and words like milk and book, which were formerly “mo” and “bah” now end in long, exaggerated guttural sounds.  It sounds like you’re trying to hock a loogie, but it’s cute somehow.

Like your sister, you have also invented your own word for pacifier.  Whereas Kaelin called it a “bup,” you prefer the term “boppy.”  You are quite attached to your boppy and I don’t foresee you being willing to give it up anytime soon.

You love eating, laughing, running, wrestling, jumping, cuddling after naps, animals, dancing, Dora, dolls, and all things pink.  I have a feeling that those last few are a result of having an older sister, but your father gets nervous each time you ignore the trucks in favor of pushing Baby Timmy around in the pink stroller.

You are completely enamored with your grandparents.  You walk around the house asking for Ana and Papa, and when you see Grandmommy or Grandpa, you almost hyperventilate if you can’t bear hug them RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.  But they don’t seem to mind.

We’ve had to start enforcing Time Out in your crib, because you are stubborn and mischievous and completely unresponsive to scolding or hand swats.  Your are NOT A FAN of the isolation routine, but it’s the only way we can keep you from pushing all the buttons on the DVD player.

Speaking of your mischief, which is never-ending… 

You love to steal things and run.  You are, unfortunately, very good at this.  You love to stick things in your ear.  I don’t get the appeal of this, but to each his own.  Except the part where you need to STOP THAT.  “Mama, Koren’s got the scissors and he’s sticking them in his ear!” is a phrase I’d prefer not to hear again.

You also love to elicit certain reactions out of people.  This morning I made the mistake of yelping and dodging a strawberry that you offered to wipe on my clothes.  Giggling, you then proceeded to chase me around the kitchen with the strawberry.  This afternoon I squealed in surprise when you put your arm (which was very COLD after having just been outside) down the front of my shirt.  You thought that was HILARIOUS and took upon yourself the mission to reproduce that reaction as often as possible.

You are a total ham.  This afternoon, you would call Mama or Daddo, just to get our attention so you could giggle your silly little tilted-head “I’m a ham” snicker-giggle – which is hard to explain in writing but maybe I can catch it on film sometime.

You love books.  Love them.  You often bring me a book and we read 1 or 2 pages, then you shut the book and say “Bye-bye!” and then jump down to grab another book.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  You especially love books that have sliders and flaps and doors and triggers, and you’re attention span for those types activities far exceeds my own.

You have been banned from the cribs at Mother’s Day Out because you jump in them instead of sleeping.  I have been informed that we need to purchase a nap mat for you. 

I did get you a trampoline with a handlebar for Christmas and it remains to date one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for you.  You love to jump to Laurie Berkner Band music videos and any other music that comes on TV.

You remain a superb hugger and a pretty affectionate little guy.  Sometimes I’ll just be standing there and you come over and wrap your arms around my legs for a few seconds before continuing on your way with your busy schedule.  I love those moments.

I also love the fact that you’re reliably napping for 2-hour stretches these days and if you haven’t gotten enough sleep when you wake up, I can leave you in your crib and you’ll GO BACK TO SLEEP.  This trait is a novelty to me, and it’s pretty awesome.

All in all, kid, you’re active, curious, energetic, and we’re both exhausted by the end of the day.  But this stage between 1 and 2 is one of the best and your Daddo and I are enjoying every day of discovering your personality and nature as you discover the world around you.

Sleep good kiddo.  We both need it.








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  1. ana says:

    love reading the details of his life. thanks, amy! some of these pictures look so much like jens at that age. i miss both pumpkin boys. big smash-face from ana.

  2. Grandpa says:

    Wow! What a guy – He is so handsome and sweet and so curious about EVERYTHING – I hope he never stops giving hugs – They are the BEST!!!
    THak you Amy for taking time to keep these blogs on your kids going so we can look back and remember – Grandpa

  3. zephra says:

    I love the picture of him looking out of the dryer. I admit, I have often thought about putting my kids in the dryer though not for picture purposes. Great idea!

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