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Kaelin’s Birthday Party – Numero Uno

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On her birthday, Kaelin had a party with her friends at the Nature Preserve.  It was basically a glorified play date, complete with cake and ice cream, and she had a blast.  The motto for the day:  Eat Cake, Play Hard.

I want to send out a special Thank You to my dear husband, without which none of it would have been possible.  He loaded everything into, out of, into and out of both cars, picked up the ice cream, and even took over “baby duty” and stood guard over our tables while everyone else went to the playground.  He totally rocked and if he hadn’t been there I probably would have lost my mind trying to figure out how to carry a 10-lb cake in one hand and a baby in the other.  Thank God for great husbands!

Cake and juice – who could ask for anything more?

The little ones had it made in the shade.

Even Koren had a great time.

Off to the park

Friendly hugs

Jenna & Blake

Off to the playground!

More Hugs

Where do they learn how to do this?


More swinging

Fun on the slides

Monkey bars


The big red swing

Kaelin played hard – even in the bark.

At the end of the day, we had a very tired girl:


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This has been a busy week so there hasn’t been as much posting around here.  Jens was out of town for a few days, which I spent cleaning up pee and poop because apparently everyone in this house decided that when Daddo’s gone they should take the opportunity to relieve themselves anywhere BUT the designated toileting areas.

Anyone want a couple of pets?  Anyone wanna borrow my kids?

Ok, Koren technically did NOT poop or pee on the floor, but only because he didn’t have the choice, and since I still had to wipe his butt all day I think it counts.

Also, Kaelin’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’m busily preparing.  It’s a pretty low-key thing on my end but there are always things to do – cake, favors, balloons, decorations.

So in lieu of an actual post, I’m presenting you with an opportunity to help some animals.

My friend Melissa does some volunteer work with NorCal Boxer Rescue, and the shelter has the opportunity to win $10,000 toward helping their dogs.  But in order to get it, they have to have the most votes.

So please take 5 seconds and click on the link below, fill out the yellow box on the right, and click “VOTE.”  You can even remain anonymous if you choose.

You won’t get any spam, requests for money, advertisements or anything else.  You’ll just be helping some dogs who need it.  Some dogs who are cute and sweet and undoubtedly better behaved than mine.

…And I bet you thought this was going to be another political post.

Problem Solved

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Well after 2+ weeks, I think I finally figured out what was causing my eye to swell up every day.  I’ve boycotted makeup for the past 2 days and while I’m not so good at rocking the “au naturale” look, the swelling has gone down completely. 

I’m guessing that it was something on the makeup brushes. See, while I’m doing Kaelin’s hair every morning, she plays with my brushes.  And since she’s TWO, I have to admit the possibility that she’s probably, I dunno, rubbed them on her foot or something at least once.

Anyway, YAY for no longer looking like Quasimodo.

But DUDE.  I have one of those really painful under-the-skin irritated pores on my nose and I keep accidentally bumping it and it hurts like a Mother Butler Pie and is making me that kind of irrational angry you get when you trip over the same shoe 5 times because you’re too lazy to pick it up.

Also, Koren has officially entered the “4 Month Sleep Regression.”  He spends much of the night trying to roll over and getting really frustrated when he can’t.  It wouldn’t matter if he could because, as I’ve found out, he doesn’t actually want to BE rolled over.  He wants to be ROLLING over.  Also, he’s recently decided that 5:00am is an appropriate time to start the day, which is SO. SO. WRONG.  In this house, Morning does not start until at least 7:00am.

One thing that has been helpful though, is this monitor.  It goes under the mattress and monitors the baby’s motion so if you put them on their tummies to sleep you don’t have to check every 10 minutes to make sure they’re still breathing.  It totally works.  Which is good because Koren will not sleep an entire night on his back.  He has to be flipped half-way through.

The only thing is, if the monitor can’t sense the breathing motion, it sounds this REALLY EAR PIERCING ALARM, which, I know, that’s what it’s supposed to do, but if the baby sleeps in your room at night and you get him out of bed for that mid-night bottle, and forget to TURN IT OFF, a few seconds later the whole household gets blasted out of bed by the BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPING!!!with-multiple-exclamation-points!!!111ONEONE!!!11ELEVENTYONE!!! 

For the record, the husband?  That one that can’t go back to sleep if he has to get up in the middle of the night?  Yeah, he doesn’t really appreciate that.  Especially if it happens multiple times.  In the same night.

So in light of my painful face and all the non-sleeping going on around here, I think I’m going to call it quits even though it’s only 9:30 on a Friday night.  I’m beat.

