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Food, Injuries and Anniversaries

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How is it that I can go to the store and spend over $200 in groceries…and have nothing to eat?

How is it that sometime between last year and this year I got old, and can no longer play a game of rec league softball without injuring myself?

How is it that even when I have my Fathers Day gifts planned out weeks in advance, I still find myself skipping church to make an emergency run to the store on Father’s Day?

How is it that 6 years could have passed so fast?

Today, was our 6th anniversary. Jens’ dad was still here so we spent much of the day hanging out with family, then took him to the airport and had a nice dinner out at Fogo de Chao. Apparently FdC has grown more casual than I remember it being. Not only were lots of people wearing jeans*, but there were a suprising number of families there with youngish children.

In general, when a restaurant costs more than $50 per person, I tend to assume that jeans are not a appropriate attire and that children are … discouraged. Evidently I’m wrong about this. Of the three families (with children) sitting next to us, one showed up with McDonald’s Happy Meals for their kids. What’s the point of that? Find a babysitter. Your kids would probably appreciate it.

The last time I ate at FdC, which I think was 2 years ago, I gained 3 pounds from that single meal. And they stayed on. Hopefully that won’t be the case this time. Though I can say it would be worth it. That place rocks.

Afterward, we rented a movie and spent the remainder of our Anniversary on the floor in front of the big TV. Which is really the only way to spend an evening after you’ve just eaten 5 pounds of meat.

Happy Anniversary to my mostest favoritest person in the whole world who I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with!

*Which was doubly annoying because I had griped at J for wanting to wear jeans and made him change into slacks before we left, AND I would have been so much more comfortable in jeans myself because I could have worn shoes that allowed me to wear an Ace Bandage on my ankle. Instead, I went booted and braceless and my ankle hurt. Stupid softball.

Bring on the Pesticides

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Buying organic grapes is a total waste of money.

Out of 2 packages of grapes, approximately 1/4 of them can be considered edible.   And that 1/4 was so dirty that I literally had to scrub the grapes to get the dirt off.   I’m not entirely sure I succeeded.   But I’ve given up.

The Hard Way

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Lesson #41.

Today I had chicken fried rice for lunch. I like ordering chicken fried rice because they always give you enough for two meals and it keeps pretty well for a few days.

Today I ate the entire dish of chicken fried rice.

Bad idea. Bad bad idea.

The Cost of Healthy Living

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$1.35 for a fruit cup. A 2-oz plastic cup with maybe 5 edible pieces of fruit, most of which were grapefruit (ewww), which of course tainted all the other fruit to taste like grapefruit (ewww) because that’s what grapefruit (ewww) does.
I can get a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head for $1.00. I can get a king sized bag of chips for $0.65. But try to go the healthy route and you have to take out a loan to pay for it.

If God intended us to eat healthy, he should have made it cheaper.


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Oh Gross. Oh Gross Gross Gross.

What I want to know is where’s the guy who apparently didn’t notice that he cut his finger off? And furthermore didn’t notice that it landed in the food?

Idol, Acne & Chocolate

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Last night, J and I settled in for our Tuesday Night Tradition: Wings and American Idol. Lindsey Cardinale, it’s time to say goodbye. I think we will shortly be forced to add House to the Tuesday Tradition list, as it has kept us glued to our seats for the second week in a row. Stupid addictive TV shows.

Unfortunately, I have discovered as of late that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is a change in appetite. As in, things that were always good before just aren’t good anymore. And I think wings have fallen into that category. This is especially upsetting because I hate to spoil a good tradition. I gave it a valiant effort last night…but I think wings are officially out.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that pregnancy has all sorts of “symptoms” that quite frankly, I could do without. I got an update email the other day about “5 embarassing pregancy symptoms: gas & bloating, constipation, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and diarrhea.”


Of course, the article didn’t mention acne, stretch marks, fat, cavities and tooth decay, and the myriad of other wonderful contributions of hormones and so forth.

