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Baby’s First Picture

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First Ultrasound 3/7/05

Had my first pre-natal doctor appointment today. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. J went with me so he could hold my hand during the needle part but they didn’t even stick me (though I hear that comes later).

And I even got my first sonogram. Not that you can see much from the picture I got to take home, but we did get to see the baby’s heart beating on the screen and got a lesson in detecting which shapless blob was the head and which one was the yolk sac.

Evidently my uterus is shaped like a pork chop and this baby has wedged itself into the narrow tip. Looks like we might be having a shy kid, though I don’t see how if it has J for a father.

The medical world seems to be full of terms that sound worse than they are. Never having been through this before, I got a little nervous when the doctor started talking about the sonogram PROBE. Oh, and the CYST on my right ovary where the egg was released that we can’t do anything about except watch it right now because it’s regulating the progesterone. Apparently that’s pretty normal and it should go away sometime after the placenta takes over. And then they start telling you all about the tests that are available to determine Cleft Palate and Downs and Cystic Fibrosis and all kinds of other scary malformations.

But from all appearances everything seems to be pretty normal and there’s no cause for alarm yet. YET.

Birthday Blues

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I haven’t been hungry in 3 days. I suppose it stems from the fact that things are kind of shifting around down there and maybe Mr. Tummy just doesn’t have as much room to expand, but quite frankly – especially for someone who looks forward to food as one of the highlights of the day – it just sucks.

Ordinarily this would not really be a problem except that this weekend was my birthday, which means all weekend people are shoving delicious food and desserts toward me in large quantities. And I have guilt and resentment toward my stomach for not being able to…stomach it.

Saturday was lunch at Red Robin and dinner at the aunt & uncle’s, where the course de jour was lots of ribs and large portions of other yummy edibles. And mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cake.

Sunday was dinner at The Melting Pot. Enough said. So I spent most of the weekend miserably uncomfortable and unable to do anything about it except eat more because, aside from the guilt, if I don’t eat regularly my blood sugar goes down and then I get queasy (which I believe is what happend this morning and consequently why I was 2 hours late to work).

Getting some extra rest this morning has helped me with the fatigue issue, which also played a part this weekend. I think I probably take about 1.5-2 hours of naps per day now, which is unusual even for me. All in all, I’m really looking forward to getting past this first trimester thing.

Bloating & Shifting

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Yeah, this is going to be one of those pregnancy status posts. There will probably be a lot of these in the next several months so DEAL WITH IT. And after that, there will probably be a lot of baby posts because this is a blog about MY LIFE and I hear babies have a way of TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE.

I discovered something very comforting yesterday. Apparently it’s quite common for women to experience bloating and a “shifting” of the internal organs between 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, which results in a swelling of the stomach area.

And I just thought I was getting overly fat. Technically, I shouldn’t be showing for another few months, but I have noticed a marked increase in the size of my belly over the past few days… which led to a nervous self-consciousness, especially since I’ve been walking a lot recently and haven’t been consuming more food than normal. I think I have a phobia of becoming one of those women who gain 100 pounds during pregnancy (ugh!) and as a result have an enormous diabetic baby and can’t lose the weight after birth. Yikes.

The pregnancy advice and information websites warn against putting on too much weight during pregnancy because it’s harmful to the baby. Of course they also say not to diet because that’s harmful to the baby. So unless God himself keeps me skinny, this kid’s pretty much screwed either way.

Anyway, the news that I’m not a freak (at least not physically) especially came as a relief to J. Try as he might, men are just not equipped with any adequate defense for the “I’M FAT” panic attack.

Day #40

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“This is day number 40 and you’re 6 weeks pregnant!You have 240 days or 34 weeks left, and are 15.0% of the way there.Baby’s age since conception is 26 days or 4 weeks. You are due on 10/19/2005.

The first heartbeats have begun! The heart is dividing into chambers and will soon find a more regular rhythm. The embryo itself is about a quarter of an inch long and looks more like a tadpole than a human. It undergoes a tremendous growth spurt this week. Major organs, including the kidneys and liver, begin to grow. Your baby is smaller than a grain of rice, with a beating heart aboutthe size of a poppy seed.”

Secret’s Out

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I think last night was a whopping success. Both sets of new grandparents are very excited and are now debating over who gets to be “Grandpa” etc. My dad had that giddy smile on his face the whole night and would spontaneously burst into giggles on occasion. I love that. I have to admit that while I’m still warming up to the whole idea, it does help to watch everyone else be so excited.


