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Hey y’all, I know I’ve been pretty lame about updates recently, and as much as I’d like to say I’m redeeming myself, I’m actually just going to use this blog as a little promo space today.

We’re having a YARD SALE this SATURDAY, so come by (please!) and take some of this stuff off our hands so we don’t have to pay to store it!!!

A few of the items being sold:

Furniture: hide-a-bed couch, TV stand, bookshelf, etc.
Home Décor (art, candles, knick-knacks, curtains, etc)
Kids’ clothing and shoes – boy and girl
Toys, games, children’s books
Baby gear
Adult clothing (including maternity)
Kitchen items: cookware, dishes (Mikasa!), glasses, serving ware, party trays, equipment
Exercise equipment
Purses & Bags (including Coach, Pierre Cardin, Guess, others)
CDs, DVDs, books, cookbooks
Holiday Decor
Lots more! (Seriously, I can’t believe how many folding tables I’ve had to borrow from friends.  Thanks, friends!)

No Junk! (Well, ok, maybe a little junk, but most of this stuff is really in great condition)

Most items are gently used, but some are new, like my Coach purse with the tag still on, or the Tommy Hilfiger sandals Kaelin never wore.

Please come see us between 8am and 2pm, even if you don’t plan to purchase anything.  It will be a long day and we could use the company!

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  1. Zephra says:

    You don’t happen to have a treadmill you want to sell do you?

  2. Amy says:

    No, sorry.  We did have a Gazelle elliptical, but we sold that.

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