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You might notice that it looks a little different around here. You might also notice that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it took me this long to get rid of the Christmas layout.  Judging by that timetable, I decided against the Valentine’s or even Spring layout, since it would probably be the 4th of July before I took it down.

So you get the generic.

It’s supposed to snow here Thursday.  I don’t mind the snow itself, but I do mind the way the whole city shuts down because of it.  We probably won’t have Mother’s Day Out because people are too afraid to drive in those “hazardous weather conditions.”

This morning it was 29° when I dropped the kids off and I kid you not, people were slowing down to 5 mph to go over a 3-foot patch of ice in the road.  The straight, flat, road, I might add.

Speaking of ice and snow, we’re seriously considering moving to Alaska.  Yeah, I know.  We’re probably insane.

If all goes according to plan, we would arrive in Homer, Alaska by the beginning of April and stay for at least a year.  There are a lot of factors that the move is dependent on, though.  For instance, we need to rent our current house out for a 1-year term at close to the same price that we’ll be paying for the rental house in Alaska.  Does anybody need a 4 bedroom house with a game room, media room, study, and sun room?  If so, let us know!

There’s also the matter of actually GETTING to Alaska.  We’ll have to drive, because we will need to take some of our belongings, but there’s no way the kids, pets or our current vehicles could survive a 7-day road trip through the desolate mountains of Canada.  So we have to figure out some way to fly the kids and pets there, in addition to trading in our current vehicles for something that has low mileage and 4WD.  I never thought I would drive a Hummer, but it might come to that.

So IF we get the house rented and IF we scrape together the funds to make the drive and flights, THEN there’s the pre-move yard sales, boxing up everything that’s left, and putting it into storage.

Chances are, we’re going to be very busy over the next couple of months.  If you don’t hear from us, that’s probably why.

Toe Woe

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I’m not entirely certain, but I think I may have just broken my toe.

I was chasing Kaelin around with a night shirt (Um… does anyone else’s daughter throw a total fit about what she wears to bed?  Kaelin told me point-blank that she no longer thinks t-shirts are “cool” enough to be part of her wardrobe.  Not COOL ENOUGH?  It’s a NIGHT SHIRT.  Who is she trying to impress in her SLEEP???  Anyway…) and I smacked my little toe on a chair.

It really hurts now.


Owie at the Park

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Boys.  They are infinitely more accident-prone than girls.  I’m discovering this.

We had a delightful time at the park a couple of weeks ago.  Until Koren accidentally walked backward down a step and plummeted to his doom.  Somehow, he busted his lip on the inside and the outside.  The blood was amazing.  It was everywhere, just flowing out of his mouth.

I called Jens and told him to bring the car to pick us up, and bring lots of towels and wet wipes because all I had to mop up with was tissues.

Kaelin got totally freaked out by the amount of blood and decided Koren was bleeding to death.  Therefore, the most appropriate course of action was to panic and run around screaming about the amount of blood and AAAAGH AAAGH AAAGHGH!!!

Koren cried.  But by the time Jens showed up with the car and accessories, he was TOTALLY.  OVER IT.  He was done with the crying and ready to return to the playground.  After we wiped up the blood he left on the slide, we tried to bundle him into the car and he was having NONE OF IT.

So we let him play for a little bit before I took both kids home in the stroller.  Later, we took him to the emergency room to have his mouth checked out before the weekend, and everything seemed to be fine other than the small gash on the inside of his mouth, and the cut on the outside.

It healed amazingly quickly.  After that day, it didn’t even seem to bother him.  In about 4 days, you could hardly see the wound on the inside of his mouth, which was where most of the blood had come from.

Later that day: Silliness undeterred by mouth wound.

Things You Might Not Know About Texas Unless You Live Here

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1.  Church lets out early for football.

2.  If you don’t own a car, you can’t go anywhere.

3.  You have to take pictures EVERY. TIME. it snows.  No exceptions.

Christmas Eve

Kaelin got her much-wished-for “White Christmas”

Flexing My Domestic Muscles

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Today, I did 10 loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the laundry room, went grocery shopping to 3 different stores, and managed to keep my kitchen and living room from being declared an uninhabitable disaster zone.

Move over, Wonder Woman.

First Post of 2010

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I’m not sure why I can’t seem to get my act together with this blog.  I still have the remainder of our East Cost trips to post, Koren’s 18-month newsletter (since, you know, he’s going to be 19 months tomorrow), Christmas, and a couple of random photos and videos I’ve never gotten around to.  Sheesh.

And, in case you didn’t notice, the Christmas theme is still up, so that needs to go.

So what am I doing instead, you might ask?