Someone actually complimented me the other day on my skin. Apparently after I scrub, mask, exfoliate, tone, oil-free moisturize, slather on makeup, and style my hair so it covers as much of my face as possible, my skin looks decent to the casual observer. Who’d have thought?

It’s times like this when I question God about why 9 months was entirely neccessary. I think tape worms have the right idea.

But that’s probably a discussion for another philosophical blog and I’m not in the mood. Right now I just want some chocolate.

Super-Size My Champagne

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Watched Super-Size Me! for the first time. Ewwwwww. It will probably be a little while before I eat at McDonald’s again. I have to admit that it does make me twinge everytime I have to categorize a McDonalds or a Wendy’s expense as “dining out” in Microsoft Money. They should have a different category for “consuming food products that rot your insides.”

Though I doubt the movie has permanently turned me off of fast food, because I am a great believer in moderation, and don’t really see any evidence that my once-a-month or less fast food “dining out” experience is going to kill me.

But I did get an education on those chicken nuggets I’ve always been fond of.

I had a friend in middle school who found a feather in her McDonald’s chicken nugget. At the time, that was as gross as it got. Actually, looking back on it, we should have seen it as a relief. You know, hardcore evidence that the food we were consuming was actually made from meat that used to be real at one time.

The McDonalds’ around here seem to be making a great effort to overcome past reputations. There are a few locations around our house that we refer to as the Petroleum Club McDonalds. Walking into one of these immediately hits one with a sense of disorientation. Marble floors, mahogany wood walls and bookshelves (complete with classic editions), glass chandeliers, fireplaces, and that little sign in the bathroom that says We strive to keep our restrooms upholding to the highest standards of cleanliness. If this restroom does not meet with your approval, please flip this switch to notify the manager.

The whole Petroleum Club McDonald’s experience is a bit surreal. I’m waiting for the day when I order from the dollar menu and get asked if I want champagne with that.

Birthday Blues

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I haven’t been hungry in 3 days. I suppose it stems from the fact that things are kind of shifting around down there and maybe Mr. Tummy just doesn’t have as much room to expand, but quite frankly – especially for someone who looks forward to food as one of the highlights of the day – it just sucks.

Ordinarily this would not really be a problem except that this weekend was my birthday, which means all weekend people are shoving delicious food and desserts toward me in large quantities. And I have guilt and resentment toward my stomach for not being able to…stomach it.

Saturday was lunch at Red Robin and dinner at the aunt & uncle’s, where the course de jour was lots of ribs and large portions of other yummy edibles. And mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cake.

Sunday was dinner at The Melting Pot. Enough said. So I spent most of the weekend miserably uncomfortable and unable to do anything about it except eat more because, aside from the guilt, if I don’t eat regularly my blood sugar goes down and then I get queasy (which I believe is what happend this morning and consequently why I was 2 hours late to work).

Getting some extra rest this morning has helped me with the fatigue issue, which also played a part this weekend. I think I probably take about 1.5-2 hours of naps per day now, which is unusual even for me. All in all, I’m really looking forward to getting past this first trimester thing.


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Highlights from a family discussion on where to go for lunch.

