Birthdays & Screamers

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Hey, good news from yesterday’s vent about the $130 sandwich. It looks like the problem will resolve itself, as Bank of America doesn’t seem to be charging us any overdraft fees. That’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed a banking problem resolve itself, so I’m still a bit skeptical, but it appears to be the case. Wahoo!

We got a Screamer on the phone today. Not a huge surprise, I predicted that she was going to be trouble when she first signed up. One of those lovely people who (in addition to being annoyingly high-maintenance) doesn’t read the literature and gets all upset two months later when things aren’t the way they imagined. Fun times.

One thing I have noticed about this job though is the fact that I seem to be developing an immunity to screaming customers. I remember working at the bank a few years back and when a customer would start being unreasonable and demanding, I would get tongue-tied and freeze up like a rabbit in the road and it would completely ruin my day…sometimes my week, depending on how demoralizing they were. I think I still have scars from Mr. Green.

Anyway, perhaps it’s because I really feel competent in what I’m doing now, or (more likely) because I’ve grown up a bit. I now have much less of a problem telling someone exactly where they can put their money-back guarantee. In so many words. While maintaining my professional persona, of course.

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