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Kaelinisms: This Little Light Edition

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The kids were watching the Go Fish music/concert video and “This Little Light of Mine” came on.  After listening for a minute, Kaelin suddenly became very concerned.

“No!  No, they can’t let it shine!  It will run out of batteries!”

Kaelinisms: On Toy Dogs Edition

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“Daddo, can this puppy be my supponsibility?”

Kaelinisms: Careers Edition

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“Mama, when I grow up, I can’t decide between a hair cutter and a hunter.”

A Package of Pull-Ups

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I have always looked upon the fraud prevention measures taken by bank and credit card companies with mild annoyance.  A necessary evil, I suppose, but in the past they have only caused me undue frustration.

Numerous times, my cards have been canceled without my knowledge, all because of charges I made myself.  I once shopped at the same store three times in one day.  Apparently that’s a no-no if you want to keep your card.  The next thing I knew, my card was being declined at the gas station and when I called to inquire, I was told that it had been canceled and I should have a new one within two weeks… which of course, doesn’t help me when I’m standing at the pump wondering why I can’t put gas into my car.

Another time, I had made a purchase online that the card company didn’t approve of.  I don’t remember what it was, but all of a sudden, my card was unusable.

If I’m lucky, I can call them before they go so far as to cancel the card, and then they’ll push the charges through and I get to keep the card.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case most of the time.

So I rolled my eyes today when the cashier at Safeway told me my card had been declined.  After checking with Jens for any obvious issues, I called Bank of America to ask why I was unable to purchase groceries.

The girl on the other end of the line asked me the routine security questions, and somehow I was able to answer most of them (“What’s your online ID?” “I don’t know, it’s stored in my browser”).

And then she rattled off a list of charges to my bank card that I didn’t recognize.  At all.

They were from all over the country and all in small amounts – $0.96 here, $10 there, $2.61 to Robert H Cash in West Virginia.

So I spent 10 minutes on the phone in Safeway sorting through the mess of charges, and was told that my card would have to be canceled but that I could go to a branch to get a new temporary card to use until the new card gets here in the mail.

Except that this is Small Town, Alaska, so of course there are no Bank of America branches.  Which means I’m card-less for the next 7-10 days.

Also, I was told that the bank would have to be on the phone with me when I went through the grocery line so the charge would go through.  Unfortunately, I had not allowed an extra 20 minutes in my schedule to mess with fraud, so I was out of time and had to leave to pick up Kaelin from dance class before I could go back through the checkout lane.

I left my shopping cart in one of the empty registers and told the cashier I would be back in a few minutes to check out again.

I arrived at Kaelin’s dance class to find that they were running late, so I probably could have stayed to check out after all, but suddenly remembered that we had to hurry home because Jens needed the car to get to his physical therapy appointment.

On the way home, I tried calling Safeway to let somebody know that my shopping cart would be sitting there for longer than a few minutes, and as luck would have it, the number listed was wrong.  So then I tried calling the floral department (only number I could find) but the woman on the other end of the line couldn’t hear me.

At this point, I was in awe over how much effort I was having to exert just to get a package of pull-ups to take to my son’s school.  I wondered aloud in the car why everything had to be so difficult today.

Kaelin, who was in the back seat, didn’t miss a beat.

“Mama, nothing’s difficult today.  Maybe it’s just difficult FOR YOU.”

Kaelinisms: Blocked Edition

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“Kaelin, do you remember the day Koren was born?”
“No.  I think I blocked it.”

Kaelinisms: Old Edition

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“Papa, how old are you today?”
“I’m 57.”
“Oh.  Is that, like, when you die?”

Korenisms: Happy Edition

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“Koren, are you happy?”
“No.  I’m Koren James.”

Kaelinisms: Bothersom Edition

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“Koren, you know what’s really funny about you?  When you say NO, you always don’t usually mean no.  And that really bothers me.”

Korenisms: Like THIS Edition

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“What happened to your toe, Koren?”
“I got an owie.  I fell down down like THIS!” …at which point, he suddenly sprawls on the floor with gusto.

“Koren, where is your sock?”
“I put it on floor like THIS!”  … at which point, he retrieves the sock off the floor and promptly throws it again.

Last night the kids were in the bath tub, when Kaelin starts calling,

“Koren has something to tell you.”

Jens made his way into the bathroom, where both kids are sitting on opposite ends of the bath tub.  Koren is holding a plastic fishing rod and looking down quietly as though he’s just been sternly reprimanded.  Kaelin is pouting.

“Koren, did you have something to tell me?”
“Umm… yes.  Umm… Daddo, I have to tell Kaelin I’m sorry.”
“Because I hit her on the head with my fishing rod like THIS!”  **WHOMP**

And thus ended bath time.

Korenisms: Story Edition

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“Daddo, I tell you a story?”
“Sure, tell me a story.”
“Ok.  One time… I had juicy poopies.”
“One time you had juicy poopies?  Is that your story?”
“Yes.  It is.”
“Ok… Then what happened?”
“Then… One time… I pooped in the bath tub.”
“Yes.  I remember this story.”

Korenisms: Duct Tape Edition

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Korenisms: Doggie Edition

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Koren: Ana, I am a doggie.
Cyndy: You are? What’s your name?
Koren: Um…Jackson Beebee.
Cyndy: Wow.  That’s cool.
Koren: Ana, say “Goodnight, Jackson Beebee.”
Cyndy: Goodnight, Jackson Beebee.
Koren: Woof!

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