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This evening I asked Kaelin if she wanted to take some pictures with Koren.  Her answer was a very enthusiastic YES… the enthusiasm lasted all of about 10 minutes before she decided she’d rather do something else, but here’s what we got during that time…

Two Weeks

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Well, the worst is over. We’ve hit the 2 week mark and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I find it funny how everyone prepares you for pregnancy and delivery, but nobody really talks about what recovery will be like. Even if everything goes well with the delivery, the first week is hell.

The bruising. The bleeding. The hemorrhoids that bleed and hurt when you stand, and worse when you sit. The diapers and ice packs and tucks pads and creams that you have to stuff into hospital-issued mesh panties. The anesthetic spray that doesn’t do a damned thing. The squirt bottle you have to use instead of toilet paper every single time you pee. The extra bleeding and pain brought on every time you poop. The dreadfully sore nipples that scream every time a piece of fabric brushes up against them – not to mention when a little baby attacks them with a hungry mouth. The sitz baths, sitting there shivering in 2 inches of water that comes up just far enough to tickle your butt crack, knowing that the only thing you really want from life at that moment – to sink into a full bath of warm water – is off limits for 5 more weeks.

Yep. Postpartum Week One genuinely SUCKS.

Week Two is better, but still comes with trials of its own. The pain starts to give way to the sharp insatiable itching that comes with any healing wound – itching that can’t be scratched because it’s either in an inaccessible part of your body, or doing so would result in intense pain. The bruising begins to heal, meaning that you can walk without waddling. The more minor hemorrhoids start to disappear. The belly loses the remainder of its pregnancy weight, leaving you with the poundage that you’ll actually have to work to lose. Invariably, it’s more than you expected (ouch) and the bathroom scale becomes the enemy once again.

But once that two-week mark comes around, the sun begins to shine again. It also helps being able to take the baby out, because feeling like a prisoner trapped in your own house can make you crazy.

But in the end, you realize that the pain and agony are temporary and that you will be left with this:


Totally worth it.

Koren, 2 Weeks

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This past weekend, Jens’ sister SoRa came down from Seattle to visit her new nephew.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to be with us for very long, but we all enjoyed a relaxing and fun weekend.

Kaelin continues to think her little brother is the coolest thing since sliced bread, which is a trend we hope continues for many years.  Or at least until he steals her diary and runs around the house threatening to tell everyone about all her boy crushes.  Not that anybody’s little brother would EVER do that (ahem…Jonathan…ahem).

The inevitable happened this week when Koren caught Kaelin’s cold.  He was none to pleased about the extra mucus, but seems to have inherited my ability to “sleep it off.”  He’s been asleep for virtually 2 days straight and seems much better today.  I even got to take him on his first non-doctor-visit outing this morning, when Jens’ mom Cyndy and I trekked over to the Crate & Barrel Outlet.

Kaelin really likes letting Koren use her finger as a pacifier:

And one gratuitous cat picture because he recently discovered the mirror and spends entirely too much time examining himself in it:


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Ok, I’m totally afraid to write about this, for fear that as soon as I do it will *POOF* disappear.  But the child… he SLEEPS.  AT NIGHT.  At first I thought it was just the Vicodin.  But I haven’t taken any pain meds in 3 days and for the past 3 nights Koren has slept really well every night.

I even have to wake him up between 4 and 5am to feed him.  This is such a novelty because Kaelin was not a very reliable night sleeper.  She’d wake up hungry around midnight and it was sort of a crap shoot whether or not she would go back to sleep, or whether we would have hours of walking, holding, and bouncing into the wee hours of the morning.  Sometime around six months old, she started sleeping through the night reliably.

So after preparing myself for another 6 months of that, to have Koren sleeping at night at 6 DAYS old… I’m almost beside myself.  Now let’s hope he keeps this up because I’m very quickly getting used to it.

This kid is too cool.


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I now fully understand why nursing mothers get addicted to Vicodin. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the narcotic or addictive properties of the medication. It is because, when taken in the evening, THE BABE, HE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Dude, sleep is way more addicting than narcotics.


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I now fully understand why nursing mothers get addicted to Vicodin.  Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the narcotic or addictive properties of the medication.  It is because, when taken in the evening, THE BABE, HE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT.  Dude, sleep is way more addicting than narcotics.

Koren, 1 Week

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Today Koren had his 2-day followup appointment which was really on his 5th day because the weekend interfered.  Things went well except it appears he’s developed a bit of jaundice and it took forever because after the appointment we had to trek to the hospital lab so they could extract blood from his heel, which he was none too pleased about.

Before the appointment I picked him up to change his diaper and found that he was leaky.  I changed his clothes, changed his diaper, and immediately he peed again before I could be sure the new diaper was properly un-folded in the back and it leaked again.  So I changed him AGAIN, nursed him a bit and he promptly blew out some very enthusiastic and messy farts.  I delegated the 3rd changing of the diaper to Jens.

At the appointment they had me strip him down to his diaper, and then he got cold so I picked him up.  Pee spilled out of his diaper and all over my shirt.  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I EVEN BOTHER PUTTING DIAPERS ON THIS KID??? 

