Korenisms: Like THIS Edition

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“What happened to your toe, Koren?”
“I got an owie.  I fell down down like THIS!” …at which point, he suddenly sprawls on the floor with gusto.

“Koren, where is your sock?”
“I put it on floor like THIS!”  … at which point, he retrieves the sock off the floor and promptly throws it again.

Last night the kids were in the bath tub, when Kaelin starts calling,

“Koren has something to tell you.”

Jens made his way into the bathroom, where both kids are sitting on opposite ends of the bath tub.  Koren is holding a plastic fishing rod and looking down quietly as though he’s just been sternly reprimanded.  Kaelin is pouting.

“Koren, did you have something to tell me?”
“Umm… yes.  Umm… Daddo, I have to tell Kaelin I’m sorry.”
“Because I hit her on the head with my fishing rod like THIS!”  **WHOMP**

And thus ended bath time.

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  1. Grandpa /Grandmommy again says:

    I love it – They are going to have some “interesting times” over the next several years – May be De ja Vue all over again for you, Amy – Grandpa

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