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Balloon Festival

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Last night we joined 65,000,000 other people and went to the Plano Balloon Festival.  Although we weren’t able to mill around by the balloons like the last time we went, it was lots of fun, especially since several other families we know were there.

The kids played chase and football and threw grass around, while the adults mingled and watched the balloons inflate and fly off.  Even Koren seemed to enjoy himself and stayed pretty content during the whole time we were there.


Shannon and kids

Koren hanging out with Dad

Watch out Josh, there’s a new camera in town!


Playing football with Keenan and friends

The panda balloon was her favorite

Gratuitous Happy Baby Pictures

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Because you can never have too much smiling baby.  Who’s my widdle widgie-poo punkin-snookums?

Ahem.  Sorry, sometimes I suffer from a bad case of Mommy Tourette’s.

PS… That quilt he’s laying on was handmade by my best friend’s mom, Sheryl. It totally rocks and he sleeps on it every night.


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We gave Koren some “shakers” today and the little dude went to town.  Shaka-shaka-shaka…

Unfortunately, it kind of backfired on him when his reflex for punching himself in the face kicked in.


Wiggle Worm

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Koren: 3 Months

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Dear Chunky Monkey,

It’s true.  You have leaped into the 75th percentile in weight.  The idea of having an above-average sized baby is surprising to us, because it took Kaelin a solid year to get out of the 10th percentile.

Obviously, you love your milk.

Your personality is really starting to show through and you’re quickly turning from testy infant into charming, pudgy, bright-eyed, smooshy-cheeked baby with an endless supply of happy spit bubbles.  I am quickly becoming addicted to your round, squishable cheeks.

You absolutely adore your changing table and it’s always easy to coax a multitude of smiles out of you while you’re kicking around on it.  Unless it’s the middle of the night, in which case you scream like I’m ripping your arms off every single blessed night, and what is it about the fact that your father is trying to SLEEP 10 feet away from you that makes you think it’s a good time to turn into a screeching banshee?

Speaking of your father, I believe you are quickly becoming a Daddy’s Boy.  At the very sound of his voice, you crane your head around trying to locate him.  You won’t even do that for a rattle or your sister or the microwave (bottle time!), so you KNOW he must be special.  He can always make you smile with his “Haaaaaapy Boyyyyyyyyy” chant, which is rather endearing.

You’re not sleeping through the night yet in the purist sense of the phrase.  You still wake up between 12am and 2am and demand a bottle before resuming the sleeping ritual.  Then you’ll sleep until about 4:30am and go back to sleep for intervals of 10 minutes to 1 hour until approximately 7 or 8am.  Thus, I’m getting enough sleep to keep from going insane, but I’m hoping this early morning pattern will JUST CHILL OUT ALREADY pretty soon.

You have started willingly sleeping in the bassinet for the majority of the night, which is an improvement.  I am beginning to nurse just the slightest bit of hope that we will eventually be able to transition you to an actual CRIB – you know, those things that babies are supposed to sleep in that are NOT shaped like Mom’s arms or the rocky swing or the Soothing Motion Glider because there’s this idea that babies can sleep on a flat surface for more than 10 minutes at a time WHATEVER.

You are, however, still very dependent upon the Swaddle to sleep for any decent period of time.  Any by “Swaddle” I mean the special, double-blanketed so-tight-a-500-pound-octopus-could-not-wrestle-free-from-it wrap.  If your arms are secured, you can sleep for many consecutive beautiful peaceful hours.  But if there’s a chance of wiggling yourself out of the wrapping, you’re up within 2 hours crying because you CAN NOT stop boxing yourself in the face.

It’s very tempting to start putting you to sleep in your car seat where the arm restraints are wiggle-proof. Last week you fell asleep in the car seat and we left you buckled in until you woke up – EIGHT HOURS LATER.  So it seems that the only thing keeping us both from an uninterrupted night’s sleep is your pesky arms.  Seriously, kid.  You’re going to have to get over that.  You’re growing out of all your blankets and I cannot continue to swaddle you until you’re 5 years old.

