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Koren’s Favorite Mode of Transportation

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Walking is ok, but free rides are better.


“N” for … Nice One, Buddy

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My son has branded himself.  It’s a project he’s been working on for several days.  First there was just a scratch.  The next day, it had become a “V,” and by the third day it had morphed into an “N.” 

Apparently, he’s going for the Harry Potter look.


He’s Such a GUY

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Today I left Koren in the living room by himself for probably 60 seconds while I put some laundry away in the bedroom.  When I returned, this is where I found him:



Splash Park

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I have nothing of substance to say today, so you get more pictures of my kids.

Kaelin is itching for summer and has been begging us to go swimming, even though it’s only in the low 80’s and the water is too cold yet.

The other day I gave in and took the kids to the splash park.  They had fun, though Kaelin hardly even got her hair wet once she realized how chilly the water was.  She spent most of the time telling me she wanted to sit in the sun for a minute.






Random Shots

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Koren’s “cheesy grin.” He makes this expression when he’s being a ham.

“Look out Dad, I’m up to no good!”

Kitty came over for a snuggle. And probably got more than he bargained for.

“We are not amused.”

Koren: 11 Months

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Could it be that I’m actually getting a newsletter out on the day my son turns a new month?  Surely not…something must be wrong.

Dear Koren,

It appears I’ve already run through the list of nicknames we have for you and have reached the end.  It took me 11 months, and with all those names, it’s a wonder that you actually know your real name.

You’ve reached a couple of major milestones this month, not the least of which is walking.  After months of “teasing” us, you are finally taking independent steps on your own.  You don’t have the process perfected yet, so crawling remains your primary mode of transportation, but you often intersperse your crawls with steps.  A surefire method of getting you to walk your best is to be without a camera to capture it with.  Nonetheless, I have managed to put a few glimpses on record of the progress you’ve made over the last few days…

As for other milestones, there’s THIS:

After months of trying unsuccessfully to get you to use a sippy cup, I finally realized what I was doing wrong:  Apparently, milk is not a sufficient motivator. 
A sippy cup filled with milk is only good for slamming down on your bananas to see how far the mush squirts across the room (bonus points if you hit Mama).  Or perhaps chewing on and then leaving your mouth open so the little milk that does come out drools down your bib and into your lap. 
Son, you know how to party.
A sippy filled with JUICE, on the other hand – especially watered down, 50%-less-sugar, tastes-like-it-was-left-out-for-a-few-days juice?  THAT is worth learning how to drink from.
Mama has much to learn.

I’m finally comfortable enough with your stability to let you take baths without me being in the bathtub with you, and you have a blast.  Part of me is a little afraid to introduce you to a swimming pool this summer because I can see it now: A GIANT BATHTUB WITHOUT A HARD BOTTOM-SCRATCHING METAL DRAIN PLUG?  BE GONE, WOMAN, I’VE GOT A DATE WITH PARADISE.

Your mouth is your pocket.  You carry everything around in it, and we are constantly entertained watching you crawl around on all fours with a blanket or large stuffed animal hanging out of your mouth and dragging under your body.

You have turned into a really good eater.  It takes an act of God to get Kaelin to eat enough food to sustain a fruit fly.  Yet we can set anything before you and you’re all, OOH FOOD, MY FAVORITE!  ..Though you’re a stuffer and sometimes forget the whole “chew and swallow” part of the eating process.  We have to ration out your meals to avoid having you burst into tears because you have plugged your mouth too full of food and don’t know what to do about it.

You have recently decided to make a habit out of refusing to sleep past 11am.  Apparently you didn’t get the memo that when babies go down to 1 nap per day, they’re SUPPOSED TO DROP THE MORNING NAP.  At 9:30am, you become one grumpy bunny and have to go down for a nap before you start blowing up nearby houses with the sheer force of your yelling.  And after sleeping for an hour to an hour and a half, you’re awake for the rest of the day.
Son, Mama no likey.  The AFTERNOON nap is the important one.  THAT’S the one that helps me keep my sanity.  Especially now that your sister is no longer napping.  And dude.  For someone who has yet to sleep through the night regularly, I think we could all use a little more sleep than you’re netting us right now.
I have tried to explain this to you, but your response is the non-verbal equivalent of “Let’s put a pin in it.”
But you’re still pretty cute, a fact that has saved your hide on a number of occasions, Mr. Nosleep Yellypants.  But it’s pretty hard to resist this face for long.

Mother’s Day

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We dedicated Koren on Mother’s Day.  Thanks to a reappearance of the Easter Outfit (I’m totally getting my money’s worth out of this thing), he got his share of “oohs” and “aahs” despite the fact that he was one of the oldest babies in the processional.

Yes, as much as I would love to say, “We were waiting for Mother’s Day,” the truth is that we just dropped the ball on that one.

Hi.  I need a tan.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a Mother’s Breakfast, courtesy of Kaelin’s preschool class.  The kids made a collection of goodies for all the moms, including a handprint oven mitt, Mom poster, recipe book, and a questionnaire in which they filled out statistics about their moms.  According to Kaelin, I have blue-black eyes and weigh 2005 pounds.  Awesome.

The kids recited a verse with motions.  I didn’t understand a word of it, but it was very cute to watch.

A closeup of the picture on the front of Kaelin’s cookbook.

One of Kaelin’s favorite little friends.  Landry’s PRECIOUS and it’s a delight to watch these two play (and scheme) together.  Oh, and Kaelin’s not a midget, she just “went in low” for the hug.

Children’s Museum

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Overall, we had a delightful time, except for one minor incident…


Mere days before we leave for Singapore and I killed it.  Or rather, the ground killed it after a little run-in that was basically totally my fault for being in a hurry.  My favorite lens is now in multiple pieces.


Fortunately, I had my video camera in my purse.  But that’s not very consoling right now.  So enjoy the video while I go sulk for a while.

Waiting for Sister to Get Home

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First Steps

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Ok, most of what we actually caught on video is closer to falling than walking… but Koren successfully executed 4 consecutive steps today.  He’d rather be running than walking, so he doesn’t stop to catch his balance once he gets excited about it.

Shoulda Seen That Coming

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Koren: 10 Months

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In case you ever wondered why I can never get a newsletter out on time…


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