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(tap tap) Is this thing on?

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(cough, cough) Just a second, let me clear some dust away.

That’s better. Haven’t been around here much lately, I know. I’m finding that I’m too lazy to update both blogs so I’m going out on a limb here and doing some crossover, which I swore I would never do, but times change I suppose.

If you’re interested and want to see what’s going on with me and the fam on a more daily basis, comment or email me. If I’m reasonably confident that I know who you are and that you’re not a weirdo, I’ll give you the link to my not-so-anonymous website/blog.

I’m going to keep this one going for those things that I want to say but don’t want my family, employer or real-life friends to read (i.e. venting). But for the daily stuff, it’s mostly going on the other site.

Otherwise, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Koren is growing faster than his sister did. I bought all these preemie and newborn clothes expecting him to be wearing them for a while, but he’s already grown out of most of them.
  • Fortunately, he’s no longer eating like a starving wolverine and has settled into more of a 3-hour schedule.
  • He’s still still sleeping fairly well at night and will often go 4-5 hours during the first stretch. I just wish his 4-5 hours stretch would be the part in the middle of the night, instead of from 7pm-midnight. After that, he’s up every 3 hours.
  • Dude. It’s friggin HOT here.  Some sources say it will get up to 107 tomorrow.   I believe it.
  • Had the 6-week followup appointment and everything checked out well. Got the green light on sex, which makes my husband very happy. And I was pleased to find that the first time back in the saddle wasn’t nearly as painful this time around as it was after Kaelin.
  • Although, public service announcement, apparently KY Warming Jelly has an expiration date – even though it’s not printed on the tube. Don’t keep that stuff too long unless you want to know what it feels like to have a chemical sunburn on your girly parts. Seriously. Not cool.
  • Koren went through a phase of being darn near colicy. He wouldn’t sleep during the day and fussed incessantly. We’re not entirely sure why, but it might have had something to do with some herbal and nutritional supplements I was taking. We’ve had 3 not-so-bad days and that’s about how long I’ve been off the supplements. He still has “grumpy time” in the evening, but he is consolable. I’ll take that over an entire day of crying and bouncing any day.
  • Koren likes to be held. A lot. He’s a little high-maintenance in that way and it has totally prevented me from doing any work. So next week I have a babysitter coming a couple days per week so that I can do some work without being interrupted every 15 minutes.
  • Speaking of work HOLY MOTHER BUTTER PIES, it is so frustrating sometimes. See, I’m making a product catalog for my employer. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time after the baby came, I started on it a few months ago. But they’ve had me start completely over on it THREE TIMES because they keep changing the product line. And they want it done, like, last week.
  • And to complicate things, I can’t seem to get the product pictures from them. It goes like this:
    • I ask.
    • They give me a disc.
    • The disc contains the PDF files of the last catalog they had made – not the individual images.
    • I tell them I can’t use that and explain the difference between a picture and a PDF document of a catalog page.
    • They tell me they’re going to get pictures made.
    • They give me a disc.
    • The disc contains the PDF files of the the last catalog they had made.
    • Wash, rinse, repeat. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT???
  • I haven’t had a chance to do ANY blog design.  You may have noticed that I still have my pregnancy theme on this site.
  • However, I have learned Expression Engine.  I don’t know why, but I’m kind of proud of that since a year ago I thought it was impossibly difficult to comprehend.  But now that I get it, I understand why everybody is so pumped about it.  It’s extremely flexible and customizable.  I’ve built several sites with it already and am using it on my personal website (not this one. the other one).
  • I HATE the fact that “Add this word to dictionary” is RIGHT UNDER the option to select a corrected word in Firefox spell check.  I keep adding misspelled words to my dictionary by accident.

Things Currently Making Me Happy

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Yeah, yeah, I know.  One day I’ll get over this fixation with bullet points.

  • Koren smiled at me for the first time.  Like, a real smile that lasted more than half a second.
  • He also looks me in the eye since yesterday, which is new.  Until now he was always looking at something in the space over my left shoulder, which was making me wonder if there was something wrong with his vision.
  • Kaelin’s furniture matches the curtains and bedspread already in her room so I don’t have to redo them
  • My son took a 3-hour nap this afternoon.
  • And so did I.
  • Koren’s acne looks like it MAY be getting better, thanks to a tip from Julie.
  • Got some work done today, so I’m feeling accomplished – thanks Mom & Dad for watching the kids this morning!
  • The chicken burger at Sonic is actually not half-bad.  I’ve never found a chicken burger at a fast food restaurant that was more than tolerable.
  • But most of all…

  • Bright Starts bouncer with music and vibrating box:
  • Hmmm…

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    Today is the second day in a row that Koren has been a sleeping angel.  It’s also the third day since I have stopped taking any herbal supplements.


