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Kaelin’s birthday was a roaring success, even though there was no actual “party.”

We started the day off at Two Sisters bakery, where she got to have a brownie for breakfast.


The highlight of MY day was the old guy at the table next to us, who honestly mistook me for Kaelin’s sister and got all confused when I thought he was joking.

Next, Kaelin and Jens headed off to church while I stayed home to tackle a little surprise project.  See, one of the things Kaelin has mentioned that she really misses about Texas is her room.  And I can’t blame her, she had a cool room.  Her room in this house looks like your grandmother’s guest room.  The walls are a drab grey-green, and the furniture is a mismatched assortment of IKEA and stuff you’d find on Craigslist.  The bedding is green and flowery with golden-yellow sheets.


So while I didn’t have the means to completely make over her room, I did what I could with a new bedding set and window valance.  On a side note, do you know that it’s surprisingly DIFFICULT to find little kid bedding to fit a queen size bed?

I did realize a little too late that I was short a curtain rod, so I couldn’t put any window treatments on the big window.  Also, I wish I had gotten some wall decorations.


I also opened up this sewing table and put a shelf over the hole so she would actually have a place to put her books and toys. A place other than ALL OVER THE FLOOR, that is. We'll see how long it lasts.

I wanted to film her reaction when she walked in (we didn’t tell her about it beforehand) but I’m stoopid and had the camera ON when I was walking into the room and then turned it OFF when I was supposed to be filming.  That turned out to be ok though, because it was the most anti-climatic reaction to a surprise she’s ever given in her life.  YAY, Look at me making a SUCCEED out of two MOM FAILS!*

I think these monkey slippers were her favorite part. She wanted to wear them to bed.

After they came back from church, we headed off to a great lunch at Fat Olives, where Kaelin stuffed herself with pasta.


Then it was time to come home for cake…

Ah yes, the Red Wall of Hell makes another birthday appearance.

Why yes, I DID forget to buy candles. Again. Thanks for noticing.

I'm 99.9% sure she wished for a puppy.

Licking the frosting off the cake topper. This "cake" was actually 85% frosting.

And then, of course, presents…

One of the things I love about my daughter is that she is so much fun to give to.  Her excitement over receiving a toy or a gift is often, to me anyway, disproportional to the actual level warranted by said gift.  It’s awesome.

She starts expressing her “Thank you’s” before she has any idea what’s even in the package, and by the time she has it unwrapped, she’s practically jumping out of her seat.

The best present award goes to the FurReal GoGo My Walkin' Pup.

Finally she can have a "pet" to walk on a leash and be in charge of, and it won't mind being constantly dominated and held prisoner.

She dotes on this puppy. She coos and baby-talks to it as she leads it around and pretends to feed it real dog food. It has yet to leave her side.

The previously mentioned earthworm farm was also popular, but apparently you have to send off for your worms via mail.  So we’ll have to wait a while before delving into the joys of worm raising.

Koren, meanwhile, started his descent into the depths of toddler DOOM because he skipped his nap.  Suddenly in late afternoon, he went from:



"What? I can't take Kaelin's toys away from her and order her loudly to listen to the Doodlebops CD with me 500 times? Then behold, I will detonate your skulls with the sheer force of my screaming!"

Kaelin remained in good spirits throughout the evening and ended her Birthday sugar-and-carbs high by consuming a bowl of ice cream.  Blame her father, I had nothing to do with that one.

*as it turns out, she really does like the new room, she was just preoccupied with her puppy.  The new room got more kudos when it was time to go to bed.

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