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So Baskin Robbins is doing a 31 ¢ special tomorrow as a fund raiser for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. I’m sure that the firefighters appreciate that they’re only bringing in 31 ¢ per scoop instead of the regular price.

After placing our order and paying three weeks ago, we FINALLY got the carpet replaced in the living room and office downstairs. The Soft and Squishy feels great between my toes, as does getting high on the new carpet fumes. Mostly because they don’t smell like cat pee, which is a good enough reason to get high in itself.

Our remaining cat has approximately ONE CHANCE to redeem himself by going heretofore exclusively in the litter box. And he has been advised as such. Any departure from the litter box elimination will result in much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Our dog has been informed that any trespassing onto New! Carpet! with muddy paws may result in the forfeiture of said paws.

And Kaelin just looks at me funny when I tell her she can’t bring her cup of water onto the New! Carpet! without a sippy top.

So there we have it – one ridiculously expensive home improvement project done. Only 14 more to go.

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