    Or did I just jinx the trend by mentioning it?

    Great Day

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    Today was a great day.  Except for the part where I took Koren to my 6-week postpartum doctor appointment and he cried through the entire thing.  He was a great sleeper throughout the rest of the day though, so that’s a tradeoff I was willing to make.  Any day where Koren sleeps more than he fusses is automatically a great day.

    Need a sitter?  I discovered this site called Sitter City, where you can post a request for a sitter and people respond.  You can view their profiles, picture, experience, references, reviews from past clients, even background checks, to see if they would be a good match. 

    I posted a job describing my kids and what I was looking for, and within hours had several responses from interested sitters.  Today I interviewed a girl who is going to be helping me with my kids over the next few weeks so I can get some work done.  Kaelin seemed to really like her and I think it will work out well.

    This is such a great resource for me because I really hate asking friends to babysit (especially since most of y’all have your own kids to deal with), and I was especially concerned about how I was going to make any progress on a big work assignment that has a rather pressing deadline hanging over my head.  Unfortunately, my work projects aren’t easily done in 15-minute increments, so it’s difficult for me to put in the time I need when either or both of the kids need my attention all day.

    This evening we spent several hours putting together a room full of furniture that arrived for Kaelin.  Since we migrated her furniture into the nursery, her room was a bit bare and I was really running out of places to put her clothes.  I should have taken pictures, it turned out really cute and I’m very pleased with the quality of the furniture (but man, is it heavy!). 

    It’s a whimsical furniture set, almost Dr. Seuss-esque, and she really seems to like it.  Perhaps I’ll get some pictures taken tomorrow.  I really enjoyed transforming her room.  It looks like such a “big girl” room now.  And big props to Jens, who did most of the work, while I held Koren to keep him happy.  I do a lot of holding Koren these days…  I’ve officially learned my lesson about bragging early-on about how low-maintenance my baby is.

    More Random Bullets

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    One day I’ll get back to paragraph form.  But this is not that day.

  • Lack of consecutive sleeping hours is starting to affect me.  I forgot my phone number yesterday while leaving a phone message.  FORGOT MY PHONE NUMBER.  Not the “temporary lapse where you get lost halfway through and have to start over to get it right” … FORGOT as in, couldn’t remember it, tried to save it, failed miserably, had to leave a different number and after I hung up spent several minutes going WHAT THE HECK IS MY PHONE NUMBER?  HEY LOOK, SOMETHING SHINY…
  • I also forgot to feed my daughter dinner.  Completely spaced it.  Mother of the Year Award, here I come.  Fortunately, Daddo stepped up and took care of it, which I didn’t even know about until after I put her to bed and realized my neglect.
  • Today I had to explain the term “chick magnet” to Kaelin.  Easier said than done.  Magnets are supposed to stick to the refrigerator, doncha know.
  • Today I took Koren and Kaelin and Kaelin’s imaginary friend Junior to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  Junior likes vanilla blizzards with M&M’s, which I only know because I accidentally ordered ice cream for my daughter’s imaginary friend.  SIGH.  Kaelin only at 3 bites, but apparently Junior was quite pleased with the treat.  That makes one of us.
  • Koren fussed a lot today.  He’s still fussing but I’m off duty for a few minutes.  Hopefully it means he’ll sleep really well tonight.
  • Random Tidbits

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    Bullet points today because I don’t have enough to say to make a “real” entry.

