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Yesterday J walked into the kitchen while Kaelin and I were enjoying our respective bowls of Cheerios.

J: “Are you guys eating some O’s?”

Kaelin: “Actually, we’re eating cereal.”

* * *

You know how sometimes when you’re on the phone and it will start echoing – and all of a sudden you can hardly talk to the other person because you’re so distracted by listening to everything you say repeated back to you with a 2-second delay?

That’s totally what it’s like to take Kaelin to Subway and try to order a sandwich.

* * *

Hey, thanks for all the name suggestions you guys!  I’ve tagged a couple that I like and have added them to my “list.”  Perhaps this kid will get a name before he’s born after all 🙂

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  1. I love your new look! Doesn’t look like puke to me!

    Girl, Dislocated’s last blog post..Goodbye sand, hello snow

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