You started Mother’s Day Out 2 days per week last week and it seems to be going very well.  The teachers love you and with a teacher:baby ratio of 1 to 1, I’m thinking you probably enjoy getting righteously spoiled.  They tell me you love “music time” and are a generally happy kid.

You contracted your first cold this week.  Fortunately, it was relatively minor and short-lived.  A good thing, since you made sure to give it to me.

You love kicking around on the floor, but you absolutely cannot stand “tummy time.”  As in, it makes you REALLY ANGRY.  This is rather unfortunate, as the doctor has prescribed 10 minutes of Tummy Time, 3 times per day to strengthen your arms.  She might as well have prescribed shoving caster oil down your throat.

At your 2-month appointment, the doctor had the audacity to force you into about 30 seconds of Tummy Time.  It took me 15 minutes to get you to calm down from that injustice.  As a point of reference, it only took me 2 minutes to get you to calm down from the 3 shots you received.

You’re really starting to take an interest in things around you.  You’ve discovered the hanging toys attached to your bouncy seat and were gleefully flailing about under them today while we fixed dinner.  I can put a rattle in your hand and you’ll hold on to it for a while, expressing a little curiosity when it makes noise every time you move.  The other day you reached out and grabbed a toy.  With the intensity at which you were staring at it, I’m sure you did it on purpose, even though it was a rather uncoordinated gesture.

You’re our precious little butterball and we’re enjoying your growth and development each month.  Though in the future if you could at least wear an outfit once before growing out of it, that would be peachy.  Thanks.


Bouncy Thing

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It could be too early to make this assertion, but I have a feeling that this little thingamajig* is going to be a favorite pastime in the near future.

Now if we can just keep a certain someone from playing “Spin the Monkey,” all will be well.

* Does anyone besides me find it odd that spell check has no problem with the word “thingamajig” but balks when I try to type “thingy”?

Random Pictures

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Figured it was finally time to clean off my memory card…

Playing the “stand-up” game, his favorite pastime.

This was just before he burst into tears at the injustice of being put on his tummy.

She’s still smitten with him.

I LOVE this thing. It’s like a bassinet that’s slightly elevated and moves back and forth. SCORE.

Koren: 2 Months

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Dear Koren,

You are officially two months old.  This last month has seen a lot of changes and has been rather eventful.

Of course, when I say “eventful,” I mean by the New Parent Standard, which considers a change in poop consistency to be down right monumental, right up there with the 2008 opening ceremony of the Olympics, the Russian attack on Georgia, and Brittney Spears returning to the VMAs.

Since your birth, we proudly bragged about your mellow nature, telling everyone who dared to ask about you what an easy baby you were, and how you rarely ever fussed. 

This proved to be a mistake.  At around six weeks, we were curtly bitch-slapped by all our lauding, as you suddenly became He Who Would Rather Scream Than Sleep.  We were unprepared for this change in demeanor, and there were days when your dad would find me cowering in a corner with glazed eyes after spending the day doing everything I could think of to MAKE. IT. STOP.

Eventually, we decided to nix dairy from my diet and to switch you to soy formula.  Within days – almost hours – it made a world of difference.  You now nap during the day (most of the time), and whatever discomfort was ailing you seems to have subsided.  You still prefer to be held when awake, but when I hold you it actually seems to satisfy you now instead of just providing some resistance for all your thrashing about.  I’ll take that.

You’re starting to become much more aware of your surroundings.  You look me in the eye when I hold you, which is far more satisfying to me than trying to figure out what could possibly be SO INTERESTING in the space over my left shoulder.

You’ve also discovered the fan.  When you notice it, your eyes and mouth will often fly open.  And then your eyes will stay intensely focused on it while your mouth makes the “oooh” shape.  Total awe.  One day I’m going to catch that look on camera because it’s adorable.  Sometimes, we can lay you on the bed and turn on the fan to occupy you for upwards of five minutes.  That’s like, enough time to pee AND toast a waffle.  With both hands free.  Can you hear the angels singing?  I can.  I definitely can.

