Catching Up

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Ok, guys.  I’ve given you a few things to chew on for a couple of days so you can stop nagging me about updating this site.

Instead, you can start nagging me about finishing Koren’s Halloween costume, which has to be done by, let’s see, oh yes, SATURDAY.  And which I have yet to start.  So if all the Halloween pictures are of Kaelin, you’ll know why.

But now it’s after 10pm, so I’m outta here!

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  1. Tom Meneley says:

    Amy – Thanks for all the “Catch-Ups” – I really enjoyed the pictures from “Western Day” and “Kaelin’s 4th B’Day Party” – Great thoughts and pictures – It gets harder and harder watching your kids grow up – We all want to keep them “little” as long as possible but life goes on and the clock keeps running – Just enjoy every minute you can – Love you – Dad

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