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Kaelinisms: Praising the Lord Edition

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“Koren, you don’t have to keep shouting, shouting, and praising the Lord like a MANIAC all the time!”

Kaelinisms: Dimples Edition

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“Kaelin, you got your Daddo’s dimples.”
“I did NOT get my Daddo’s dimples.  My Daddo still has his dimples.”

Kaelinisms: Smarty Pants Edition

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Here are a few of Kaelin’s latest gems.  I swear, she’s 3 going on 13.

“No, you’re not understanding what I’m saying.  Try to keep up here.”

* * *

“Mama, you’re not telling the truth about me.  I can do anything.

* * *

(lamenting her swollen lip after a freak collision with the tile floor)
“I don’t want to live like this!”

* * *

“Daddo, we’ve been over this already.”

Kaelinisms: Smelly Edition

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Jens was in the kitchen the other day when Kaelin departed from watching her movie in the living room to tell him a very important message…

Kaelin: Um, Daddo.
Jens: Yes, Kaelin?
Kaelin: Daddo, I’m sorry to tell you this.  But you smell.
Jens: I do?
Kaelin: (holding her nose and making a dreadful face)  Yes.  You smell like dirty diapers.
Jens: I do?  Um…sorry?

Jens spent some time pondering the logistics of an odor that a) was unbeknownst to him, and b) had apparently traversed two rooms with enough strength to disturb her movie-watching pleasure.  He soon remembered that he had walked behind Kaelin a few minutes ago, while taking a large bag of trash (including a good supply of dirty diapers) outside to the trash bin.  Since she wasn’t watching him, she didn’t see the trash bag, and thought he personally was the one responsible for the aromatic breeze she experienced.

Kaelinisms: Mrs. Bennett Edtition

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We learned last night that when she was “little,” Kaelin had a teacher named Mrs. Bennett.  But then Mrs. Bennett retired “because she had to go die.”  And she died of the same thing Uncle Jackson* died of: Allergies.

*Michael Jackson

Kaelinisms: Terminology Edition

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One day I’ll get around to posting about Singapore.  But in the meantime, my kid is funny:

Kaelin: Koren, back away from the exercise machine.  KOREN.  BACK.  UP.
Mama: He doesn’t understand what ‘back up’ means, babe.
Kaelin: (to Koren) It means GO AWAY.  MOVE.
Mama: He doesn’t understand what that means either.
Kaelin: (to Koren, disgusted) Then ask your mother.

I Need One of Those

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“Koren, see my cell phone?  You can watch movies on this screen right here.  And make phone calls.  It can do EVERYTHING!  It even sells furniture.  And this button right here?  That makes Cheerios come out for Vitamin Kitty.”

Are you listening, Blackberry?  IT SELLS FURNITURE AND DISPENSES SNACKS.  Even the iPhone doesn’t have an Ap for that.

And this phone doesn’t even need to be charged.  It runs on imagination.  BEAT THAT.

Kaelinisms: Issues and Singing Edition

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I’ve mentioned before about Kaelin’s love of shoes.  During “Doughnuts with Dad” this past Saturday, she made friends with the doughnut store owner.

DSO: Wow, those are some pretty shoes.  Can I have your shoes?
Kaelin: No.
DSO: What if I gave you a free chocolate milk – then could I have your shoes?
Kaelin: No.  I already have juice.
DSO: What if I gave you ALL the donuts in the store for free?  THEN could I have your shoes?
Kaelin: No.  They wouldn’t fit you.  And if I gave you my shoes, my mom might have issues.

Kaelin has volunteered to sing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” at a friend’s wedding reception this weekend.  I’m a little skeptical, knowing that a) she sings very quietly when people are watching, b) she’s likely to get shy and back out at the last second, and c) she only knows half the chorus. 

But she’s very excited about the prospect of using a real microphone.

Mama: Kaelin, why don’t you tell Grandmommy and Grandpa what you’re doing at Andrea’s wedding?
Kaelin: I’m going to sing the Romeo and Juliet song with a microphone, HOW FUN IS THAT???

Also, my daughter is a goofball, in case you didn’t already know.  While fixing dinner tonight, I heard some rustling behind me.  I turned around and nearly tripped on this paper bag in the middle of the floor…

The Easter Story, by Kaelin

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Turn the volume up.

Kaelinisms: Rock star Edition

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“Kaelin, when you do that to your hair, it makes you look like a rock star.”
“I AM a rock star.  Always.  …What’s a rock star?”

Kaelinisms: Can We Send Him Back Edition

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Apparently Kaelin had some misconceptions about how this whole “sibling” thing works.

“Daddo, when is Koren going back to the hospital?”
“Why would he go to the hospital?”
“Because that’s where he came from.  When is he going back?”
“Never, sweetie – he’s part of our family now.  He’s going to be with us forever.”
“Of course.  You came from the hospital too, do you want us to send you back?”
“NO, but I’m talking about Koren.”

Sick Update

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Well, the kids are mostly well, though it is no coincidence that Kaelin’s new favorite pretend game is “playing Doctor.”  The one remaining problem is that we just can’t kick Koren’s ear infections.

After the 3 rounds of medications, we ended up giving him some shots yesterday, and he goes back for a second round tomorrow if the doctor doesn’t see enough improvement.  If those still don’t do the trick, we have to start talking to ENTs about going the tubes route.  Not entirely surprising, since Jens and I both struggled with ear infections as kids, and I had to have tubes put in.  Twice, I think.

Predictably, I ended up catching all the junk the kids were going through a couple of weeks ago, so I’m just getting over the cough and it’s making its way into my nose and eyes.  This event has brought me to a revelation about parenting that I’d never really considered before since I so rarely get sick:

When your children are sick, you take care of the children.  When you get sick, you take care of the children. 

Does it sound slightly unfair to anyone else that parenthood is the only job to which you can’t “call in sick?”

But enough about all that.  Even I’m tired of hearing myself go on about HALP! MAH KIDZ R SIIIIIIIICK BLAH BLAH AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH, so I can imagine you all are ready to beat your heads with a frying pan because the coma would be a relief.

Tomorrow is my 29th Birthday!  Well, my first 29th birthday, at least.  I’ll probably have a few more before I’m ready to embrace the reality of “30-something.”  I received a wonderful surprise from my husband for my birthday, as a brand spanking new convection oven showed up at our house yesterday! 

As in, an oven that can actually get hotter than 350° AND manages to reach something close to the temperature you set it to AND stays at that temperature longer than 10 minutes!  Obviously, this is a drastic improvement over my old hunk of junk.

This splendid piece of equipment means that if my baking sucks now, it is actually my fault.  While that seems a little daunting, it’s totally a risk I’m willing to take.

As a side story, Kaelin is at the point now where she occasionally tries very hard to act all “grown up.” 

Case in point, when the guys showed up to install the oven this morning, they called me “Ma’am” when they had questions.  After chatting with them and listening to them for a little bit, Kaelin turns to me and says, “Um, Ma’am, I’ll be back in a little bit.  I need to go over there and help them work on this.”

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