PS:  Guess what!!!  I took PICTURES of Koren today!!!  But you can’t see them.  Yet.  So I don’t know why I said that.  Goodnight.

Things I Currently Find…

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Entertaining: Iron Man on DVD.  Good stuff.  This is my idea of a Friday Night.

Infuriating:  Windows Vista.  Specifically, how it only recognizes my external hard drive SOME of the time.

Amusing:  My daughter’s Mother’s Day Out program is really ambitious about teaching these 2 and 3 year old kids.  We’re only a few weeks into the year and she can already recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  They study a different letter of the alphabet each week and this week was “E.”  Now, I might expect her to come home with a craft or piece of artwork that says something like, “E is for EGG.”  But no, these teachers shoot for the sky.  Yesterday she brought home an art project with the caption, “E is for EXSTINGUISH.”  We also found it amusing that they misspelled “extinguish.”

Boring:  Our current website design.  I think it took almost as long for me to get tired of it as it did for me to build it.  Meh.  Fortunately a redesign will be a lot easier than building the website from scratch like I had to the first time.

Confusing: My right eye is still swollen.  It’s been almost two weeks now.  It used to just happen in the mornings, but now it doesn’t fully go away during the day.  Does anybody know what could be causing this?  Today I’m fairly certain it was the reason for the headache on the right side of my face.

Guiltifying: I wanted to post a bunch of pictures today to give you guys a break from all the political posts.  But when I pulled my camera’s memory card, I realized to my dismay… I don’t have any.

Adorable:  Koren is trying really really hard to talk.  He babbles in conversational rhythms and loves it.  He talks to us, to his teachers and babysitter, and to the people on TV.  When we wakes up and for some reason at about 4:00pm every day is Chatter Time.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Looks like we might have another early talker on our hands.


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I have learned that reality is often times colored by perspective, to the point that it can completely change from one person to the next.  Two people can observe the same event or meet the same person and walk away with such completely different ideas of reality that it’s unbelievable they witnessed the same thing.

I find myself consistently second-guessing my perspective to be sure I’m not misleading myself into seeing something that isn’t there, whether in politics, written communication, impressions of people, whatever.  Although we would all like to believe that our attitudes are shaped by reality, the truth is that reality is almost meaningless until it passes through the lens of perspective.

For instance, here are two accounts of my day yesterday.  Both are true.  But they have very little in common.

Koren went on a sleeping strike, starting at about 1:00 am.  I spent a good portion of the night getting up with him every hour or so.

Then Kaelin woke up entirely too early, which can result in disastrous mood swings.  She starts every day with 5 M&M’s, and each time she disobeys or is disrespectful, she loses one.  At the end of the day, she gets to eat the ones that are left.  Yesterday, she lost all 5 of them while taking her morning bath.  Then she decided to throw an all-out, no-holds-barred temper tantrum, that resulted in being carted off to her room and left there to scream it out for at least half an hour.

Koren continued to refuse sleep throughout the morning and early afternoon.  As a last resort, I piled the kids in the car and drove to 3 different locations to get various parts of lunch, thinking surely a long car ride would put him out.

No such luck.  He did not sleep.  Have I mentioned he hates the car?  He fussed every time we would roll to a pause.

When we got home, I set about fixing lunch for Kaelin and myself when I suddenly realized that Koren had been pretty quiet considering that I had left him strapped in the car seat (on the couch, not in the car).  I looked over to see that he was FINALLY.  ASLEEP.

After doing my victory dance, I proceeded to fix Kaelin’s lunch only to look over again to find my daughter, on the couch, trying to CLIMB INTO THE CAR SEAT WITH THE SLEEPING BABY.

That was the end of Koren’s nap. 

Approximately five minutes later, Kaelin managed to dump her entire plate of food onto the floor.

* * *

Yesterday morning my husband graciously watched the kids from 7:00 to 9:30 so I could sleep in and recover from a few lost hours of sleep.

Due to lack of sleep, Kaelin chose a form of … expressing herself … yesterday morning that would have ruined any nap Koren could have attempted.  However, he fortunately seemed unusually content to go without sleep and remained remarkably happy much of the morning.

I am blessed that the biggest health concern I have about my kids is whether or not they get enough sleep. 

After getting all her pent up energy out in her room, Kaelin’s mood improved dramatically.  I am blessed to have a house large enough that I can send my daughter to her room when she needs to yell something out, and it really doesn’t disturb the rest of the household. 

We read a story and then she went to tell Daddo that she was “ready to be a sweet girl now.”  And she was a sweet girl for the rest of the day.  I am blessed to have a daughter who is generally so good natured that the occasional toddler temper tantrum catches us off guard because it’s so rare.

