Boat Graveyard

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  1. Grandpa /Grandmommy again says:

    One of your very best, Amy – This is definitely “sellable photography” – MOre of these and a few old ones down at the habor dock and you have a “Coffee Table Edition” to publish – The music is cool too – Love it – Dad

  2. valerie says:

    I love it! Especially because I can remember the pirate ship. Love the music choice!

  3. Grandmommy says:

    I saw these “old” boats as well but didn’t see them in the “eye” of this photographer. I would buy the book Dad suggested you publish as well as many tourists who come through Homer every summer. You have the perfect marketing place every Saturday and Wednesday afternoon at the “Farmer’s Market” to see if it would sell. DO IT. You’re a “star” waiting to explode with blessings for many to enjoy. Twinkle BIG.

    I’m one of your biggest fans because I know you.

  4. ana says:

    great shots, as always. i like the watery transitions.

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