  • I don’t consider the word “hyper” to be a particularly complimentary term.  I therefore wouldn’t strike up a conversation with a complete stranger by commenting that her child is “hyper,” especially in a setting where kids are SUPPOSED to be running around. Apparently the woman at the mall play center felt differently.  I didn’t know how to respond to that since I don’t really think Kaelin is “hyper.”  I think she’s TWO.  But whatever.
  • Speaking of things I’ve been told by women at the mall… apparently it’s time to take my diet more seriously.  The store clerk asked me when my due date was.  Evidently she was too distracted by my still-protruding belly to notice that I was HOLDING MY BABY.
  • Kaelin is learning how to use a computer by herself.  She can now operate the mouse and has spent the last half hour entertaining herself with the Nick Jr. Stories and videos.  We expect her to finish building her first website by the end of the month.
  • Koren’s acne is starting to bug me.  It’s really bad.  All over his face and head and now it’s moving down to his shoulders and chest.  It’s not the little whiteheads that Kaelin had for a few weeks – it’s those painful looking red bumps and splotches that teenagers with really bad acne get.  And it makes his skin really rough and crusty.  I hope it doesn’t scar.  I just wish it would go away.  He has such a sweet, beautiful little face underneath.
  • He’s starting to make baby noises.  They’re adorable.  The other day Jens cracked a joke and I kid you not, Koren let out what sounded like a giggle.  Ok, so he was asleep, but still.
  • We have been so spoiled lately.  We’ve had an outpouring of friends from our BF class bring us some rather delicious dinners over the past several weeks.  Thank you to everyone who has been so generous, we have thoroughly enjoyed the convenience and variety of having someone else cook for us!  And the desserts have pretty much sabotaged my diet, but they were totally worth it.  Mmmm…
  • That’s all for now.
  • Another Day

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    “Jens, I need a little help here!”

    He came running into the bathroom to find me standing in a lake of water that was flowing over the tiled floor in waves and seeping into the carpet at the bathroom entrance.

    There are two places I can leave Kaelin unsupervised for a period of time longer than 10 minutes:  in front of the TV and in the bath tub.  Consequently, she’s been getting a lot of baths recently.

    This morning she decided to empty her bath tub onto the floor via a watering can she uses as a bath toy.

    Sigh.  It took approximately 10 towels to mop up the mess.

    On a brighter note, Koren is on his second nap of the day.  Which automatically makes today 1,000 times better than yesterday no matter how much flood damage we end up repairing.

    He’s So Cute When He Sleeps

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    Koren seems to alternate daily between “perfect angel” and “virtually inconsolable.”  We’re not really sure why that is, but one thing is certain: Today was the latter.  By late morning I was ready to put both kids up for sale on eBay.

    Suffice it to say I think I’ve just decided to call it quits with two kids because there is no possible way I’d be able to survive a third without a full-time nanny.  Or a lobotomy.

    Today started off a little iffy, as I ended up with the night shift and the morning shift and the day shift, due to some scheduling conflicts with Jens.  Which means I was sleep deprived to start out with, and therefore less capable of handling … well, anything.

    The highlight of my day was our errand out to lunch, followed by ice cream, because it was the only part of the day where Koren actually slept and Kaelin was happy.  Well, that and there was that 30 minutes of silence in the afternoon while Kaelin was taking her (irritatingly short) nap and that dryer trick actually worked again.  Unfortunately, we didn’t even get through a cycle.

    In the past when Koren was having a bad day, I’ve only had him to deal with, as it was always on a day when Kaelin happened to be at my mom’s.  Today I felt bad for Kaelin because it’s remarkably difficult to entertain a toddler with a crying baby in your arms.  Especially when she wants you to sit down and do an activity with her, but any pause in the walking/bouncing/rocking routine only increases the decibel level of the crying.  And don’t even THINK about putting him down in the rocky swing.  That maneuver wore out its welcome two weeks ago.

    So she was bored a lot of the day and heard “no” a lot of the day, which made for a grumpy Kaelin and a guilty Mama.

    At about 5:30pm, Jens got off work and volunteered to take Koren for an hour long car ride while I stayed at home with Kaelin.  I’m not sure what prompted that, but it might have something to do with that time he walked into the sun room and found me in a fetal position, rocking back and forth and muttering gibberish while Koren screamed on the couch. 

    So Kaelin and I spun in wild circles, yelled and played chase, tickle-bug and hide-and-go-seek to get out my frustration her energy.  By the time the boys came home I was no longer exhibiting signs of trauma, though I decided that my diet could pretty much bite me today and actually ate a real dinner (if mac & cheese can be considered a “real” dinner).

    Here’s hoping tomorrow falls into the “perfect angel” category.  Actually, anything above “angry flailing fire-breathing gremlin” would be an improvement. 

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get some sleep.

