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Munchkin Monday: Easter

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We attended my parents’ neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, as is our annual tradition.  This year, it was being sponsored by our (huge) church, so the attendance was at least double the usual (and it’s usually a fairly good turnout).  The egg hunt for Kaelin’s age lasted approximately 10 seconds because the ratio of eggs to children was completely underestimated.  I’m told they actually had 1,000 more eggs to put out, but the HOA queen wouldn’t let them.  Kaelin scored 1 egg during that hunt, and she only managed that one because a nice lady took one of her son’s eggs and laid it down in front of Kaelin to pick up.  Thank you Nice Lady, whoever you are.

Fortunately, Kaelin is still of the age where she doesn’t realize she didn’t get “enough” eggs.  We let Kaelin jump in on the older kids’ hunt and she managed to find 3-4 more eggs, so she walked away with enough treasures to satisfy.  I did see some kids in tears over the lack of eggs to be found, and was glad we didn’t have to cross that bridge yet.

Her favorite part of the day was meeting the Easter Bunny.  She met him 3 or 4 times because she just couldn’t get enough.  She gave him hugs, high-fives, shook his hand (paw?) and posed for pictures in his lap.  Mr. Bunny is totally the Mac Daddy.

Oh yeah, pictures…








After the egg hunt was over, we walked back to Grandmommy and Grandpa’s house.  Ok, J and I walked – Kaelin (as usual) ran.


When we finally caught up to her, she was sitting on G&G’s front yard, waiting patiently and playing with some of her “loot” from the egg hunt.


Munchkin Monday: Loves Her Kitty Edition

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Ok, I’m cheating and backdating this one a day because I didn’t get around to it.   Sue me.





Munchkin Monday

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Sometimes Kaelin decides to skip her nap. It always catches up to her, usually around dinnertime, and sometimes in mid-sentence.

Sorry the camera is so shakey. I was laughing.

For those curious, she’s saying “Watch you,” which really means “watch me,” (she gets confused on the proper usage of “you” and “me”) which is what she chants any time she sees the video camera. She’s developing a bit of a narcissistic streak.

Munchkin Monday

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I love Beth’s tradition of posting pictures of her princess on Mondays. If I were better at commitments I would totally steal her idea every week. But I’m not, so you get the Munchkin Monday, Sporadic Edition.

These were Jens’ and my Dad’s Fathers Day gifts.





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