You have your own brand of aerobics, often performed while laying on the bed watching the fan.  I totally sympathize.  I need a serious distraction when I exercise too.  You flail your arms in circles and kick your legs – first the right side, then the left.  Wax on, wax off.  Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

My favorite part of the last month has been that you’ve started to smile intentionally.  You don’t do it all the time, but every few days your father and I can elicit a little grin out of you by playing with your cheeks or tickling you or talking to you in ridiculous voices that people only use to make babies smile.  And when it works, it’s gold.  Pure gold.  Parenting becomes instantly more rewarding when your child communicates happiness to you in ways other than “I’m not yelling at you right now.”

Speaking of yelling… yeah.  You do that.  You’ve found your voice and are experimenting with all sorts of new noises.  Most of the time, they are expressions of complaint.  Tired of this position?  “WylaWAAAA.”  That bottle isn’t arriving fast enough?  “HiYAAAAW.”  It’s always a statement, and while usually aimed at the world in general, somehow you always manage to direct it right into my ear.

You have what seems to be a very strong grip.  You like to grab my shirt while I’m holding you, making it very difficult to put you down or changes positions.  If offered, you’ll wrap your tight little fists around our fingers.  Kaelin derives a lot of pleasure out of that and has decided it’s your way of showing her affection.  We’re not going to tell her otherwise.  She thinks you are the coolest thing since disposable diapers, and I hope that one day you’ll realize what a great sister you have and return her affection.

But back to your fists, there’s something we need to discuss.  Please.  Please.  PLEASE stop punching yourself in the face when I’m trying to put you to sleep.  It is totally not as entertaining as you seem to think it is.  Especially at 4am.

Also, please stop the “You-might-think-I’m-asleep-but-just-as-you-crawl- into-bed-I’m-going-to-rub-my-hands-and-arms-all-over-my-face-and-grunt- relentlessly-for-an-hour” routine in the middle of the night.  It ensures that neither you nor I can get any sleep and makes us both grumpy.  I cannot stand over you for two hours holding your hands down so you can sleep.  The more sleep I lose, the more I start to entertain the idea of duct-taping your arms to your sides.

Though you’re currently battling a pretty intense case of cradle cap, your skin has cleared up completely.  This makes me very happy because a) the acne or rosatia or whatever it was looked rather painful, and b) you have such a cute face underneath.  Especially now that you’ve become more expressive.  Those wide eyes and that toothless grin are priceless.

You seem to be especially expressive when playing your favorite game, the “stand up and jump” game.  Whenever you’re being particularly dissatisfied, we can usually make you happy by holding you up so you can stand and jump on your little bowed legs.  Your legs are already quite strong and I know you’re going to love the Jumperoo when you get big enough to use it.  Your sister did too. I have no doubt that you too will jump yourself into exhaustion like your sister did on more than one occasion.  And I will find myself once again standing over a child who has just done an unconscious face plant into the Jumperoo, and examining my options:  a) Risk waking you up by peeling you off, or b) Let you nap in peace and end up with kangaroo shaped indentions in your forehead.

Yesterday you rolled over by yourself for the first time.  I put you in your crib on your tummy while I fixed you a bottle and you were really unhappy about that arrangement.  The tantrum you threw while I was gone started to melt the paint right off the walls, but when I returned you were on your back.  It was an act of desperation really, but I think it counts as a milestone just the same.

You’re really starting to change and your dad and I are enjoying watching you grow.  We know there are many months of milestones ahead and we look forward to each and every one of them.  Except, perhaps, the teething.  Feel free to put that off until your second birthday.


Gratuitous Baby Pics

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Lifting his head:

“Mmm…tasty carpet…”


“So wait. You want to put me in the girly pink Dora chair, AND take a picture? I’m ignoring you because YOU ARE NOT MY MOM.”

Drum Roll Please

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Well, we’re on day four of the no-dairy diet for Koren and me.  Thus far, we’ve noticed the following observations as a result:

1.  More poopy diapers (mostly…today was an exception)
2.  Less fuss
3.  It is almost a crime to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and not be able to chase it down with a glass of milk.

