Facebook “Import Feed” Fail

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Facebook Feed Import Fail

When I changed the feed address for this site, I needed to update the new feed with Facebook, which would automatically pull in my blog posts and list them as “notes” on my facebook profile.

However, after I deleted the old feed and tried to replace it with the new feed address, I kept getting this error message:

Import Failed
We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.

After searching various corners of the internet, I discovered that there are a multitude of people with this exact same problem and NOBODY seems to have come up with an answer, or even a workaround.

So I’m posting this to show how my problem was solved on the off-chance that someone who needs it finds it.

Granted, this is solution will only work for WordPress blogs, but there seem to be a good number of those who are having this issue.

What worked for me:

  1. Download, install and activate the Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook plugin
  2. On the Plugins page, click “URL of your feed for Facebook”
  3. Tell Facebook to import that feed (instructions here)

Not a perfect solution, but it works until Facebook can figure out how to fix the bugs in their feed importing system.


Well, not so sure it was a solution after all.  When I first saved the feed, it imported my latest blog posts.  However, it hasn’t imported the two posts (including this one) that I have written since the original import.  It looks as though I have replaced one problem with another.

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