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The ibuprofen did the trick and within an hour his fever was down to “low-grade” again and he was showing signs of life for the first time all day.  He even ate some pasta and pretended to be a dog as he lapped it off his plate.

Yesterday, he continued to improve though it was obvious he wasn’t 100% yet.  Poor Kaelin doesn’t know how to handle it when her playmate just isn’t interested in playing all her made-up games.  She got a lesson on the fact that you can’t MAKE someone want to play, no matter how persistently you pester them about it.

His fever subsided and this morning he’s back to school.  He doesn’t quite have all his energy back (his energetic spurts are more short-lived), but his personality is back and he doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms.

We haven’t gotten the results back on the blood tests.  I still haven’t taken him to get his back x-rayed.  I’m having a bit of an internal debate about that.  He hasn’t complained about it since, and it’s entirely possible that it was hurting so bad because he had been jumping up in the air and landing hard on his butt earlier in the day (I know.  Doesn’t sound like fun to me either).  So I don’t want to pump him full of radiation if it was just a fluke.

So I think I’ll wait to see if he continues to complain about his back.  Before this last time, it had been at least a week between complaints, so I was in hopes that the Mysterious Aching Body Syndrome was starting to subside.

I guess we’ll see.

In other news, check this out:

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  1. Grandpa /Grandmommy again says:

    Thank you for this update and the good report on Koren – I think you made the right decision not having his back x-rayed – I have to think the butt bouncing had to have hurt his back muscles which will heal pretty quickly – Patient #2, however, appears to have the ugliest arm I’ve ever seen – I did hear that there should be no need for surgery, which is a great releif – Stay healthy, Nurse Amy and Asst.Nurse Kaelin

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