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Islands & Oceans

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Friday afternoon, we took the kids to the Islands and Oceans Visitor Center for some hands-on learning, followed by a short hike down to the marsh.

The hiking trail goes down to the Two Sisters Bakery, which is one of our favorite places in Homer.  We didn’t get to stop there this time, but had enjoyed the Two Sisters baked goods for breakfast that morning.

The Islands and Oceans visitor center is not very large, but provides lots of things for kids to touch and play with so they can learn about the culture and wildlife of Alaska.

Wynn Nature Center

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Every Friday, the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies (for some reason I can never remember that name) has a preschool program at the Wynn Nature Center, which is a little cabin at the top of the hill.  This time, the girls learned about fresh water and that it’s important to preserve fresh water because there isn’t all that much of it.  They took a short hike to a nearby stream to look at the fresh water and all the things that live in and around it.  Afterward, we went out for ice cream.

Good Friends, Good Times

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Kaelin was beyond thrilled to see her friend Maddy and the two were inseparable the entire time.  Koren was never far behind and the girls were really great about including him.  He has officially adopted Maddy as his second sister.

Our first order of business was to tour the Homer Spit:

An Original Story, by Kaelin

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Kaelinisms: Very Important Edition

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“Kaelin, while Koren is napping, Mama and Daddo are going to go take a nap while you watch your movie.  We were up all night with Koren so we’re really sleepy.  So if you need us you can come get us, but please try not to come wake us up unless it’s really important, ok?”


*  *  *  *  *  *
(20 minutes later)

“Mama, I have two things to tell you and one is VERY IMPORTANT and the other is not important.  The IMPORTANT thing is that I love you.  The other thing is that I’m hungry and I need a snack.”

First Day of School

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I realize that a lot of mothers enjoy summer vacation and relish the time they can spend with their children.  And don’t get me wrong, my kids are awesome.  But I simply do not possess the ability to play toddler games for hours on end, and I don’t have the mental capacity to read the same 10-word book 2,378 times in a row without going completely bats__t.

Taking the kids to the mall play area wears me out and raises my blood pressure because they’re both running in opposite directions and weaving in and out of other people and Where’s Koren, he was just here, OMG SOMEBODY RAN OFF WITH MY BAAAAAAYBEEEEE OH WAIT THERE HE IS TRYING TO DO A BACK FLIP OFF THE TOP OF THE 5’ BUGS BUNNY.

Besides the mall, the summer entertainment options in Texas are basically swimming or playing at an indoor facility (which, I might add, always costs money).  Both tend to get old after about the 15th time.

So with that in mind, I was equally dreading the waiting period after we moved here, knowing that the kids would have no friends, no school, no babysitters, and no schedule until we could work our way up the wait-list for the local early learning center.

…The kids started school yesterday.  And it totally snuck* up on me.

First Day of School

It seems that we’re just so busy here that I didn’t even notice the 2 months of No! Schedule! going by.  That, and the kids have gotten surprisingly good at entertaining themselves for longer stretches of time.  Kaelin is always coming up with some creative pretend game and Koren is all too happy to play along.  He’s also been taking really good naps – 2½ to 3-hour naps are pretty normal.

The kids loved school.  Koren clung to me for a few minutes until they gave him a carrot and told him he could feed the guinea pigs.  Then Mama was old news.  I didn’t even get a goodbye.

Kaelin got to go down to the harbor on a field trip and tour a “big boat with a gun.”  Koren got to do some gardening, and earned himself the nickname “Mr. O.K.” (apparently he was very agreeable).  When I came to pick them up after lunch, Koren had the full attention of one of the teachers and was bringing her one book after another to read.  Kaelin was socializing with the other teachers and kids in the class.  She made two friends, named Hope and Elsa.  When they came home, both kids took really long naps.

I believe they are looking forward to going back tomorrow.

*Yes, I KNOW the grammatically correct term is “sneaked” but that sounds retarded and I refuse to use it.

Kaelin’s Ode to Vitamin Kitty

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Princess and the Frog

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Our Weekend in Pictures

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This was the first time we were able to take our favorite Seldovia shuttle, the Rainbow, to our destination.  It beats getting dropped off at Jackelof Bay and having to be picked up and driven the rest of the way.  Kaelin enjoyed the bigger boat, which we had all to ourselves on the outbound trip.  Koren thought it was a little too loud, but did fine once we moved inside the cabin.

Tired of My Beach Pictures Yet???

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That doesn’t stop her from practicing her casting on the beach though.  She picked up the push-release-cast flow very quickly and can now fish with the best of them, minus the actual bate.

She even gives Koren an occasional lesson on how to fish, though mostly he’s content with throwing rocks in the water.  And throwing rocks in the water.  And did I mention that he likes to throw rocks in the water?

Seldovia: Clamming

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We came away with a nice haul of clams and Kaelin got to play with all sorts of other little critters we dug up in the mud.

Then we came up with ways to entertain ourselves indoors for the next 24 hours in a 500 square foot cabin.

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