Hey, we were thinking that Pei Wei sounded good for lunch today.
Oh no, not Pei Wei…
What’s wrong with Pei Wei?
You always liked it before.
No, I love Pei Wei & PF Changs. It’s just that every time I eat there, I leave feeling like ‘Ohhh’.
Don’t eat so much then. Take half of it home.
It’s just that every time we go out to eat with you guys we eat at Pei Wei or PF Changs.
We haven’t been there since November.
I’m just totally over Pei Wei and PF Changs. There’s nothing really good there.
You just said you loved Pei Wei.
I only love one thing there. The beef and broccoli.
Ok, since you’re the veto person, where should we go?
I don’t know.
What’s that other restaurant you think is gross? I think we should choose between those two.
I think a lot of restaurants are gross.
We know. You don’t like anything.
No, I like a lot of restaurants, just not the ones you guys like.
Like what?
I like…Luna de Noche…and Carrabbas…and Posados.
So you like three restaurants.
And two of them are Mexican food, which we’re having at the party tonight.
I like more than that, I just can’t think of them right now.
We’re a little burned out on Luna.
Yeah, I’m not in a Luna de Noche mood right now anyway. Italian sounds good.
We can’t eat Italian before the party tonight. That would be way too much food in one day. How about WingStop. It’s Superbowl Sunday afterall.
Sandwiches? Something light? Quiznos.
He’s giving the ‘I don’t like Quiznos’ face.
It’s just that…hey, I do have a coupon for a free 6″ sub at Subway though.
Not subway. Dry bread and green tomatoes.
I say we just let these two decide.
So what are you in the mood for?
Nothing really. I’m not hungry. I probably won’t eat anything.
You’re not hungry???
No, not really. You guys pick somewhere, it doesn’t matter to me.
So why couldn’t we have gone to Pei Wei?
We can go to Pei Wei. That’s fine.
Of course you guys realize that while we’ve been standing here for the last 20 minutes, the rest of the church congregation has filed out of here and is now standing in the 3 mile long line at Pei Wei.
Let’s just go to Pei Wei.
(half way to Pei Wei)
Hey, you guys wanna go to Red Lobster?
But you hate seafood.
No, I hate fish. And crab. But I love Red Lobster.
(unanimous) Red Lobster it is.

Admission is the first step

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Boss-Man accused me of being addicted to Quiznos.

I am NOT addicted to Quiznos.

I am a creature of habit, rendered incapable of developing new and exciting ideas for pick-up lunch cuisine, especially when left with a 2.5-minute* time frame in which to make such decisions.

Be ye not so quick to judge, lest ye be proven inescapably WRONG.

*I work in the Restaurant Capital of the World. Literally. There are more restaurants per capita here than anywhere else on the entire planet. Therefore, everybody and their mother’s brother comes here to eat between noon and 1pm. As a result, 2.5 minutes is the window of time between the realization of “I need to get lunch before noon or I’ll be standing in line for 45 minutes,” and noon.

Local Emergency

I received a phone call last night from Andrea, an old friend from high school. Her brother (who is also a friend of my brother) has been put in ICU here in Dallas due to waking up without feeling in any of his limbs. He was rushed to the hospital and tests revealed that he had an extremely low potassium level (just above 1.1) and the doctors were amazed that he was still alive. Evidently he should have had cardiac arrest before his levels reached that low.

They pumped him full of potassium and he seems to be responding to the treatment. As of today, he has some mobility back in his legs. They are calling in specialists to figure out what went wrong and the theories they were tossing about didn’t sound too appealing. They included a blood leak in his brain, a degenerative disease that could leave him permanently crippled, and other options that were all a little scary.

The fact that he’s responding to the potassium treatment is encouraging though, and we’re hoping the only diagnosis they have to come up with is what caused his levels to drop so dramatically.

Please pray for healing and peace – both for Ryan and his family. He’s still in ICU and the doctors are only allowing 2 visitors at a time, twice a day for 30 minutes, so the family is unable to see him very much.

On a lighter note, I think I get the stupid award for the month. I walked into WingStop last night and paid for my pickup order. And left it on the counter. And I didn’t realize until I got home and had no wings to take inside. So J had to make an extra stop on the way home and pick up the wings.

Proof positive that a day and a half of correcting legal documents can turn my brain to mush. Sigh.

Thank goodness for patient husbands 🙂

PS: Besides low potassium, there are other things that would give you a heart attack…

$130 for a Sandwich???

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were actually charged $129.55 for two sandwiches this weekend. At Quiznos. They tried to remedy the error by voiding the transaction instead of just crediting our account, which left a temporary authorization of $129.55 held out of our available balance.

Subsequently, about 6 transactions went into overdraft. I was really hoping to spend a day this week chasing down a Bank of America manager to fight a ton of overdraft charges on an account that never actually went negative, while listening to “not a bank error” sixty-four times. Really.

For the record, if we ever visit that Quiznos again, we will be paying in CASH.

I think the worst part is the pain and the sorrow that gnaw at my heart like millions of tiny evil gnomes…or doves. Evil Doves.

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