Koren: 15 Months

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Dear Little Mr.,

At 15 months, you are busy, adorable, impish, fun-loving, loud, curious, frustrating, insatiable, determined, affectionate, irresistible, messy, relentless, hungry, mischievous, and exhausting.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say you’re “talking” yet, you do have a few words in your vocabulary (in no particular order of importance to you): Mama, Dada, Doggy, Kitty, Thank You, Baby, Turkey and Bacon.

Speaking of bacon, you’ve found your latest love in life.  You will drop any and all activity or forsake any mission at the mere mention of “bacon.”

Obviously, you are your father’s son.

Short of bacon, there is pretty much nothing that can deter you once you’ve set your sights on something.  Distraction is a futile effort.  Scolding just makes you laugh and then it becomes a game to see how quickly you can disobey and then hold out your hand to me for a “swat,” open-mouthed grin in place.

You are a poo.

Especially since you have the most contagious laugh known to man.  You’re lucky that you’re so cute – it has saved your life on several occasions.

You are getting better at following directions.  Since you’re not really talking yet, it’s more difficult for me to know exactly how much of what I’m saying is actually connecting in your head.  But now you can get in or out of your car seat on command (minus the buckling, of course), as well as “go find” things like your sippy or paci.  You are also quite familiar with the directions, “Stop turning on the TV,” “Put the dog food back,” and “GET OUT OF THE DISHWASHER.”  But your favorite direction is when we ask you to give someone a hug.  You have always been an excellent hugger and it’s one of my favorite things about you.

Today I asked you why you were holding a piece of fuzz.  You looked at your hand with an expression that seemed to say, “Why AM I holding a piece of fuzz?” – and then you dropped it.

You are becoming very aware that certain things have certain places, and you like to put them there.  Sippy cups go in the dishwasher or the cup holder.  Dog food goes in the dog bowl, even if you’re the reason it’s currently on the floor.  Lincoln Logs go in the can.  Your baby monitor goes in its cradle on my night stand (after you have removed it and played with it for a while).

There are a few place associations we need to work on, however…  Remote controls go on the table, not in your mouth.  Your shoes go in the closet, not in the bath tub.  Tissues remain in the box on the table, not scattered around the floor.  My oven mitt goes in the kitchen, not in the dining room window.

You still love getting caught.  If no one witnessed your moves, you run gleefully into the room, holding the evidence of your heist over your head in victory.  You wait until you’re sure we’ve noticed your stealthy accomplishment, then run away to evade capture.

A few weeks ago, we watched Marry Poppins.  You fell in love with the scene of the chimney sweepers dancing on the roof tops, and started trying to mimic their moves.  You now “dance” to music or when you’re particularly happy about something.  Like Bacon.

You’re in the Mother’s Day Out program at church and even though I think you end up having fun throughout the day, you’ve started crying when I drop you off.  It makes me sad because you never did this last year, but I think it has more to do with your age than the circumstances.  I’m hopeful that once you get used to the routine and teachers that we’ll see less tears. 

You’re finally down to one nap per day, a schedule that is much easier to plan around.  While making this transition, there were a few weeks when you would sleep from 8pm to 6am, and then only nap for 1 hour and 15 minutes during the day.  This was obviously not enough sleep for you, because you would wake up grumpier than a pit bull with an ulcer. During this time, I thought I might just lose my mind.  Lately, however, you’ve been sleeping until almost 7am and if I fill your morning with activities, you’ll sleep about 2 hours in the afternoon.

Little Man, you’re tackling life with a degree of gusto that makes us all stand in awe of your energy.  Staying one step ahead of you is becoming increasingly challenging.  But I can’t help looking forward to my next drive-by hug.




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  1. ana says:

    most awesome little guy since his dad. you are very lucky.

  2. Tom Meneley says:

    What a great bio on your little guy – He is a really sweet boy and you are correct, his smile and hugs do help keep him “Alive” – He has his grandpa’s full support on “bacon” !!!!!!!

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