Recovering from Christmas, trying to keep my kids from killing each other (really, that hasn’t been too bad but Koren’s taken to screaming in high-pitched head-imploding shrieks every time he’s not getting exactly what he wants.  Ear plugs, anyone?), cleaning out various parts of our house, having company, having more company, traveling to see old friends, discovering Costco (Costco!), and writing Christmas thank-you-notes.  Ok that last one’s a lie.  I haven’t started the thank you notes yet either.

So here’s to starting 2010 dreadfully behind (do NOT come look at my laundry pile).  Cheers!

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Under Attack

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Kaelin issues the battle cry, while I commence rolling over the little demons with the sticky lint brush.

It’s true – we are under attack.  The ants have taken over our kitchen and no amount of Terminix visits seems to bring their population under control.  Apparently the insides of our walls are teeming with them, and being thwarted only makes them more determined to find new ways to breach the wall into our kitchen.  We have baited the light switch outlet and the electrical outlets, and treated the yard and border of the house.  This morning Jens had to caulk a pore-sized hole near the window that they were using as the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

Up to this point, the unrelenting ants have been a moderate nuisance.  But today I have run out of patience.  As of today, this is WAR and I will not be defeated.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

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So, I know I didn’t mention it here (because I’m just sneaky and paranoid like that) but many of you are aware that we just returned from a trip to Singapore.  We were able to visit our longtime friends, Rich and Tricia and their family, and had a wonderful time touring the city.

Details and pictures from the trip are coming soon, but for now we are readjusting to the time zone and preparing for company and Koren’s 1st birthday celebration.  The latter tasks are going much better than the first. 

Our systems are apparently still on Singapore time, as we find ourselves waking up at 2am every morning, unable to go back to sleep for the rest of the night.  The kids, whether for better or worse, are not having any time zone difficulties and remain more or less on their normal schedule…which means that by 3 or 4pm every day, Jens and I are WIPED. OUT.

There’s something nice about having the solitary quiet time in the middle of the night for reading etc, but it’s totally not worth it the next day.  Today especially was a challenge, and by 4pm I was seriously considering shipping the kids to Dubai.  At some point today, they both lost the ability to go for more than FIVE MINUTES without incurring a head injury. 

While I was comforting Koren, Kaelin would run into a door knob.  While I was seeing to Kaelin, Koren would end up flat on his back on the tile floor, bawling.  This went on for half an hour until I put them both in the bath tub for their own safety.  It didn’t work, because they got into a tug-of-war over a toy that ended up smacking Kaelin in the face when Koren let go and fell backward.  More hysterical crying ensued. 

So I pulled Koren out of the tub and he immediately took off running across the tile floor while I was trying to wrap a towel around him.  You can guess the outcome of that scenario.  And that’s about the time I committed myself to a mental institution.

On the bright side, thanks to my new mid-night hours, I’m getting caught up on my feed reader.  I’m now down to less than 80 entries to read (from several hundred).  Perhaps I’ll get some pictures and updates posted tonight, er, tomorrow morning.

Children’s Museum

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Overall, we had a delightful time, except for one minor incident…


Mere days before we leave for Singapore and I killed it.  Or rather, the ground killed it after a little run-in that was basically totally my fault for being in a hurry.  My favorite lens is now in multiple pieces.


Fortunately, I had my video camera in my purse.  But that’s not very consoling right now.  So enjoy the video while I go sulk for a while.


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Well, the stomach bug has come and gone, fortunately bypassing the rest of the members of this family.  Koren is now back to his normal, hungry, pooping self.  I have never been so glad to see actual TURDS in his diaper.

In other news, I have been impressively lame with the Christmas cards this year.  My standards keep dropping.  First I decided to skip the newsletter and just send cards and pictures this year, since all the updates on our lives are here anyway.

Then I decided that we weren’t going to put a family pic in the cards after all, because I procrastinated too long in getting them printed, and we would just put pics of the kids in there instead.

Then I ran out of kid pics.

And stamps.

And discovered that I’m missing some addresses (how they disappeared between last year and this year I have no idea).

And suddenly it’s 4 days before Christmas and I haven’t even sent them out yet.  So maybe they’ll be New Years cards instead.

I’m contemplating just not sending them out at all at this point.  But then I would be left with a hoard of kid pics and nothing to do with them.

So yeah, if you don’t get a Christmas Card from me, I’m sorry.  And if you do, I’m sorry.  I just don’t have it together this year.

Our family pic that is NOT going in the cards this year.
(Thanks to Josh & Jenny for the shot)

It’s Here

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Hey look, Fall finally showed up…

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