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Forth of July in Seldovia

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This is the second time I’ve gotten to spend Fourth of July in Seldovia.  The first was 10 years ago when I came up with Jens’ family for his cousin’s wedding.  I immediately decided that it’s one of the best places in the country to celebrate Independence Day.

Seldovia is a tiny town.  The full-time population is about 200 people, though that grows in the summer.  Every year, they have a parade that the townspeople and children participate in.  There are costumes, “floats,” food, vendor booths, contests and wood carvings.

I’m not sure what the group in the middle is supposed to be (the tubes they’re blowing in are hollow seaweed stalks often found on the beach), but the back three are three volcanoes in this area: Iliamna, Redoubt, and Spurr.

Junior Bikers

Seldovia Volunteer Fire Truck

George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Tribute to the Harbor Master

Kaelin’s favorite part was the candy. Every group in the parade that passed her threw a wad of candy at her feet. It was better than Halloween!

After the parade, we enjoyed a walk around the town.

I have an appreciation for the slightly irreverent, so I got a kick out of this.

We paused to admire the wood carvings:

Then the kids played around in the grass while we ate lunch (halibut spring rolls) on a park bench with a view of the harbor.

Then we headed over to “Old Seldovia,” where the main part of town was, prior to the Great Alaskan Earthquake that destroyed a lot of Alaska in 1964.  The town used to be built entirely on piers over the water, and was razed to the ground during the earthquake.  As a result, they decided to rebuild on the land, which is where the majority of town is now.  Old Seldovia is a very interesting mix of earthquake ruins and new construction, as they have rebuilt portions of it.

Old Seldovia

After our walk, we admired some more wood carvings, and then headed back down to the dock and across the bay to the cabin for some R&R.


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On Saturday we took a boat ride down the bay a little ways until we came to a stretch of beach that has a waterfall.  Kaelin wanted to get out and see the waterfall, so we did … for a very short period of time, because the little trickle of water was surprisingly loud and sort of freaked Koren out.  He’s not into loud noises, especially when they’re made by water.  He did enjoy the boat, though.

Exploring Waterfalls

Adventure Girl


Our Weekend in Pictures

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This was the first time we were able to take our favorite Seldovia shuttle, the Rainbow, to our destination.  It beats getting dropped off at Jackelof Bay and having to be picked up and driven the rest of the way.  Kaelin enjoyed the bigger boat, which we had all to ourselves on the outbound trip.  Koren thought it was a little too loud, but did fine once we moved inside the cabin.

Spring Has Sprung.  So Have My Sinuses.

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The crowds came in, the shops opened up, and healthy, green plants sprang up absolutely everywhere.  The woods around our house are thick and green, the grass is vibrant, and the ferns have sprouted at least a foot in a matter of days.

Amazing transformation.

The last week – despite the forecasts – has been sunny and hovering around 65°.  Today was the first overcast day all week and the blue sky started poking through late this afternoon.  The forecast continues to predict rain every day for the foreseeable future.  We’ll see how that goes.

Jens was sick last week.  He had some sort of nasty flu-like virus that took him down pretty hard for about 3 days.  He even called in sick to work, which he very rarely does.

Then he was nice enough to give it to me.  I’ve been slacking on my Vitamin D doses and now I’m paying for it.

All things considered, it actually wasn’t too bad as illnesses go.  As a SAHM, I don’t get “sick days,” so it was fortunate that I was not up to par on a weekend/holiday because that meant there were other people around to care for the kids. Now I just have these annoying cold-like symptoms – itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose.  Blah.  I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.  It must have been before Koren was born.

I think I’ll make a point never to get another one. 

My head tickles and I can’t stop sneezing.

2010 Egg Hunt #1

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This was Koren’s first egg hunt.  He quickly caught on and collected several eggs.  He really got into it when he discovered that they had “surprises” in them.

His favorite prize was a small bottle of bubbles, which he managed to pour all over himself.  He was NOT a fan of the Easter Bunny (apparently I scarred him for life when I forced him to sit in Santa’s lap 3 months ago) and started crying whenever we went within 15 feet of the costumed character.  So there are no pics of Koren with Mr. Bunny.

