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Hello My Name Is…

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Jens’ uncle Tim had a wedding reception this past Saturday in Colorado. After months of debating about how practical it would be for us to attend, we eventually decided that we really should skip this family get-together because of the expense of traveling on a holiday weekend.

Friday morning, we suddenly realized that we had deliberately missed our last opportunity for a real vacation for the next 18 years (Disney World doesn’t really count). We panicked, and decided “hang it all, we’re going.” So we boarded the dog, piled in the car and prepared to drive 13 hours to Colorado to reunite with his side of the family.

And then we realized…we didn’t know where to go once we got there. Jens tried calling his parents but nobody was answering, so we were unsure if they had even brought the cell phone with them. Next option: Directory Assistance.

Fortunately, there was only one Tim Lastname listed in Denver.

“Hello, this is Tim.”
“Hi Tim. This is Jens.”
“Doing well. Looks like we will be joining you tomorrow after all.”
“Um…for the wedding reception…”
“Um…Tim, when I said ‘This is Jens’ – did that mean anything to you?”
“Not a thing!”
“Ok then. I think I have the wrong number.”

Other Tim, as he is now affectionately referred to, gets 10 points for enthusiasm. And faking.

Cleanest Baby in the World

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Why is it that when your belly protrudes more than normal, there’s this inate need to give it an extra good scrubbing in the shower?
…Or maybe it’s just me…

Oh, by the way…

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned that because when we found out I was in the throws of trying to run an office by myself, so there wasn’t a lot of time for blogging. But the sonogram has confirmed that we are doomed to be fending off the obnoxious onslaught of PINK that will undoubtedly be following us around for the next several years (I’ve already made an arrangement with my mom – I call before I come pick up the baby from her house, and before I get there, she will remove any pink adornments that may have found their way onto my child in the meantime).

But we are both looking forward to pigtails, softball, and all the other little things that come with having a girl.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised to be told that we are having a girl. I was pretty convinced that it was going to be a boy…based on the activity level of this little bundle. I swear, sometimes I think I’ve got a monkey in there instead. And these 11:30pm aerobics sessions have got to stop.

But overall, the pregnancy is going well and has been relatively easy. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Walking on Sunshine

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This week is on par to go down in history as one of the best weeks of my entire life.

Jamie came back from Europe to a busier office and some of the things that I had been wondering how in the world I would find the time to do. So they were shifted over to her department, which ended up working great for everybody. So nice to have her back!

I heard from several friends this week that I had been out of touch with for many moons, so to speak. I love renewed contacts.

I asked for AND GOT a raise at work. AND found out that they will be paying me for a full month of maternity leave (very uncommon!) so that eases a lot of tension over how we were going to survive that time financially.

I found the themed accessories I was looking for to decorate our nursery with. I knew I wanted a jungle theme, but everything I saw was either too cartoony or too dark/real/scary for a nursery. And finally the clouds parted and revealed the perfect set:

We closed on our fabulous house today! Our final walk-through last night was incredible. The woman we purchased the house from is more than slightly on the obsessive-compulsive neat-freak side, which makes this transition all the easier on us. The house sparkles like nobody’s ever lived there. I kid you not, she scrubbed the garage floor and cleaned out the garage door panels (and all the metal bars on the inside) with bleach.

She even left us several extras, like shower curtain liners, a stroller, and an elliptical exercise machine! Oh, and she’s leaving the electricity in her name until Monday so we will have power over the weekend, since the stupid electrical company simply could not set up our account until Monday despite repeated requests and messages from us.

And she called up the alarm company and informed them that they had to give us the same “special rate” she was getting or we wouldn’t continue the contract. So we’re getting the 3-year contract rate without the 3-year contract!

We couldn’t have asked for a better seller to work with. And when we showed up at closing today, out monthly payments ended up being less than we were expecting because we had gotten a lower interest rate than we were originally quoted. Too cool.

So, we’re getting a great house at a great price with a great loan and it comes with great accessories from a great seller who seems to be going out of her way to make the process better for us. I am so tempted to break out into a chorus of “I’ve Got Rhythm.” Who could ask for anything more???

Neverending Story

In retrospect, this has been a very busy week, as evidenced by this being the first blog I have written since Saturday. Here’s a brief overview:

Sunday: After much searching, finally found another house we are interested in. Our only concern is the size of the house – only 1800 square feet. The house we were trying to purchase before was 2100 square feet, and we really liked that size. This new house is a one-story with lots of upgrades and personality though, so we guess it’s a tradeoff.

