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I’m getting some flack for not posting a video of Kaelin’s performance at the wedding, and I’M REALLY SORRY I WISH I HAD A VIDEO TO POST BUT I CAN’T GIVE YOU WHAT I DON’T HAVE.

As a small consolation, however, I do have this video of one of our, um, “rehearsals” … which might give you some idea why I was a LITTLE BIT SKEPTICAL of the upcoming performance. 

“Skeptical,” meaning I was fully prepared to enact an emergency exit strategy in the event that she forgot the words or, say, ended up sprawled on the floor with her dress over her head.

If nothing else, it’s a lesson in the attention span of a 3-year-old…

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  1. Grandpa says:

    Amazing what an audience does to a real pro – She was awesome on the “Real Stage” – Grandpa

  2. Spullen says:

    She’s such a ham…hmmm…I wonder if having two theatre major parents has anything to do with it?  She’s absolutely adorable and if you ever do get a copy of the ‘real thing’ I look forward to watching it!

  3. Amy says:

    How sweet.  She is such a ham smile

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