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Fishing in Seldovia

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Lost Tooth #2

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Party at the Cabin

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Actually, we ended up “managing” it longer than expected, as the water was too rough on Sunday to take the boat across the bay, so we missed our ferry and had to stay an extra night at the cabin.  By the time we all left, I’m sure Cyndy was quite ready to have her cabin back.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when we had everybody together for a fresh-caught seafood dinner, complete with brownies and cake for dessert.

The kids know they can always rope Uncle Larry into a story or three.

The Story

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We had a bit of a milestone here yesterday.  When I picked up Kaelin from school yesterday, she came running out of the classroom just as I arrived.  When she saw me, she started bouncing up and and down.  “MAMA MAMA I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU BUT YOU CAN’T SEE IT YET BUT I’M SO EXCITED I’M GOING TO SHOW YOU BUT YOU CAN’T SEE IT YET I CAN’T BELIEVE IT I HAVE TO GO WASH MY MOUTH OFF!”  Then she ran off to the bathroom with her hands over her mouth.

Sorry it’s a little long and rabit-trailish.  I haven’t quite figured out how to trim a video without permanently deleting the trimmed part.  Once I do, you’ll get better-edited videos.

Seldovia Beach Times

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When the Rainbow dropped us off in Seldovia, we made the tour of the town.

We stopped for lunch at our favorite restaurant in Seldovia, the Tide Pool.

Cool Dude

Ah, McDonald's Happy Meal toys - the throw-away toys that somehow never get THROWN AWAY.

You can’t go through Seldovia without seeing the chainsaw carvings. There’s a contest every Memorial Day Weekend and the winners are displayed around the town.

Chainsaw Carvings: Good for Hugging

Chainsaw Carvings: Good for Climbing

Chainsaw Carvings: Good for Riding

Rainbow Bird Tour

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Alaska Sea Life Center

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Cooper Landing

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We stayed at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge in Cooper Landing.  It’s a scenic lodge-style resort right next to the river.  While we were waiting for my parents to arrive, the kids and I took a walk down to the river.

Yes, the river water is actually that color.  It’s glacier water, which is super-oxygenated and gives it that bright blue-green hue.

The kids also had their first experience sharing a bed.  I thought they’d never actually go to sleep, but eventually they did.  Koren was up until 10pm and Kaelin was up until 11pm because Grandmommy and Grandpa arrived a little after 10pm, so she had to stay up to greet them properly.  They brought her that face mask, which came in handy as their room was full of windows and the sun was up in the middle of the night in July.

Apparently my son is quite the bed hog.  After he finally STOPPED TALKING long enough to go to sleep I was reading in the other room when I heard Kaelin say, “Um…Mama…can I get some help here?  Koren’s way over here.”

And he certainly was.  Somehow the smallest person in the family had managed to take over the entire bed in one spread-eagle move.  I moved him back to his side, but he kept inching toward Kaelin.  Thus the pillow barrier in the middle.

Mickey Mouse’s Hot Dog Song

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Loose Teeth

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Kaelinisms: Sand Edition

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