Quick Christmas Recap

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After opening Santa gifts at our house, we joined the rest of the family over at Mom & Dad’s house for more festivities.

Kaelin had a great time playing with the Nativity set.  I’m not sure which part Snow White was playing, but she was apparently very important in the scene.

Koren rediscovered the baby walker at my parents’ house and derived a lot of satisfaction from making drive-by raids of Dr. Pepper out of the wine cellar.

Kaelin received an electric car from my parents, which she and Koren both had a blast zooming around the neighborhood in.  She gets to steer and Koren gets to man the radio.  Does anybody else see this scene replaying itself when Kaelin turns 16?

As usual, Christmas was exciting and exhausting.  It’s funny how you can spend a month and a half looking forward to a single day, and when it’s over you’re perfectly content to let it go and get back to routine.  At least, that’s the way it works around here.  See you next year, Santa!

Things You Might Not Know About Texas Unless You Live Here

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1.  Church lets out early for football.

2.  If you don’t own a car, you can’t go anywhere.

3.  You have to take pictures EVERY. TIME. it snows.  No exceptions.

Christmas Eve

Kaelin got her much-wished-for “White Christmas”

Christmas Blessings

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Update: Koren was home from the ER in record time last night (the upside to visiting the ER on Christmas Eve – no wait time), and thankfully the injury looked a lot worse than it actually was.  The tooth is whole and still in place and we’re just supposed to watch him for sensitivity and take him to a dentist sometime next week.

In about an hour or so, our kids will start waking up and the Christmas rituals will begin.  Santa, stockings, presents, breakfast, visiting family, more presents, more food, etc.

I know this is the part where I’m supposed to wax sentimental over the real meaning of Christmas and the Christmas Spirit, and while I have plenty I could say on that topic, a) you’ve heard it a thousand times already, and b) it’s 5:30 in the morning, so I’m more inclined to use the next hour trying to get a little more sleep before the chaos and festivities commence.

But I will say this:

I hope that you and yours have a beautiful, wonderful holiday and that you truly feel as blessed as we do.  We are surrounded by an incredible group of friends and family, and are always grateful for your love, friendship and faithfulness.


Merry Merry, Quite Contrary

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My plan was to dress the kids up in their Santa outfits and film them singing “Jingle Bells” (Koren does backup, it’s great) and post it here to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

But Koren’s in the emergency room after busting his mouth on our staircase.

So Plan B….

Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope you have a relaxing and fun-filled weekend.  If you get the chance, please send up a prayer for our little guy. He’s had a rough day.

Pretty Much Speaks for Itself

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One day he’ll laugh at this.



Halloween 2009

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Someone PLEASE tell me what to do with the 3 ENORMOUS bags of Halloween candy still sitting in my pantry!

Last year, I didn’t have enough candy for all the trick-or-treaters.  So this year I stocked up.  Except… we didn’t get back to the house until 8:30pm.  And apparently all the trick-or-treaters in OUR neighborhood have returned home by 8:30.  When I was growing up, I seem to remember people coming to our house steadily until well after 10pm.  When did this change?

Anyway, Halloween was fun, and I DID in fact get Koren’s costume finished in time, with a few hours to spare. 

My mom had to do an emergency restoration on Kaelin’s costume, which she wore to a birthday party the night before, and which, contrary to what the tag says, WAS NOT MACHINE WASHABLE.  The stupid thing fell apart.  Obviously, we weren’t able to get the glitter back on, so you can see that it only extends 2/3 the length of the dress.  But thanks, Mom, for piecing the skirt back together!!!

4th of July

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Fashionably late, as always!

We celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd of July, at my parent’s house.  We were joined by some family friends and had a wonderful time swimming, chatting, eating, and watching fireworks.  Kaelin slept most of the afternoon away, but when she finally decided to join us she had a great time in the pool with the local toad, holding her cousin Jasmine, and giving Mr. Randy haircuts with her plastic grooming tools.  Koren enjoyed… well, being Koren, he enjoyed eating and eating and more eating.  And then running around in a perpetual state of partially-controlled motion.

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