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Might be Teething

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It’s That Time of Year Again

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Yay, Christmas Pictures!  I love this time of year.


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Hey, remember this?

Well, now there’s this:

Kaelin always went for the face. Koren seems to prefer the leg.

And also…

Koren: 5 Months

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Dear Mama,

Hey look!  I turned 5 months old yesterday!  Since you completely dropped the ball on getting my newsletter out, I’m taking upon myself to get the job done.


Sitting… A Photojournal

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“Hey check it out! Look what I can do! This is THE BOMB.”

“Uh oh.”

“Houston, we have a problem.”

“Saved it! I am THE MAN.”

“Wait a minute… I might have overcompensated.”

“May Day! May Day! Abandon Ship!”

“Wait! Maybe I can save it if I could just … find … my arms …”


He’s Lucky He’s So Cute

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Last week I took the kids to a Pumpkin Patch.  Twice.  It sort of went like this…

(Ok, deep breath)

We left the house and Koren was sleepy, so rather than go to sleep in his car seat he started crying.  The crying escalated just in time to get trapped on the highway because they blocked off all the exits to the roads we needed to take so it took us an extra long time to get to the pumpkin patch, which was difficult to find because it was at a church under construction so they had no sign and about 2 pallets of pumpkins sitting on the ground with construction trucks in the background. 

It was supposed to be a play date so while we waited in the parking lot to see what the next course of action would be, Koren went into convulsing hysterics because he had also realized that in addition to sleepy, he was hungry.

Everyone else decided to go to the nearby mall but there was no way I was going to take Yelly McScreamypants into a mall and Kaelin had her heart set on going to a pumpkin patch so she started whining about the pumpkin patch and then crying because Koren was screaming so loud it was making her ears bleed. 


Feeling unable to make it all the way home amidst the screeching, I pulled over to comfort him and try (unsuccessfully) to convince him that no baby has ever died from drinking a lukewarm bottle and that it might actually help him feel better.  When that failed, my Plan B was to offer his pacifier.  His response to both was something along the lines of NO THANKS, I WOULD RATHER CONTINUE CRUSHING YOUR WILL TO LIVE.

So we drove the rest of the way home with the screeching which, predictably, stopped exactly 15 seconds before we reached the driveway.  I trucked everyone and everything into the house, stopping briefly to torch my husband who happened to be standing in the way because there’s something about being screamed at for a solid hour that MAKES ME STABBY.  I hurried to heat up a bottle which I ended up putting back in the refrigerator because the babe was sound asleep and had no intention of waking up for something as inconsequential as FOOD.

Kaelin was still begging to go to a pumpkin patch, so I got on the internet to find a replacement that hopefully didn’t SUCK SO MUCH and settled on a nice little one (with pictures!) about 15 minutes away.  So when Koren woke up and had eaten, we and my MIL trekked out to the new patch and arrived to find a patch full of ROTTEN. PUMPKINS.

Evidently you have to buy Halloween costumes a month early if you want to get good pictures at a pumpkin patch.

Fortunately, Kaelin didn’t notice because she was having entirely too much fun rolling around in the dirt and hay.  And they did have a small “hay maze” which kept her occupied for at least 10 minutes.  So she got her hay and I got my pictures and Koren narrowly avoided getting shipped to Zimbabwe and somehow we all lived to tell the tale.

Pea Pod & Daisy

Koren: 4 Months

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Dear Smiley Joe,

We’ve seen more changes in the past month – it still amazes me how much you can grown and change in such a short period of time.  Even your teachers at “school” tell me each week that they can see changes in you.

You love school.  They have “music time” and “buggy time” and with a teacher:student ratio of 1:1, you get spoiled for all of the 10 hours per week that you’re there.  Each time I pick you up or drop you off, I run into some staff member who tells me what a happy kid you are.  I get notes from your teachers on how much they love interacting with you and making you smile.  This last Thursday, we brought home a picture of you holding hands with one of the other babies in the buggy.  It said, “We make friends at [school name].”

Despite the fact that you’re pretty easy to coax into smiles (and sometimes giggles), it is surprisingly difficult to catch these expressions on film.  For some reason you don’t think I’m nearly as funny when I have a camera in front of my face.

You are rolling over now, though not regularly.  You seem to have more difficulty with it at night, and consequently we’ve entered the dreaded FOUR MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION.  You often spend a good portion of the night squirming and twisting around, while I spend a good portion of the night alternating between repositioning you and beating my head against the wall.

You do spend the entire night in the mini-crib now though, because the motion glider is too restrictive for all your thrashing about.  Also, you are becoming much less dependent upon the swaddle in order to sleep.  I was beginning to think that day would never come.  Now the only time I have to swaddle you is when you can’t seem to calm yourself down enough to sleep in the middle of the night.