Monday: Started all the last-minute projects for the upcoming work conference on Friday/Saturday. Why is it so impossible to plan for a major conference earlier than the week of, so that we’re not all RUNNING AROUND LIKE PSYCHO CHICKENS trying to throw stuff together? WHY?
Any free moments today and for the rest of the week are devoted to setting up my new OFFICE – YES, OFFICE! I somehow managed to convince Boss Man (the “NO” man) to give me an office instead of sitting out front in the middle of the chaos. Still not sure how I managed that…I broached the subject in hopes of introducing it merely to begin the long road of pursuasion. Had no idea that the resistance period would only be about 20 minutes before a “Yes” was delivered my way. This was a good day.

Tuesday: Another busy day at work. We really do prefer busy. Felt the baby kick for the first time. Very weird. Like a twitching stomach muscle…except lower. Checked out the one-story again (among others) and decided to make an offer the following day. Speaking of the “others,” here’s another tip to add to the “How not to sell a house” list: Don’t let your teenage daughter answer the front door in her underwear and tell us that despite the fact that we had called ahead to schedule a viewing, we can’t see the house because it’s still being painted.

Wednesday: Finished conference preparations and devoted the rest of the day to preparing, moving into, and shopping for my new office. Stopped at Target after work for some decorative additions. Met with real estate agent to draft up contract on new house, only to find that he had recieved a call from the agent of the previous house, letting him know that the seller was more seriously motivated to sell the house now and was entertaining offers in the range we were discussing when the deal fell through before. Previous house has now been renamed “Neverending Story” house because it just doesn’t go away. A brief synopsis of the 3-week period in which we already pursued this house:

  • Found the house, knew it was perfect, told everyone it was my dream house. Planned to make an offer the next day.
  • Discovered house was already under contract.
  • Found out contract fell through.
  • Made an offer (a very GOOD offer, that most sellers would have taken flat out) but was informed that other offers were coming in same day.
  • Seller picked our offer, but countered…with stupid things that were really more insulting than anything else.
  • We countered the counter to make sure we were still getting our money’s worth.
  • Seller accepted.
  • Found out from our mortgage broker that the house would not appraise for what we offered.
  • Tried to lower the price with seller so the deal could still go through.
  • Seller declined lowered price offer. Deal off.
  • Seller put house back on the market at higher asking price – significantly more than the maximum amount the house would appraise for according to two appraisers.
  • We started looking elsewhere.

But it’s the only house we’ve found so far that was an immediate “yes” for us because it has absolutely everything we’re looking for. And suddenly they’re willing to be reasonable again. Wrote offer for Neverending Story house instead of new house.
Good News – confirmed that Mom doesn’t have cyst or cancer, which was one of several possible causes of recent abdominal pain. Endometriosis is the current most likely diagnosis and may require surgery. This may
be poor timing, as parents are scheduled to go to colorado next week and Greece in June. She is seeing a specialist tomorrow for full diagnosis.

Thursday: Waiting to hear back from sellers. Will be a long day. Bosses and distributors are busy at conference, so no business coming through. Probably won’t hear from sellers until tomorrow, as has been the case in the past, despite the fact that response deadline is tonight.
More good news – Mom doesn’t have endometriosis either. Looks like medicatable diagnosis for 2 ailments that are treatable without surgery. Very thankful.

See – told you we’ve been busy this week!

To Stand or Not to Stand

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Sunday was Mother’s Day. Because of this, a debate ensued in our household over the prior two weeks revolving around whether or not I would be standing up when the pastor asked all the mothers in the congregation to stand.

Jens’ position was that a baby that exists, whether in the womb or out, has to have a mother – and as such, I should stand up on account of the fact that I AM that biological mother.

My position was that Mother’s Day is to celebrate those women in our lives who gave birth, sacrificed, loved, raised, and cared for a child as only a mother can. Since I have done none of these things, I am no more worthy of Motherhood recognition now than I was a year ago.

The argument progressed, each side holding firmly to their beliefs and determined that the other was simply ignorant, stubborn, or trying to be difficult. Others had input into the situation, and supported one side or the other, but neither party was willing to budge.

