Halibut Cove

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While my parents were here, they were gracious enough to babysit the kids one evening so we could explore Halibut Cove.  The Kachemak Bay Ferry runs there once per day and tickets include dinner reservations at the only restaurant in the cove, The Saltry.

The woman who owns The Saltry is an artist and has a studio right next to the restaurant.  The restaurant uses her unique dishes to serve the food on.

The food was amazing.  And there was so much of it.  I ate less than half of what they brought me and was so stuffed I could hardly walk (when they say a “bowl” of soup, they mean a BOWL of soup).

After dinner, we got to walk around the cove.  It’s quite scenic and unlike anyplace I’ve ever been.  All the buildings are built on boardwalks and everybody has horses.  I guess that’s how you visit your neighbors, since there are no roads or cars.  We walked up and down several trails and through some fields until we happened to come across the memorial for Diana Tillion.

Diana Tillion was an artist who lived in Halibut Cove.  She made a name for herself for being the only known artist in the world to paint with octopus ink.  She would harvest it herself and could make several paintings from a single drop.

She died early this year of cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Her two galleries in the cove are still in operation.

One of the workers on the boat that we got to talk with is Tara Alverson, who is a resident of Halibut Cove.  She’s an artist who studied under Diana Tillion … which I suppose makes her currently the only artist in the world who paints with octopus ink.  She told us about how she harvests it, and also how she cared for Diana during her last several years.  Apparently Diana Tillion was one spirited woman, and even in her eighties was difficult to keep up with.

Tara is a very talented artist, and when I saw this print of a painting she had done of the Altair, I had to have it.  I recognized the boat from the Boat Graveyard as one that I had particularly enjoyed photographing because I thought it had more character than most.  Apparently it was owned by a man who lived in Halibut Cove.

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    Excellent – I know mom will love this since we also purchased a painting from Tara – Good photos – dad

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