You have also started wanting to stay awake when you wake up for a bottle around 5:00am.  THIS IS NOT OK.  Although, it might be negotiable based on prior nightly performance (reference this post).

You adore your sister.  When you hear or see her, you follow her around with your eyes.  She can get a smile out of you better than anyone else and you have been known to cry when she walks out the door.

You’ve also really started to enjoy bath time.  I think you are going to be quite the swimmer.  Every time we give you a bath, we are guaranteed a nap immediately afterward, because you just kick and splash yourself into exhaustion.  Tonight you dad bathed you and after half an hour of solid flailing, you were basically asleep by the time you had your jammies on.

You’re finally getting some hair on top!  This makes me happy, and it helps ease some of my guilt that every time I combed your head to treat your cradle cap, your hair would fall out.

Speaking of hair, please stop yanking on mine.  It hurts and you have a ridiculously strong grip.  Kaelin thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to watch, but I have a feeling she’ll change her mind the first time you try it on her.

You are all boy.  You love watching football in the media room with dad, which I know makes him really proud.  Your favorite TV shows are Football, CNN news and the Video Professor Commercials.  I know that last one isn’t an actual show, but you get a real kick out of that guy and start smiling every time he comes on TV.

You talk.  A LOT.  You babble and bubble and moan and gripe and gaga and squeal.  You talk to us, to your fish mobile, to the TV, and to anyone or anything else that will listen.  If you have a complaint, you have no qualms about telling us ALL ABOUT IT.  When you start using words and can converse with your sister, our house is going to be one nonstop stream of chatter.  I’m not going to get a word in edgewise.

You’re turning into such a fun kid and we’re really enjoying seeing your personality bloom a little more each day.  There are countless times that you do something and your father and I turn to each other and ask, “Could he be any cuter?”

And the answer is no.  You couldn’t.  Although if you want to try, there’s still this.  I’m just saying.


PS: Mom, you’re now going to have to retract your statement that I don’t have many pictures of Koren on the website.


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Last night we joined some friends at GattiTown, a place Jens and I had never been before.  It’s sort of like Chuck E. Cheese (or Showbiz Pizza for all you 80’s kids), except it’s bigger and there are no scary robotic characters lurching back and forth.

We all had a great time – even Koren, who was completely overstimulated beyond belief.  When we walked into the game room with all the flashing lights and bright colors and loud noises and kids running around, his eyes just about jumped out of his head.  He was already really tired so I was trying to get him to go to sleep, but he kept craning his head back to see all the excitement. 

Finally, he ran out of steam and crashed in total exhaustion.  He woke up after about 20 minutes, at which point it was totally past his bedtime, but he managed to stay awake for the whole ride home and a bottle once we got there.

And then he slept for over 8 hours.  Straight.

Did you see that?  Did you fully absorb the magnitude of that sentence?  Go back and read it again.  My kid slept from 8:30pm to 5:00am.

Of course, at 5:00am, he was exceedingly AWAKE, but I find it much easier to watch him sit in my lap and blow raspberries at me for an hour when I’ve just gotten 7 hours of sleep.  In fact, I find that my baby’s Cute Quotient corresponds proportionately to how well rested I am:


And now, I totally want to go to Gattitown every night.

Problem Solved

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Well after 2+ weeks, I think I finally figured out what was causing my eye to swell up every day.  I’ve boycotted makeup for the past 2 days and while I’m not so good at rocking the “au naturale” look, the swelling has gone down completely. 

I’m guessing that it was something on the makeup brushes. See, while I’m doing Kaelin’s hair every morning, she plays with my brushes.  And since she’s TWO, I have to admit the possibility that she’s probably, I dunno, rubbed them on her foot or something at least once.

Anyway, YAY for no longer looking like Quasimodo.

But DUDE.  I have one of those really painful under-the-skin irritated pores on my nose and I keep accidentally bumping it and it hurts like a Mother Butler Pie and is making me that kind of irrational angry you get when you trip over the same shoe 5 times because you’re too lazy to pick it up.

Also, Koren has officially entered the “4 Month Sleep Regression.”  He spends much of the night trying to roll over and getting really frustrated when he can’t.  It wouldn’t matter if he could because, as I’ve found out, he doesn’t actually want to BE rolled over.  He wants to be ROLLING over.  Also, he’s recently decided that 5:00am is an appropriate time to start the day, which is SO. SO. WRONG.  In this house, Morning does not start until at least 7:00am.

One thing that has been helpful though, is this monitor.  It goes under the mattress and monitors the baby’s motion so if you put them on their tummies to sleep you don’t have to check every 10 minutes to make sure they’re still breathing.  It totally works.  Which is good because Koren will not sleep an entire night on his back.  He has to be flipped half-way through.