    Koren: 1 Month

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    Dear Koren,

    You are 1 month old.  Well ok, 1 month and 2 days – because in this family we are nothing if not fashionably late.

    The last two weeks have flown by faster than I can fathom.  Part of me hopes that it will continue to go this quickly because there are so many things I’m looking forward to – smiling, sitting up, crawling – but at the same time I want to bottle up this point in time so I can come back to those sweet little cheeks forever.

    Unfortunately, those sweet little cheeks are currently covered in little red splotches.  I’m sorry to say that you’ve developed a pretty bad case of infant acne.  Even your ears are covered in little bumps.  I hope for your sake that this is not an indication of how your skin will respond to puberty.  If it is, I can promise you that I will refrain from pointing out and naming your pimples… but I cannot guarantee that your sister will have the same restraint.

    You’ve become very interested in lifting your head up.  The doctor was impressed at your two week appointment at how well you were doing with that, and you’ve continued to pursue it since.  You’ve also discovered your legs and like to kick them when you’re doing “tummy time” in a motion that scoots you forward.  I wonder if you’re trying to set a record for the World’s Earliest Crawler.  You certainly manage to shimmy up my chest when I’m trying to burp you, though you don’t seem to have thought through where exactly you’re going to go once you get to the top.

    The nursing is getting better.  We no longer have to have a wrestling match every single time I try to feed you.  Although I would like to point out that it’s considered rude to fall asleep at the dinner table.  And if you insist on doing so, please try not to fall asleep clutching your plate and fork so tightly that nobody can clear the table in the meantime.  Either nurse or get off the boob, son.

    Your eating has also begun to even out more.  You are eating less frequently and smaller portions during the day, which is nice.  Unfortunately, it also means you’re eating more regularly at night.  You seem to be on a 3-hour cycle 24 hours per day now.  Although last night you managed to skip a meal during the night.  I’m not counting on that to become a habit just yet, but I would like to mention that it was VERY NICE and any time you want to repeat that, I’m totally ok with it.

    You have pesky hands.  They seem to operate entirely independently of the rest of you and have an agenda that ranges from mischievous to downright diabolical.  Your right hand seems intent on punching you in the cheek while your left hand loves to jerk the pacifier out of your mouth with a gusto that leaves you looking rather stunned.  For that reason, I’m glad you’re not all that dependent on a paci and usually sleep without it. 

    After every midnight feeding, I rock you to sleep.  And the second I crawl into bed you start fussing immediately because you’ve gotten your fist jammed into your nose and I have to drag myself out of bed to pull it out and tuck it back into the blanket.  Apparently though, we’re not the only ones with this problem, because Lord Google actually returns quite a few search results for “infant straight jacket.”

    Getting a bottle into your mouth is sometimes like trying to maneuver a golf ball through the swinging pendulums at the put-put range.  Yesterday, you were taking a bottle when your hand reached up and dug its fingers into your face.  You stopped eating and looked around, as if trying to find the perpetrator.  Finally your hand released your cheek and your attention returned to the bottle. 

    You really like your changing table.  It’s the only flat surface that I can put you on for upwards of 10 minutes and you’ll be content to kick around and look at the ceiling fan and the blinds.  You’re not crazy about diaper changes, but seem to think them worth enduring in exchange for the opportunity to play on the changing table.

    Your sister is completely enamored with you.  She can’t wait for you to interact with her, and neither can I.  You have a very exciting world awaiting you, and I’m sure she’ll teach you every thing she knows.

    Today you jabbed her in the eye with your fist while you were sleeping.  She covered her eye and made a face, which then turned into a smile.  “He’s playing with me!” she said.  Appreciate that while it lasts, kiddo, because in a few years she’ll just slug you back.

    Happy 1-Month Birthday kid – we’re looking forward to many more.

    Ready for the Home Run Derby, best seat in the house

    Koren, 4 Weeks

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    This would be the “Flexing His Muscles” Edition.  My, how the child has grown.  I weighed him this morning and if my bathroom scale is correct, he’s gained 3 (three!!) pounds since his 2-week checkup.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is what happens when you eat every 2 hours.  Trust me, the same thing happened to me during pregnancy.  Darn those infernal chocolate chip cookies.

    So… (twiddling thumbs, biting lip) sad news about the stock market, huh?

    (And this is the part where I crumble into annoying giggling mushy mommy-blogger hysteria.)