The clock ticked away until we were at last in that service awaiting the call to “stand.”

And then it happened. Or rather, didn’t happen. For the first time since I can remember, I attended a Mother’s Day church service where there was no call for the mothers to stand. Thus rendering all heated debates entirely superfluous.

Mais c’est la vie, n’est pas?

Bill of Health

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Had another doctor appointment yesterday. No ultrasound, whereby J was acutely disappointed.
Apparently I’m healthy in all regards, except that they’ve discovered that I’m not immune to German Measles.
And I thought those blood tests had anything to do with the pregnancy.
So, if you have German Measles, stay away from me. Fair warning. There must be at least 3 people on the planet with German Measles, so I’m covering the bases here.

And that makes me special.

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I have hit a new revelation. I am the first woman in the history of the world to ever have gone through the first six months of pregnancy.

I draw this conclusion from the fact that apparently I’m the only person in the entire country ever to outgrow the waistline on a regular pair of pants, yet need maternity clothing that isn’t abso-freakin-lutely-huge-i-mongous.

Seriously. Normal clothing doesn’t fit anymore, but when I walk into a maternity store and try on the smallest size they have available, I could fit three camels and a polar bear in those pants with me. Kids, don’t try that at home.

As in, I stand up and the pants don’t stand with me. Not gonna happen. So I ask the girl at the counter what they do for women who are in the “in-between” stage and she shows me this thing called a Bella-something. It’s basically an ace bandage that you’re supposed to wrap around your gianormous pants to hold them on.

Chic. We’re talking some serious style.

“Or you can wear your normal pants unbuttoned and put this thing around the top to hold them up.”

You have got to be kidding me. You’re telling me that after millions and billions and trillions of pregnancies throughout the history of the world, NOBODY has come up with a real solution to the first six months of growing waistline?

I have just decided upon the first living-vicariously-parental-aspiration for my child.

Arboretum Mission Successful

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Got my picture 🙂

You can’t really tell in the picture, but this was my first attempt at wearing the dreaded MATERNITY SHORTS in public, as my belly is slowly but surely outgrowing the waistline on my pants. Actually, they’re quite comfortable and the lack of buttons & zippers & ties cuts down on the bulk in front.

Baby is Good for Business

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I get to be in a Cantoni commerical as the pregnant lady on the couch. Of course, at this stage that will require some padding, but I’m totally looking forward to it. And I really want that couch. It’s 5 feet in diameter and perfectly round. It’s called the Cuddle Lounge. Check it out on their website.

Even cooler than getting to sit on a comfy couch in front of a camera, is the fact that this commercial will help to alleviate some of the repressed guilt I have over not applying my 4 years as a theatre major to my carreer.


AWOL Waistline

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So, Gap has some really cute spring dresses. Somebody, please go buy them and enjoy wearing them for me. I tried the other day, but even though I’m not technically showing yet, my waistline has so thoroughly disappeared that it was a futile (and somewhat depressing) effort.

Idol, Acne & Chocolate

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Last night, J and I settled in for our Tuesday Night Tradition: Wings and American Idol. Lindsey Cardinale, it’s time to say goodbye. I think we will shortly be forced to add House to the Tuesday Tradition list, as it has kept us glued to our seats for the second week in a row. Stupid addictive TV shows.

Unfortunately, I have discovered as of late that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is a change in appetite. As in, things that were always good before just aren’t good anymore. And I think wings have fallen into that category. This is especially upsetting because I hate to spoil a good tradition. I gave it a valiant effort last night…but I think wings are officially out.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that pregnancy has all sorts of “symptoms” that quite frankly, I could do without. I got an update email the other day about “5 embarassing pregancy symptoms: gas & bloating, constipation, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and diarrhea.”


Of course, the article didn’t mention acne, stretch marks, fat, cavities and tooth decay, and the myriad of other wonderful contributions of hormones and so forth.

Someone actually complimented me the other day on my skin. Apparently after I scrub, mask, exfoliate, tone, oil-free moisturize, slather on makeup, and style my hair so it covers as much of my face as possible, my skin looks decent to the casual observer. Who’d have thought?

It’s times like this when I question God about why 9 months was entirely neccessary. I think tape worms have the right idea.

But that’s probably a discussion for another philosophical blog and I’m not in the mood. Right now I just want some chocolate.

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