It Must Be Me

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Oh, and check this out…I’m actually afraid to put this in writing for fear that it will *POOF* disappear as soon as I do, but…


I don’t think we’ve had 3 full days of sunshine since sometime in May – much less CONSECUTIVELY.

Sunny and 60, baby.  It’s a good day.

Apparently, Alaska was just determined to break the all-time record for the cloudiest, wettest summer on record.  The day after that happened, the sun returned.

Oddly the year I moved to Seattle, they also broke the record for the most consecutive days of rain on record.


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  1. erinboehme says:

    So it’s YOUR fault!

  2. Grandpa /Grandmommy again says:

    So glad you and Jens are getting to make this trip – I hope the weather continues to cooperate and you have a great weekend – It definitly your turn to see the sun – Colorado is awesome this weekend – It was 60 degrees when we woke up this morning and the sky is blue as azure and cloudless – Have a good berry picking day – Love you – Dad

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