    Have you SEEN that pudgy round tummy?  And those chubby little arms?  And don’t you just want to SQUEEZE those fat little cheeks over and over again? 

    And the fact that his belly button looks just like a cinnamon roll makes you want to eat him right up, doesn’t it?  DOESN’T IT???

    Ok. I’m done now.  Sorry.  Ahem.

    5 Steps to Soothing a Fussy Baby

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    … or “How I Kept From Losing My Ever-Loving Mind Today.”

    1.  Find car seat.
    2.  Insert and secure Fussy Baby Who Refuses to Take His Morning Nap Despite a Full Tummy, Clean Diaper, Rocky Swing, Music, Bouncing, Tummy Time, Sling, Walking Time, and a Car Ride, and Holy Mother Butler Go To Sleep Already Because Mama is THIS CLOSE to Developing a Severe Case of Tourette’s.  %@#!$&.
    3.  Place car seat on top of dryer.
    4.  Turn dryer on 60-minute air fluff cycle.
    5.  Walk away.

    Optional Steps:
    6.  Hit self on forehead repeatedly for not thinking of that during the previous 3 hours when you were supposed to be working.
    7.  Rock back and forth a little.
    8.  Breathing exercises.
    9.  Get back to work.

    Baby The Second

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    This coming Thursday will mark 3 weeks since Koren was born.  How is it going?  Well.  Really well, I can’t deny it.  Most of that can be credited to the amount of time he spends sleeping.  Particularly at night.  I know I keep talking about this (and did I mention?  He SLEEPS?  AT NIGHT?) but you have no idea what a difference it makes.

    Kaelin was a pretty easy baby.  But there were nights during her infancy when I would have given my left arm in exchange for a few consecutive hours of sleep.  For that matter, there were nights where I would have given her left arm for a few consecutive hours of sleep.  Jens can tell you that I don’t do well when deprived of sleep – a fact he learned while diving out of the path of the laser beams that shot out of my eyes because he had done something utterly offensive, like breathe. 

    I’m sure that the derangement caused by lack of sleep colored my judgment and assessment of parenthood the first time around.  Also, there was the fact that I was a newbie, and the thought of being in charge?  Of a real human life?  By myself during the day?  Was sort of akin to someone saying, “Here, hold on to this hand grenade for a while and don’t do anything to piss it off.”

    This time around, I know that the world isn’t going to cave in if the baby has to fuss for a minute or two before I can passify him.  I am reasonably confident that nobody is going to break into my house in the middle of the night and abscond with my child.  I don’t feel the compulsion to look in on him every three seconds while he’s sleeping to make sure he’s still breathing.  I have learned the difference between a receiving blanket and a washcloth, and realized that when you use the latter to mop up baby messes, it makes much less laundry.  I’ve stopped trying to fit my day into a schedule and am content to get done whatever I can.  I’m comfortable with the state of my house, even though it’s not pristine.  The dishes get cleaned, the laundry gets done – though it may remain folded and stacked on the couch or scattered around the living room for several days.

    Overall, there’s much less stress this time around, despite the fact that I now have two “bosses” to appease.  There are of course times when they’re both fussing at the same time and I have to pick and choose which one to see to immediately and which one can wait.  The choice usually comes down to who is screaming the loudest.

    Koren eats a lot.  In addition to the fact that he makes up for “missed” nighttime meals during the day, he’s also becoming quite a snacker – preferring to nurse, nap, nurse again, nap, take half a 2-oz bottle, nap, take the rest of the bottle, nap some more.  Sometimes he ends up eating every hour this way.  I’m not sure why this doesn’t bother me, but at this point it doesn’t.  When the summer is over and I need to fit our schedules into more of a routine, it will probably start to become a hindrance.  But I’m choosing to deal with that when we get there. 

    The only thing that is starting to bother me is the fact that he doesn’t seem to like breastfeeding.  I basically have to wrestle him into it each time and it gets a little tiresome. 

    Sometimes I think we’d both be happier just to switch him completely to bottles and formula.  Especially that indignant part of me that is all, “Dude, you’re the one who has it EASY, all you have to do is latch on and get a free meal.  I’M the one dealing with the soreness, the leaking, the engorgement, and YOU’RE going to get all snobby about this???  I have one word for you: MASTITIS.  And also, DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO GIVE UP SOFT DRINKS???” 

    Babies.  You just can’t reason with them.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get some sleep.

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