The only thing is, if the monitor can’t sense the breathing motion, it sounds this REALLY EAR PIERCING ALARM, which, I know, that’s what it’s supposed to do, but if the baby sleeps in your room at night and you get him out of bed for that mid-night bottle, and forget to TURN IT OFF, a few seconds later the whole household gets blasted out of bed by the BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPING!!!with-multiple-exclamation-points!!!111ONEONE!!!11ELEVENTYONE!!! 

For the record, the husband?  That one that can’t go back to sleep if he has to get up in the middle of the night?  Yeah, he doesn’t really appreciate that.  Especially if it happens multiple times.  In the same night.

So in light of my painful face and all the non-sleeping going on around here, I think I’m going to call it quits even though it’s only 9:30 on a Friday night.  I’m beat.

PS:  Guess what!!!  I took PICTURES of Koren today!!!  But you can’t see them.  Yet.  So I don’t know why I said that.  Goodnight.

Proabably Should Have Made 3 Separate Posts

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While speaking at a children’s hospital yesterday, Cindy McCain stated that Barrack Obama has “waged the dirtiest campaign in American history.”  She said she looked forward to seeing her husband clear the record at the debate, and-

Whoa, whoa, whoa, BACK THE TRUCK UP.  Obama is the one waging the dirty campaign?

Regardless of political leanings, I think we can all pause for a minute to fully absorb the hilarity of that statement.

*blink* *blink*  Ok, moving on…

In other totally important news, Koren has learned a new trick.  He can now pull the pacifier out of his mouth, waive it around, and put it back in.  This provides him with endless amusement until he drops the paci and the world pretty much crashes down around our ears.

He drops the paci a lot.

And for that reason, the jury is still out on whether this new trick should be lauded or cursed.

And on the Kaelin homefront, I would just like to say that my daughter says some pretty funny stuff when she’s not really awake.  Last night I heard her calling, and when I walked into her room we had this conversation:

Kaelin: I.. I … I … I need … I need… I need … (sometimes she has trouble getting the words out when she’s sleepy, so I’ll spare you the additional 12 times she said that) I need da pee on the phjvgch.
Mama: You need … to pee on the potty?
Kaelin: No, I need the pattern.
Mama: You need the pattern?
Kaelin: Yes.
Mama: What pattern?
Kaelin: The flag pattern.  I need the flag pattern.
Mama: …
Kaelin: I need the flag pattern.
Mama: Is… that something you did at school?
Kaelin: Yes.
Mama: I think you’re dreaming.  Why don’t you go back to sleep?
Kaelin: Ok.


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Well ok, ONE picture.  But it’s totally cute.  And yes, you have to log in to see it because I have this thing about posting bath pictures for the world to see. 

Random Tidbits

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Bullet time!  Because I can’t seem to string a thought together well enough to create a real post.

  • There are certainly downsides to being a person who naturally stores all her body fat around the middle.  It happened again today.  A cashier asked me what I was having (as in a baby boy or girl).  I wish I could come up with some witty response when perfect strangers mistakenly assume I’m pregnant.  Something other than, “I”M WORKING ON IT, OK?

  • Koren thinks John W. Scherer (the Video Professor) is hilarious. Every time he comes on TV, the kid breaks out into huge grins.

  • Jens walked in on Kaelin’s bath last night to discover that her bath crayons were having an argument.  Two of them were right and one was wrong (about what, we’re not sure).  The one that was wrong had to spend some time in Time Out for being disrespectful to his Mama.  Hmmm… sounds familiar…

  • So yeah.  The economy.  The Bail-Out.  Blech.

  • Kaelin’s birthday is coming up.  Yesterday I took her to Party City to pick out a theme for her party.  She picked Hello Kitty.  I repeatedly questioned her about it, knowing that she doesn’t even know who Hello Kitty is, but she was determined.  Of course, on the way home she changed her mind and decided she wants a puppy birthday party, which I appreciate because Hello Kitty is HELLO PINK and I think I might have an allergic reaction to that much pink at one time.

  • Did you know that if you want to reserve a park pavilion for your kid’s birthday party on a weekend, you have to do so months ahead of time?  I did not know this.

  • Today Kaelin announced that she wanted a cherry cake.  I do not know how to make a cherry cake.  Also, I have to figure out how to draw a puppy with icing. 

  • But dude, I actually cooked dinner 2 nights in a ROW.  Like, stuff that didn’t come out of a box.  And tonight, my kid actually ATE IT instead of throwing it on the floor.  This is HUGE, PEOPLE.  HUGE.

  • Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some invitations to address…

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