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DUDE.  I’M HOT.  And not in that “I feel sexy because I’m pregnant” way.  (BTW, is that for real?  Is there anyone out there who actually feels beautiful and sexy when they’re pregnant?  Because seriously?  I just feel like a cow.  MOO.)

I’m hot because our air conditioner is busted.

Great timing, right?  A holiday weekend, so nobody’s coming out to look at it until Tuesday. 

A holiday weekend, in the now-early-summer Texas weather, when the temperature is in the mid-90’s. 

A holiday weekend during Texas summer when I’m in the late stages of pregnancy so my body temperature is already 10 degrees above everyone else’s. 

A holiday weekend in the Texas summer when I’m uber pregnant, AND WE HAVE COMPANY.

Really, I couldn’t think of a better time for our air conditioner to go kaput.  This is Day 5 and I’m just about ready to look into nearby motels.  Maybe I could just sleep in the movie theatre.  Or Albertsons – they always keep that place at 55 degrees, which is usually why I specifically DON’T shop there.  Not sounding like such a bad idea right about now.

Ice cream and snow cones, anyone?

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  1. Liz Dixon says:

    Oh no! So not cool! NO pun intended. I’m so sorry your ac is out. That happened to us a couple months ago and I was going crazy..and It was like 25 degrees cooler then today, and I was NOT pregnant. So have got it bad.

    Actually, I always felt more beautiful and “sexy” when I was pregnant. It’s now, that I feel like a cow. smile I guess I’m not normal.

  2. Malissa Henrie says:

    I loved being pregnant and felt my body looked more beautiful than ever during those months.  And I think you look beautiful too!

  3. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  Oh, and check out my new photography website!


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