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The fact that I have the most boring name on earth is not my parents’ fault. Because I was born with a cleft palate, I couldn’t pronounce things like Shakira or Monty Python. Therefore, they were force to give me a simple name that wouldn’t come out of my mouth mangled and limping during the early years.

You can’t get much simpler than Amy.

The downside of course, is the fact that I’ve spent my whole life making people specify whether they were talking to me or one of the other six Amy’s in the room. And though I never had a problem with people mispronouncing my first name, with my maiden name, I was still subject to instructing people how to spell and say my name in public, and therefore can claim no time-saving benefits.

Though I have to admit, my maiden name makes a great call-screening device. You know that someone who completely butchers it probably wants to sell you something.

Anyway, we’re hoping to avoid the common name issues with this child. Our last name, while not a Smith, is easily spelled enough to prevent verbal mangling on first reading. One down, just one name to go. So we put our heads together and came up with a list of names for boys and girls that would be easy enough to pronounce, but would not have six heads turning to answer “what?”

Here’s our list so far, in no particular order, with pronunciation guides attached (insert “oooh-ahhh” here). If you can’t tell, we’re going with the celtic name theme. And yes, we’re aware that they all sound the same. Hey, at least we know what we like.

Kegan (KEE-gen)
Aedan (A-den)
Toran (TOR-en)
Eghan (EE-gon)
Kieran (KEE-ron)
Teagan (TEE-gen)
Eann (EE-an, like Ian)
Tristan (TRIST-on)
Braydon (BRAY-don)
Arden (AR-den)

Keelin (KEE-lin)
Arlyn (AR-lin)
Ceara (kee-AR-ah)
Eavan (EE-van)
Rylee (RI-lee)
Kellen (KELL-en)
Tierney (TEER-nee)
Haley (HAY-lee)
Kailyn (KAY-lin)
Eimile (EM-i-lee)

You should see some of the celtic names we’ve found. I really think somebody dumped over a scrabble board and started picking letters up one-by-one to make some of these names. For instance, who in their right mind would name their kid Eamnonn? Or Eideard? Or Findabhair???

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  1. Stereoette says:

    m’kay, dahlin. You know i have a cousin named Tierney. And you know that now that she is in junior high she has realized all the kids think its funny that her name is “tyranny.” so lets cross that one off the list, m’kay?

  2. Amy says:

    Hmmm, definitely something to consider.

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