Back in the Saddle Again

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Well, Jamie has returned from the Great European Quest and things are slowly returning to “normal.” And she brought me the cutest Italian over-the-shoulder bag!
Apologies to all who have called and emailed over the last two weeks and have not received a response. I’m trying to sort through my inbox now and get through that in a timely manner, now that I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off anymore. There is something to be said for having some downtime at work…or at least having a lunch break, which is a luxury I have been unable to indulge in for the past few weeks.
I addition to being swamped at work, extra-careerular activities have been full as well. J and I are closing on our wonderful house this Friday, we’ve hit a new milestone in pregnancy and I’ve been working on planning a bridal shower.
So my blogging time has been more than a little restricted. Again, trying to correct that now that things are getting less hectic at work.
More updates soon, I promise. Though I’m not fool enough to define the term “soon.” 🙂

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