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Kaelin’s latest thing is “pretending” to do things she’s not really allowed to do.  For instance, this morning she pretended to smear lipstick all over her face.

A few minutes ago, she was told that she could NOT push buttons on Daddo’s phone.  Her response was “I’m pretending.”  She then informed us that she was pretending to call Uncle Jon.  Apparently, Pretend Uncle Jon isn’t much of a conversationalist in the morning… which means that her make-believe world is pretty darn accurate.

“Hi.  I’m Kaelin.  And I’m at home… standing here… and stuff.  And Daddo’s in his chair.  And Mama’s standing there.  And I’m standing here too.  Bye.”

Just What She Needed

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Last night we held a going away party for our friends who are about to jump into the mission field in Paris, France (yeah I know, poor them). We discovered that hosting a party is so much easier when other people bring most of the food.

It was a very enjoyable evening, and we had a good turnout. We visited with a lot of people we hadn’t seen in a while, and I’m fairly certain I gave myself diabetes from all the cake and sweets.

Totally worth it.

Kaelin had a blast as well. She made a new friend at the party – a couple we know brought their son, Lucas, who is 3 1/2. Kaelin was a little shy and standoffish at first (after all, J has been telling her that boys are bad until she’s 30), but she soon warmed up to Lucas and they spent several ours playing together. They had a blast running around, sliding, watching TV, eating cake, and chatting. The current state of our playroom is proof that good times were had by all. By the end of the night, Lucas was calling J “Daddo” and Kaelin was (repeatedly) asking Lucas if she could hug him.

At one point, they even closed themselves inside the pantry and conspired together. Soon, Lucas emerged to ask me if he could have a breakfast bar – which was no doubt Kaelin’s idea, as she asks for them several times per day. I walked into the pantry to find Kaelin holding the box of breakfast bars.

It was so nice to see her really playing and interacting with another child. I have been somewhat concerned about her tendency to be a little aloof around other children, blaming myself for not socializing her enough. While it’s probably accurate that I’ve been a little lazy in getting her used to other kids, it occurred to me last night that most of the kids in our peer group are younger than she is.

Kaelin is very advanced for her age in language skills – which when said by a parent may come across as bragging, but really it’s just a fact, and one we take very little credit for. A fact that has been stated by our pediatrician and just about every adult who comes in contact with her. Actually, we learned last night that apparently our friends who have kids sit around and talk to each other about how brilliant Kaelin is.

So needless to say, the kids she usually “plays” with, who are mostly several months younger than she is, don’t have the same language skills and therefore can’t fully engage in her favorite form of entertainment: endless conversation.

Last night between Kaelin and Lucas, there was a constant stream of chatter emerging from the playroom. When they eventually came down to join us, they continued to make observations to each other, ask and answer questions (in complete sentences). It was really quite adorable to watch them interact.

And by the end of the evening, Kaelin finally had to admit defeat and concede that she had met someone with more energy than she has (gasp). She was completely worn out and started insisting that she was “ready for her nap right now” before all the guests had left.

When J put her to bed, she wiggled under her covers and sighed as though she did not know it was possible to be THAT comfortable. Then she said, “Daddo, I had a great day.”


A Little Privacy, Please

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“Kaelin, what are you doing in the closet?”

“I’m pooping, go away.”

Holy Crap

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I discovered a phrase today that I never want to hear again as long as I live:

“Maaaaaaama, I have poopies on my fingers.”

And she was so not kidding. In fact, that was an understatement. She had poopies on both hands, all the way up her back, on the carpet, on her shoe, and (very quickly) on my clothes.

Exploding Diaper of Doom: 1
Mama: 0

More Kaelinisms

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(conversation on her plastic toy phone today)

“Hello?  Ana?  Hello?  Hi Ana!  Ana?  Can you hear me on this phone?  No?  You can’t?  Oh.  Hi Ana.  OOOOOOOOH, that sounds like a GOOD IDEA!  Ok, bye Ana.”

So um, Ana, be sure to let us know what the good idea was.  We’re really curious.


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“Rosa’s sisters are Pretend Rosa.”

“I’m gonna be a grown-up. When I’m big, I can get a baby.”

“Daddo, Daddo, bo baddo, banana fanna … FATTO!”

“Be quiet, I’m on the phone. Hello? Hi Blue’s Clues… I’m gonna help you today… Hi Steve. How are you today? … I’m great! … um… I’m just walking around. Bye!”

(During yesterday’s Cowboys game)
“Button, can you say ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings?”
“It’s … over … fat lady sings.”
“Button, who’s the fat lady?”

“Be quiet, I’m on the phone. I’m gonna put you in time out if you don’t be quiet while I’m on the phone.” (said to the dog)

“Mama, I don’t wanna go to Tuesday School.  I don’t want the teachers to talk about my clothes.”
“Do the teachers talk about your clothes?”


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“Rosa’s sisters are Pretend Rosa.”

“I’m gonna be a grown-up.  When I’m big, I can get a baby.”

“Daddo, Daddo, bo baddo, banana fanna … FATTO!”

“Be quiet, I’m on the phone.  Hello?  Hi Blue’s Clues…  I’m gonna help you today…  Hi Steve.  How are you today? … I’m great! … um… I’m just walking around.  Bye!”

(During yesterday’s Cowboys game)
“Kaelin, can you say ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings?”
“It’s … over … fat lady sings.”
“Kaelin, who’s the fat lady?”

