Best. Quote. Ever.

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Dr. Henry Lindlahr

(Well, best medical quote anyway…)

And you thought Advil was harmless…

(emphasis added by me)

Headache powders, pain killers, opiates, sedatives and hypnotics may paralyze brain and nerves into temporary insensibility; but, if due to constitutional causes, the pain, nervousness and insomnia will always return with redoubled force. If taken habitually, these agents invariably tend to create heart disease and paralysis, and ultimately develop the patient into a dope fiend.

…Each drug breeds new disease symptoms which are in their turn “cured” by other poisons, until the insane asylum or merciful death rings down the curtain on the tragedy of a ruined life.

This and other nuggets of medical wisdom are available in Dr. Henry Lindlahr’s book, Natural Therapies.

Other highlights include:

  • How white blood cells are actually evil pathogens and only look like cells because they are squeezed into that shape as they pass through the spleen.
  • How masturbation is the fault of parents for engaging in sexual activity while the woman was pregnant
  • How every ailment you suffer is a result of your own violation of the laws of nature

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  1. Charity says:

    What is this book???

    • Amy says:

      It’s a book my MIL is having to read in one of her history of Naturopathy courses. Obviously, Natural Medicine has come a long way since 1913.

  2. Sarah Woodward says:

    I am speechless. Really.

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