I had brought a change of clothes for him, but didn’t expect to need one for myself so I spent the next few hours with a giant pee stain all over the front of my shirt.  Which wasn’t noticeable for long because as soon as we drove into the parking lot of the hospital lab, it started raining torrents.  I dropped my MIL off with Koren at the entrance and Kaelin and I made the journey through the parking lot (which more resembled a lake) and got totally soaked.  Our measly umbrella was no match for the flood waters pouring down on us and we spent a very soggy hour at the lab.

When we got home I changed into a clean shirt and changed Koren’s diaper, which fortunately had NOT leaked this time.  Jens came into the room and I looked up at him.  When I looked back down at my baby, there was a stream of pee shooting over the side of the changing table.

Koren got a bath.  I cleaned pee off the table, the floor and his ill-placed laundry hamper.

Shortly before dinner, we were all up in the media room and Kaelin was getting out some energy running around and chasing the dog.  She fell and got a minor owie, but wanted to sit with me while she recovered.  And then she puked on me.

We cleaned up and got her calmed down and she sat in my lap.  Apparently she was still in shock over the puking incident because she didn’t seem to notice that she was peeing on my leg. 

We rushed to the potty to finish her business and as I was going downstairs to change my shorts I noticed that all the dirty puke tissues had been removed from the trash can and scattered around the floor.  There are times I wish we didn’t have a dog.  I cleaned up the mess and rushed downstairs before anybody else could pee, puke or poop on me.


Then tonight I was home alone with both kids while everyone else went to get dinner and I let Kaelin watch some Veggie Tales.  Toward the end of the show, I came up behind her and bent down to kiss her on the cheek.  She looked up at me and smiled. 

“Mom, you’re the BEST.”

And for that moment, I would do the whole day over again.

Pictures From Today

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Thank you all for your kind words, as well as nickname suggestions!


Home Again, Home Again

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I spent Father’s Day laid up in bed with a really sore back. I didn’t even get J a card. He says he doesn’t mind though because a) he got a son for Fathers Day, and b) he spent Mothers’ Day laid up in bed with an illness and the flowers he ordered for me never came – so he figures we’re even.

We’re all home and adjusting to life with 2 kids. My parents volunteered to relieve Kaelin of her cabin fever this afternoon, so she’s currently swimming over at their house – undoubtedly having a blast. Jens’ parents are at a movie, so it’s just the two of us and a very sleepy baby. And it’s now that I realize how easy it is to care for just one child, especially a newborn. I suppose it’s all relative though, because I don’t remember feeling that it was easy the first time around.

Our little guy was induced on Thursday and everything went as planned with the exception that he made his appearance earlier than expected. Following his sister’s footsteps, I suppose. At least the doctor was already at the hospital this time – she almost missed it last time.

He tried to turn his head funny coming out, so I ended up with 3rd degree tears (again) but since he took a full 5 minutes of pushing to come out (instead of 10 seconds), the doctor did have time to do an episiotomy this time. Consequently, I think the healing process is going faster this time around.

And God bless Wayne, the epidural doctor. Sidestepping “Eve’s curse” is truly a lifesaver. I had a few minutes of experiencing a small fraction of what it would be like to go “natural” and believe me when I say I want no part of that.

The head-turn resulted in a squished nose for the baby, but fortunately it’s straightening itself out.

I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I have yet to download or look at, but when I do I’ll be sure to post a couple here.

Honestly, the most difficult part of this has been Kaelin. She did not do too well with us both being gone at the hospital, and suffered quite a bit of anxiety and outright sadness about it, especially at night. It was heartbreaking, and there was nothing we could do about it. Unfortunately, “Mama and Daddo will be home soon” wasn’t much consolation, and her inability to sleep well contributed to her overall stress level.

She’s much happier now that we’re home, and she’s totally in love with her Baby Brother. Which is, of course, good and bad. She’s a bit overstimulated and has more energy than normal (which is, um, a lot), so getting her to be still and calm and quiet around the baby has been a total lost cause.

Being the incredibly tactile kid that she is, she wants to hold/touch/kiss him 24 hours per day and does not understand why she can’t. My heart has skipped a thousand beats so far. We’ve let her hold the baby in her lap, but it requires constant attentiveness because, well, SHE’S TWO.

When she’s not holding the baby, she’s trying to climb onto whoever is. She’s relentless and spends every waking minute trying to touch the baby, which is stressful because there is literally no “safe” place we can put him that she can’t get to, aside from holding him while we’re standing up. So we’ve had to begin a pretty intense “training” session with her on where the boundaries are, with strict and consistent consequences. It requires constant energy, and more of it than I have at this time.

I know that sounds like a lot of complaining, and I don’t mean to imply that she’s being “bad.” She’s just TWO and very fascinated by this new person in her household. She calls him “Sweetheart” and “Little Fella” and becomes very concerned about his well-being at the slightest frown. She offers him pacifiers and blankets and words of comfort while she gently strokes the back of his head. “It’s alright, Sweetheart, you don’t have to be upset. Are you hungry Little Fella?” And once we get past this “training” period, I’m sure my stress level will lower substantially.  It’s already getting better as she’s learning the “new rules.”

Anyway, our little guy is an exceptional sweetie and we’ve really enjoyed having him so far.

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