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So today I woke up feeling fatigued and swollen.  Even going up the stairs took entirely too much effort.

The common remedies for pregnancy-related fatigue and swelling are exercise (is that Alanis Morissett-style irony or what?) and drinking more water – so I took Kaelin on a stroller ride around the neighborhood this morning and have been trying to drink more water.

Which means that now I’m even more tired and have to pee all the time.


I did have a nice lunch with my mom today though.  I haven’t been to La Madeline’s in ages.

And I’m so proud of Kaelin.  Today is her first day of wearing “big girl panties” – no diaper.  We’ve been attempting potty training recently and although she’s willing and capable of peeing in the potty, we couldn’t seem to get her to understand that the goal was also NOT to pee in her diaper anymore.

So today I decided to experiment and put some real “panties” on her.  I told her that these were NOT a diaper and that she couldn’t pee in them.  Still, I expected to spend most of the day doing laundry.  But so far, she hasn’t had a single accident – even during the outing to La Madeline’s and Baby’s R Us.  Of course, she’s been asleep for the last 3 hours (in a diaper), so I guess I can’t count that time… but I’m really very proud of her successful day in the big girl undies.

And now I’ve probably just jinxed the whole experiment by prematurely talking about the success … but we’ll see.

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