I am blessed to have the ability to leave the house with the kids when I need to, and money to purchase “easy food” when I don’t feel up to cooking a meal.  We went to get lunch and had fun mixing and matching our lunch combinations from various drive through restaurants.  I learned that Chick Fil-A actually has a pretty decent fruit cup.

I am blessed to have a daughter that adores her brother.  She loves to cuddle with him and talk to him, even when he’s not awake.  When he’s fussing, she gives him the pacifier and I often hear her cooing things to him like, “It’s ok, little guy, just take your passy.  Suck on your passy, it always makes it better.  You know it does.  It’s ok, I’m here.”

Since he didn’t sleep much during the day yesterday, Koren crashed pretty hard at about 4:30 and didn’t wake up for several hours.  Kaelin also took a 3.5-hour late afternoon nap to catch up on some sleep.  That gave me the chance to run an errand and Jens was able to stay home with the kids but have some time to himself after running an errand for me earlier in the day.  The evening ended on a peaceful note and both kids slept better the next night.

10 Things I Do Not Understand

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  • Why, for the past several days, my right eye swells up the instant I get out of bed in the morning

  • Why my dog keeps pooping on the carpet in the middle of the night

  • How sometimes I can be so on top of things, and other times it’s like my brain has been replaced with applesauce

  • Economics

  • Specifically, what changed to make the economy such a sudden immediate crisis, when we’ve been hearing about it going down for months

  • How my husband can have more clothes than I do

  • Why John McCain canceled his interview with David Letterman 15 minutes before the show, citing “economy emergency” reasons, only to appear in an interview with Katie Couric at the same time

  • How to crack an egg so that it splits cleanly around the center, instead of making a spiderweb of cracks and a huge mess on my counter

  • What it is about having babies that makes my vision change (insert pouty face because I’m probably going to have to get glasses again to stop these blasted headaches!)

  • Why technology always fails when you’re trying to do something important.  Like, why couldn’t my (new!) printer have a total system meltdown when I’m just printing something for FUN, rather than actually trying to make something that has a deadline?

  • Not Again

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    Dear Customer Service Girl at the Home Warranty Company,

    When you tell me someone will be calling me back today regarding having my air conditioner looked at AGAIN, and I SPECIFICALLY request that you add my cell phone number to the account because I don’t want to miss the call when I‘m not home later today, it is a safe assumption that I want you to USE THE NUMBER TO CONTACT ME.

    Getting a call from the AC Man to say that he’s sitting in front of my house and I’m not home, and that the Home Warranty Company should have notified me that he was on his way DOES NOT put me in a good mood.  Nor does coming home to find that you, the same person I talked to this morning, have left a message on my home phone and no message on my cell phone. 

    It’s hard enough to get these guys to come out in a reasonable time frame, much less on the weekend (and also, WHY does the AC ALWAYS break on FRIDAY?).

    If I sound a bit grumpy about this, it might be because this is the FIFTH TIME in the last THREE MONTHS you have had to send someone out here to fix the AC.  Doesn’t that sound a LITTLE ridiculous to you?  That by itself should qualify us for Emergency Service Status instead of Whenever We Get Around To It Status.  But no, I have to pull the “I have an infant” card to get you off your butts.

    I am less than pleased with the results of your AC company’s service calls.  If the new circuit board the technician is ordering on Monday doesn’t fix the problem permanently, I will be forced to start indiscriminately beating people with my personal fan. 



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    After ending several days feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything I set out to do that day, I’ve decided to start scheduling out my days to keep myself on track.  In doing so, I’ve realized why I never get it all done:  there simply aren’t enough hours in a day.

    “This is my schedule for tomorrow.”
    “You see why I have to start writing it down.”
    “You’re not eating breakfast?  Or dinner?”
    “It appears that I do not have time for breakfast or dinner.  It’s my new diet plan: Scheduling.”
    “You’re going to go to the gym and do laundry instead of eating dinner?  That’ll be the day.”

    My husband’s unwaivering faith in me is really encouraging.


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    “You know, I’ve been working out for several days now and surprisingly I haven’t gotten sore at all.”

    It was a mistake.  I knew it as soon as I said it.  Call me superstitious, but there are some statements that should never be made because they have inherently prophetic qualities.

    Other examples include, “I speed all the time but I never get tickets,” and “My child sleeps through the night.”  Speak ye not, lest ye be struck down with a mighty vengeance.

    True to form, I started feeling it last night shortly before bed.  Today I cannot make it upstairs without pausing halfway to weep and beat my fists into the carpet OH MY ACHING LEGS.