“Be quiet, I’m on the phone.  I’m gonna put you in time out if you don’t be quiet while I’m on the phone.”  (said to the dog)


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Being “quiet” remains the ultimate challenge for Kaelin, and being forced to do so is evidently a memorable and scarring experience for her.

“Ok Kaelin, we need to go to Kinkos.  Let’s find your shoes.”
Mama, I don’t wanna go be quiet at Kinkos.

We’ve been trying to get her to be quiet while Mama or Daddo are on the phone.  So far, this is the most success we’ve had:

“Have to be quiet while Mama’s on the phone.  Good girl for being quiet.  I’m being quiet while Mama’s on the phone.  Be very very quiet because Mama’s on the phone.  Good for being quiet while Mama’s on the phone… MAMA, I DON’T WANNA BE QUIET ANYMORE.  I WANNA TALK SOME MORE.”

Other conversations we’ve had today:

“I gave the floor a spanking because it pushed me.  The floor was mean to me.”

(While talking to individually selected macaroni noodles at dinner) “Where’s your mommy?  Are you looking for your mommy?  There’s your mommy and daddy!  Mommy, Daddy, come visit us!”

Oh by the way, there’s a new video up on the Videos page for those who want to hear Kaelin run through a portion of her song repertoire.  You may have to select it from the thumbnails at the bottom of the video screen, since I can’t seem to make it be the default video.  It’s the one of Kaelin standing in front of the Christmas tree.

Things I learn from my 2-year-old

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“I wanna show Mama! I wanna show Mama!”

“Show Mama what?”

“My cough.”

“You want to show me your cough? Where is your cough?”

(Sticks finger in her mouth) “In here.”

“What does your cough sound like?”

“A monster.”

“Your cough sounds like a monster?”

“Yeah. The monster is a BIG GUY.”

Apparently the Big Cough Monster is green and lives in our backyard and hides in the trees and likes to eat nuggets for lunch.

Who knew?

You’re SICK

Tonight I had some bad sushi. It tasted good. But it didn’t agree with my insides and for a while I wasn’t sure whether it was the sushi, or my insides, that were about to exit my body in a rather unfriendly fashion.

Consequently, I spent a good portion of the evening alternating between the couch and the toilet.

J is gone on a business trip tonight so it was just me and Kaelin for the evening. It is surprisingly difficult to spend an evening sick on the pot with a curious and concerned toddler investigating, questioning, and playing doctor.

“Are you ok Mama?”

(between winces, and with my head in my hands) “Not really. Mama’s a little sick right now.”

“You’re SICK. Are you ok Mama?”

“I will be ok soon. Mama just needs to go potty. Can you go watch TV for a few minutes?”

“Do you have an owie? Does your eyes hurt? Do you have an owie on your arm?”

“Mama’s tummy hurts.”

“Mama has an owie on her tummy. Does it need a kiss?”

“No thank you. But thanks for offering.”

(Removing a strip of toilet paper to wrap around an old scratch on Mama’s arm) “Mama has an owie RIGHT THERE. Put this on it because it makes it feel all better for you.”

“Thank you sweetie.”

(Grabbing my arm at attempting to pull me off the toilet) “Puuuuuuuuuulllllll! Puuuuuuullllll! Go out there. Go into the living room, Mama.”

“I can’t right now, baby. Go ahead and I’ll come in a few minutes.”

“I need some toilet paper!

“No you don’t. Don’t take any more toilet paper. Leave it alone.”

“I love you Mama! Hold you?”

“I love you too, but I can’t hold you right now. I’m going potty.”

(Attempting embrace) “HUUUUUG!”

She then found a small flashlight and proceeded to spotlight and name Every. Single. Item. in the bathroom.

“Shine the light and then you can see it. This is a scarecrow! How about the scarecrow’s basket? How about the toilet paper? How about the door! How about the shoe! How about Mama’s knee? How about Mama’s other knee! How about Mama’s cheek! How about Mama’s arm! How about Mama’s tummy! How about Mama’s boob!”

“Kaelin, can you please go watch TV for a few minutes.”

“Are you ok, Mama? Mama has an owie.” (Runs down the hall) “Your SICK!”


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One of Kaelin’s new idiosyncrasies is complete disinterest in changing her diaper, especially when it’s poopy.

“Kaelin, do you have poopies?”


“I think you do. I can smell it. Let’s go change your diaper.”

(running to hide in a corner) “I’m still pooping!”

“You are? Ok, we can wait a few minutes.” (a few minutes later) “Are you done yet?”

“No. I’m still pooping.”

“Kaelin, I think you’re done pooping by now.”

“No, I wanna poop some more!”

While in Seattle, she was in the car with her grandparents (whom she calls Ana and Papa) when a distinct “aroma” started emanating from her diaper.

Papa: Kaelin, are you poopy?

Kaelin: No. Ana’s poopy. Ana has poopy pants!

She’s got the diversion tactic down better than some politicians.   Watch out Hilary.

She probably shouldn’t be a therapist when she grows up.

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(While lamenting my recent purchase due to manufacturer incompetence. I mean really, how hard is it to make lids that actually FIT the bins you’re selling them with?)

Me: I hate these bins. They’re so stupid and I wish I had never bought them.

Kaelin: Stupid Mama.

She really knows how to kick you when you’re down.

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