In any case, it looks like we’ll be continuing the dairy embargo, at least for the time being.  Hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon, as most babies do.  Fortunately, he really seems to like the soy formula, which allows me the occasional ability to cheat.  Last night I had ice cream for dessert.

One thing that’s still puzzling me is his daytime sleeping schedule.  He’s still doing good at night, usually going at least one 4-5 hour stretch (did you know that’s considered “sleeping through the night”?  What a croc.) and usually doesn’t wake up for an extended period of time until after 7am, which is nice.  But there are a lot of days when he will Just. Not. Nap.  The longest nap I can get out of him is 30 minutes, maybe twice during the day.  He’s not unhappy – just AWAKE.  And needing to be held every second of the day.  I’m sure that’s not a normal sleep pattern for a 2-month-old.

Then all of a sudden, he’ll have a day like today where he sleeps (or at least rests contentedly, meaning not in my arms) for most of the day – like he’s trying to catch up for the last few days of missed sleep.  What’s up with that?

In other news, Kaelin is really learning to master the computer, thanks to the Nick Jr. game websites. She can open the internet, find the bookmark, and start a game that requires some pretty complex mousing skills, like chasing a moving duck and clicking on it, dragging it to its mommy duck (who is also moving), and releasing it at the right time.  It’s cute to watch her concentrate on it.

Speaking of cute, look what I found this morning:

Close Your Eyes and Jump

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Koren is fussy.  Not quite to the extent of being colicky, aparently, but to the extent where his grandparents are hesitant to watch him.  Which is saying something, if you know his doting grandparents.

They say a colicky baby cries (or screams) inconsolably for more than 3 hours, 3 or more times per week. 

In addition to needing to be held every moment while he’s awake, Koren cries for 2-3 hours every single day.  It seems to be gas from the way it comes and goes in waves… but the Mylicon drops aren’t helping.  And the term “inconsolable” is kind of vague.  If certain positions and movements can make him stop crying for a few minutes at a time, does that mean he’s consolable?

After several consultations with Dr. Google, we’re experimenting with the removal of dairy from his diet, which means 2 things:

1) We’re trying to get him adjusted to the taste of soy formula.

This is actually going better than expected.  He seems to be tolerating it pretty well, which surprised me because I remember what an ordeal it was to get Kaelin to transition from breast milk to formula to the point where she would swallow it rather than open her mouth and impersonate Niagara Falls all over my lap.

2) I’m cutting dairy out of my diet.

Which is just craptastic.

My goal for a dairy free deprivation diet is currently 3 days, because I’m pretty sure it would take an act of God to go longer than that.  Seriously, I would much rather cut out something like meat.  Between milk, yogurt (my favorite snack), and cheese, dairy makes up a good portion of the things I eat.

So while there’s a part of me that hopes we’ll finally find the answer to his behavior, there’s a large part of me that hopes this particular experiment doesn’t work at all.  I want the solution, just as long as it’s NOT THIS.

Sleepless Gabba Crayon

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Ha.  I dare you to decipher that title without reading the rest of the entry.

So last night was what we would call a “bad night.”  Koren was up every hour.  At first I thought it was because I was trying to make him sleep on a flat surface (gasp!) but he continued to wake up repeatedly even after I moved him from the bassinet to the rocky swing.

He’s zonked out in his crib right now and I hope he’ll be out for a while because he needs to catch up on the sleep.

I can tell I was delirious from lack of sleep in the middle of the night because I remember thinking at some point, “I should learn how to cook,” which (to my mother’s dismay) is a statement I would put right up there with, “I should dye my hair pink” and “I should take up crocodile wrestling.”

Kaelin has been remarkably good this morning at entertaining herself on the computer.  She’s learning how to navigate the Nick Jr. site, and I keep hearing little songs and intros to the various shows.

Which brings me to the aside …

I cannot stand the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba.  CAN. NOT. STAND. IT.  Every time it comes on I want to reach through the screen and throttle that guy that hosts it.  I wonder how some of these shows make it into production, because seriously.  Elijah Wood guest-hosted it one time and I will never be able to look at him the same again.  /End Rant.

And on a slightly different note, this:

Is the Cutest. Book. Ever.

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