The Day Begins

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It was 27° when I dropped the kids off for school this morning.  And dark.  The sun rises at about 8:45am these days.

The forest is never quiet anymore.  I keep thinking I’m surrounded by rabbits or some other animal as I fumble my way through the dark to the frozen car, but really I think it’s just the constant noise of the dried leaves rustling and falling to the ground.  I do believe there was a moose or something wandering about two mornings ago, because as I made my usual noise on the way to the car, the rustling seemed to get further away.

It smells good outside.  It’s the smell of Fall, the smell that – in Texas, anyway, signals the approach of Christmas.  Here, we haven’t even made it to Halloween yet.

The weather has been cold, but lovely.  Lots of sun and clear skies.  The moment August turned into September, the weather went from “suck” to “it’s actually really beautiful here,” and has stayed nice ever since.

We have gotten used to the morning routine.  After 2+ years of fighting it, I have finally resigned myself to the fact that my son is a crappy sleeper and my day is just GOING to start at 6am for the foreseeable future.

He wakes up fitfully at odd hours in the night, and will cry and call for me until I come in to reassure him and pull his covers back on and help him find his boppy (paci).  I have no idea what wakes him up, but he is rendered completely unable to think, reason, or function when he wakes up like that.  He can’t be trained to find his boppy or to pull up his own blankets or even lay himself back to sleep.  He has to be told what to do.  It’s as if his brain won’t start up when his body wakes up.  Sometimes it’s enough just to hear my voice.  “Koren, lay back down and go to sleep, baby.”

But not usually.  Most of the time he needs my touch as well.

Fortunately, there are a lot of nights where he does his waking up before I actually fall asleep, and then we both get several uninterrupted hours of sleep.  Makes the whole 6:08 am “MAMA CAN I GET UP YET” wake-up call a little easier.  Also, I must admit that I prefer the toddler alarm better than that heinous clock beeping noise.

I have not had to set an alarm clock in 28 months.

Lately, MAMA CAN I GET UP YET has turned into MAMA CAN I COME SLEEP IN YOUR BED.  Make no mistake, he has no intention of doing any actual sleeping, but he’ll come crawl in bed and cuddle with me while I wake up enough to pull my lazy butt out of bed for good.  He usually crawls into the bed before I do, and is very intentional about leaving me a space as he curls up on my pillow.

“Here, Mama.  Your spot is RIGHT HERE.  There’s room for YOU.”

Then he realizes that he needs his water sippy from his bed.  So he runs back to his room to retrieve it and brings it to place on Jens’ night table.  Then, “Uh-oh, I almost forgot, have to shut the door.  Very quietly.”

He closes the door without slamming it, then makes his way back to my side of the bed, crawls in, and lays down.

There are approximately 3-8 minutes of silence.  Then the day begins.

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