i give up.

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since the last incident with the CIWIL police department, i have been a model driver. i never exceed the speed limit, stop at yellow lights and obey all traffic laws, even when nobody is around. i have done my best to avoid any possible encounter which would put me in that situation again.

apparently my best wasn’t good enough.

i was pulled over today and issued a ticket for failure to yield to a cross walk.

even though the people walking through the cross walk were clearly on the other side of the road.

at least this time i will know better than to waste my time and money trying to fight the joke that is our court system.

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  1. Zephra says:

    Are you kidding? Must be some quota to fill this month.

  2. mrsmogul says:

    I hope I NEVER GET A TICKET! SIGH! I’m a new driver and being on the road is stressful enough!

  3. Laurie says:

    I always fear that one and get honked at because of it.

    Tickets suck. I have 6 mos until I can get another.

  4. jane says:

    In Calif. they have to be completely out of the street before you can go..in case they change their mind & go back.
    Tickets suck. But what sucks most is when it makes your insurance go up. You’d think the cop could’ve given you a warning. I agree w/Zephra about the quota.

  5. BabsRN says:

    OR you could move to the country where we don’t have crosswalks and all you have to do to get out of a ticket is smile pretty at the officer and have either child or a CPR pocketmask handy. Both do wonders.

    Gotta learn how to fake it!!!

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