Dude.  Are We There Yet?

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I am SO PREGNANT. I have reached that stage that I hate, where the only shoes I can wear are flip-flops because my feet start to resemble loaves of bread before noon and don’t fit into any normal shoe. And even the maternity clothes don’t fit as well as they used to.

I have also started getting into the whole “work from home” mentality. It’s this strange phenomenon (that Jens and Greg can attest to) where the amount of daily hygiene and preparation you deem sufficient… adjusts.

Like, it goes from “shower, wash hair, apply makeup, and put on clean clothes (that are unwrinkled and match)” to “Am I wearing pants?”

The good news is that we have a date. On June 12, Kiddo #2 is coming out whether he likes it or not.

Which means he is also coming out whether or not he has a nursery, and whether or not he has a name. Note to self: must work on that. Raising a boy with no name in a peach colored room with no furniture can’t be good for his emotional condition.

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