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Kaelinisms: Sand Edition

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Korenisms: Awesome Edition

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Korenisms: Happy Ocean Edition

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Koren: Hello, Ocean!  Daddo?
Jens: Yes, Koren?
Koren: I talking to ocean.
Jens: You’re talking to the ocean?
Koren: Mmm-hmm.  How are you, ocean?  Daddo, Ocean says it’s great.
Jens: Oh?
Koren: Yes.  It has big boats so it’s great.

An Original Story, by Kaelin

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Kaelinisms: Very Important Edition

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“Kaelin, while Koren is napping, Mama and Daddo are going to go take a nap while you watch your movie.  We were up all night with Koren so we’re really sleepy.  So if you need us you can come get us, but please try not to come wake us up unless it’s really important, ok?”


*  *  *  *  *  *
(20 minutes later)

“Mama, I have two things to tell you and one is VERY IMPORTANT and the other is not important.  The IMPORTANT thing is that I love you.  The other thing is that I’m hungry and I need a snack.”

Korenisms: Hungry Bunny Edition

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Mama: “Look Koren, there’s a bunny in our yard!”
Koren: “Bunny!”
Daddo: “What’s he doing, Koren?”
Koren: “Eating.  Grass.”
Daddo: “Yes, bunnies like grass, don’t they?”
Koren: “And moose.”
Daddo: “He’s eating a moose?”
Koren: “Two moose.”
Daddo: “He’s eating two moose?  Aren’t moose bigger than bunnies?”
Koren:  “Tiny moose.”
Daddo: “Oh.  I see.”

Kaelinisms: Wrapped Around Her Finger Edition

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Mama: What is this?  A Barbie fishing rod?
Kaelin: Yes!
Mama: Did you sweet talk Daddo into getting you a Barbie fishing rod?
Kaelin: Yes!
Mama: Do you have Daddo wrapped around your little finger, or what?
Kaelin: Yep.  I’m definitely gonna marry someone like him.

Monkey Cheese

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(overheard as I entered the room)

Kaelin:  Koren, it’s MAC AND CHEESE
Koren:  Monkey Cheese!
Kaelin:  No, Koren.  Not Monkey Cheese.  MAC AND CHEESE.
Koren:  Monkey Cheese!
Kaelin:  NO!  Mac AND CHEESE.
Koren:  Monkey Cheese!
Kaelin:  Mac and cheese.
Koren:  Monkey Cheese!
Koren:  …Monkey Cheese.
Kaelin:  MAMA.  I have two things to tell you. First, I CAN NOT GET KOREN TO SAY MAC AND CHEESE.  And the second is that I need more milk.

Not a Fan

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“Kaelin, why is Koren crying?”
“Because I’m making him eat snow.”

The More The Merrier

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One of the things I’m learning about parenthood is that it’s a continual lesson in humility.  As a parent, you think you’re smarter, wiser, more sophisticated than your kids.  And they constantly prove you wrong about that.

Remember how clever we were about Vitamin Kitty?  We did the whole “Bath Time” fast-swap thing for Kaelin’s benefit, because of course she would be devastated if anything ever happened to VK, or – worse – she ever found out that her current VK wasn’t the ORIGINAL Vitamin Kitty.

A few weeks ago, VK got left in the Target shopping cart.  Kaelin was heartbroken at the thought, but after a bit of stealthy searching, TA-DA!  Mama and Daddo managed to find him!  We were unconcerned about pulling another VK out of “the box” because we were pretty certain we would not be seeing the return of the lost stuffed animal.

Or so we thought.

A few days later, Kaelin came down to breakfast with an announcement:  “Look, Mama, there are TWO VITAMIN KITTIES!  How did I get TWO VITAMIN KITTIES?”

Sure enough, there she was, holding two of them.  I stood there, my brain racing, trying to come up with some way to explain this obvious faux pas without crushing her delicate sense of VK Reality.

“Maybe one of them is Vitamin Kitty’s brother that came to visit,” I managed to say before too much time had elapsed.

“No, they’re both Vitamin Kitty.  I found this other one in my stool.  I forgot I put him there the other day.  But why do I have TWO Vitamin Kitties?”

I had nothing.  Nada.  No more clever explanations to shield her from the truth.  How on earth was I going to explain this to her?

“I don’t know, Kaelin.  That’s a mystery.”

“Maybe you thought I lost him, so you got me another one.”

Dude.  Did I just get schooled by my 4-year-old? 


“You know, I think you’re right.”

I watched her for a few seconds, trying to gauge her reaction to this unpleasant truth.  To see if it was going to affect her bond with her Special Friend.  I gave up when she stood in the middle of the kitchen, held out both stuffed kitties, and exclaimed, “I have TWO Vitamin Kitties.  THIS IS SO EXCELLENT!”

Kaelinisms: Washcloth Edition

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I walked into the bathroom where Kaelin was in the tub with her back to me.  She had pasted a wet washcloth to her tummy and was staring down at it, shaking her head in disapproval. 

“White just isn’t my color.”

Kaelinisms: Cat Edition

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Kaelin: “Do cats lick themselves like dogs after they poop?”
Daddo: “Yes.”
Kaelin: “Hmm… Cats are cool.  But I wouldn’t want to be one.”

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