    I have finally come to terms with the fact that the pregnancy weight is not going to lose itself.  So I joined a gym and have been going several times per week.

    I truly hate exercising and have never been able to make myself stick with it, but I have a new motivation this time around.  That hour at the gym is guaranteed, uninterrupted TIME TO MYSELF.  Just me and my iPod, which get along fabulously whenever I’m not having to deal with its sinister other half, iTunes.

    Me and iTunes do NOT get along, and iTunes has been solely responsible for each time I have been late to the gym or skipped going all together.  Our relationship goes something like this:

    Me: iTunes, import this CD.
    iTunes: (picks its nose)
    Me: (3 hours later) Well that took forever.  Now, put the tracks from the CD on my iPod.
    iTunes: (doubles over in contemptuous laughter)
    Me: No, seriously.  I want to listen to this audio book.  Today.  Sync with the iPod.
    iTunes: (shoots me the finger)

    So far every time I’ve wanted to put something on my iPod, Jens has had to come mediate.  It puts up a fight with him too, so I know it’s not just my own incompetence – but eventually his charm or something wins over and he can get it to work.

    I was being tempted by that new iPhone, but if it’s anything like its cousin iTunes, I think I’m going to have to pass, lest I lose my mind completely and go on a mass killing spree of all iProducts.  You know, once I can walk again.

    Tropic Thunder

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    We just returned from a sneak preview of Tropic Thunder, and frankly, I think it was the best stupid movie I’ve ever seen.

    I have entertained a celebrity crush on Robert Downey Jr. since Heart and Souls and his role in this movie would have been worth the ticket price even if the rest of it had flopped.

    But the rest of it didn’t flop and I recommend it to anyone who wants some good laughs and has a high tolerance for stupid.  And language.  There was quite a bit of language.

    On a different note…

    To the parents of the four children sitting in front of us:

    I suppose the fact that your toddler was wearing a t-shirt that read, “Do something with your life.  Bring me a beer.” should have been a good indication of your parental discernment.  But seriously?  WHAT THE %$^% WERE YOU THINKING??? 

    This was an “R” Rated movie and your two-year-old had no business being subjected to that kind of language and gore.  While you as an adult may realize that the guy who just had his hands blown off was a cheesy exaggerated special effect for the sake of absurd humor, your child cannot tell the difference.  A scene like that would have given my daughter nightmares for months. 

    Frankly, I found it very disturbing that you would bring your young children into this movie.  Disturbing that you would neglect to consider the impact it would have on their minds, and disturbing to the viewing pleasure of everyone else in the theatre when your 2-year-old started crying (duh!) half-way through the movie. 

    Please get a clue.  For the sake of movie goers everywhere, but mostly for the sake of your children.

    I Don’t Care If I’m Being Judgmental You’re An Idiot

    Where I show my Awesomeness

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    It takes a big man to admit when he falls, but here I do just that. Side note: does “awesomeness” have an ‘e’ at the end of awesome or not?

    Unfortunately, it’s nothing dramatic. I awoke this morning, as I do to many mornings now, to a fussy baby in the room and the unwelcome joyous realization that it is past 6am and thus “my turn.” There was, however, a twist this morning. I reached out for the glasses, put them on, rolled off of my awkward body-sideways-arms-up-head-back-twisted-abdomen position and put feet to carpet. And then knee to carpet. And then elbow. Hand. Chest. Face.

    So that’s why the chiropractor says to sleep on your back.

    Note to self: legs can fall asleep on you when sleeping in awkward positions, leading to the sympathy laughter of your ever-loving spouse and athletic injuries rug burn you don’t want to explain.

    Good thing it’s Friday.

    Things Currently Making Me Happy

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    Yeah, yeah, I know.  One day I’ll get over this fixation with bullet points.

  • Koren smiled at me for the first time.  Like, a real smile that lasted more than half a second.
  • He also looks me in the eye since yesterday, which is new.  Until now he was always looking at something in the space over my left shoulder, which was making me wonder if there was something wrong with his vision.
  • Kaelin’s furniture matches the curtains and bedspread already in her room so I don’t have to redo them
  • My son took a 3-hour nap this afternoon.
  • And so did I.
  • Koren’s acne looks like it MAY be getting better, thanks to a tip from Julie.
  • Got some work done today, so I’m feeling accomplished – thanks Mom & Dad for watching the kids this morning!
  • The chicken burger at Sonic is actually not half-bad.  I’ve never found a chicken burger at a fast food restaurant that was more than tolerable.
  • But most of all…

  • Bright Starts bouncer with music and vibrating box:
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