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Today is the day that the parents find out they’re going to be grandparents. We mailed a package to Jens’ parents that had matching Mariners T-shirts in Mens, Womens, and Baby size. The package is scheduled to be delivered at 7:00 tonight so we’ll probably be getting a phone call sometime around then.
We have the same set-up for my parents (except they’re Rangers T-shirts) and hopefully will get to deliver the goods and the news tonight, but are unsure because by some irritating coincidence, this is the busiest week of my parents’ lives. Dad has been out of town all week on business and they both have activities and committments scheduled over the weekend. So we’re hoping they will be available for dinner tonight when he gets in, since it looks like he’s going to cancel one of his previous arrangements. But it’s tough to say “hey, we need you guys to set aside some time together so we can tell you something VERY IMPORTANT” without giving away the surprise. Especially since my mom asks me if I’m pregnant every time I eat a banana and a pickle within half an hour of each other.
So we’re stuck with “hey, are you guys available for dinner, just because, since we haven’t seen you all week?” Doesn’t exactly inspire “drop everything and go” action, but what can you do.
This has been a very news-filled week. In addition to finding out that our family is growing, two of my closest friends got engaged. One is having a family-only wedding in April, so I don’t have to worry about that, but my best friend wants to get married in August. Translate as “my best friend wants to get married when I’m round, fat and grumpy.” WHY???
And have you seen the available maternity brides maid dresses? UGH. I hope I don’t have to take a black sharpie to all her wedding pictures.


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So we’re hoping to buy a house when our lease expires in June. There’s just a small problem with the downpayment, or lack thereof. But never fear, being the ingenious people we are, we have devised a way to raise the funds neccessary for our dream house.

We can put our baby’s name up for auction on Ebay.

We think this prospect could easily bring in a few hundred thousand dollars, and would be a spectacular deal for the company who paid for the advertisement, because unlike the guy who auctioned off his forehead for 3 months, this advertising could last like 85 years! It would be at least 18 years before the kid could legally change his/her name, right?

And if your name is Frito Lay, you’re bound to get some attention, so the company wouldn’t have to worry about guaranteed exposure.

Are we brilliant or what?

“An-ti-ci-pa-tion…” (insert music here)

I’m intentionally delaying the setting of my first pre-natal doctors appointment. I think the biggest problem with this whole pregnancy thing is my inate phobia of pain. And upon reading this…

“This will probably be the longest visit you have with your doctor or midwife (unless you encounter problems along the way)…At your initial appointment your doctor or midwife will take your family history, and give you a thorough physical, including a pelvic exam. You will also get a Pap smear to test for cervical cancer. Routine blood tests are taken to identify your blood type, Rh factor, and whether you’re deficient in iron. You will also be tested for immunity to German measles (rubella) as well as for sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. Depending on your ethnic background and medical history, you may also be tested for sickle-cell anemia, Tay-Sachs disease, and thalassemia.”

That’s medical terminology for “they’re going to stick me.” And this is the part where I run and hide under the nearest examination table.

I hate needles. Hate them. They are one of the few things in life that can actually make me cry in public, which is embarrasing and frustrating and makes me hate them even more. This first appointment sounds like it will include a lot of needles. And a pap smear. FAN-TAST-IC.

Like Wow.

So I’m now covered on the best maternity insurance plan I’ve ever seen. From now until the baby leaves the hospital should cost us no more than $460. Score.

Good News

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Thank goodness for understanding bosses. Jens’ company “corrected” the paperwork to get me insured starting the beginning of this month. They can do that because since I haven’t seen a doctor yet, I’m not “officially diagnosed” so it doesn’t count as a pre-existing condition. YAY FOR INSURANCE. That’s a load off my mind.


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I was thoroughly guarded last night. For some inexplicable reason, our fun-loving puppy (who will always be “puppy” to us, even though he reached adulthood over a year ago) was on orange-alert the ENTIRE night. No matter where I went, he followed and intently watched the door as if some monster was going to come in and attack us. He was up ALL NIGHT guarding the bedroom. He wasn’t noisy or anything, but he was awake and watching the door the whole night while we slept. This is the same dog who doesn’t wake up when you shove him half-way across the bed.
At about 4:30am he woke us up by growling at the door. We let him explore the house and he was totally spooked about it. Then he went back to the bedroom and continued to guard it for the rest of the night, his little ears perked to full attention. Sometime between then and when the alarm went off this morning, he relaxed and seems to be ok now. Weird.

And he wouldn’t come back inside this morning when I let him out before I left for work, which consequently made me late. He ALWAYS comes inside when you call him, at worst when you offer him a treat. But no, he had no intention of stepping foot back into the house. I eventually had to resort to dangling the leash in front of him. I hate doing that because he LIVES to go on walks and I feel like such a SCUM BAG for tricking him into coming inside and then not taking him for a walk. You should have seen the wide-eyed look he gave me when I left. GUILT GUILT GUILT.

I was also late for work because I spent 20 minutes this morning looking for my keys. I should have been looking for my brain the whole time. Somehow, I managed to find them. In the trunk of my car. Thank goodness for the extra set of car keys J leaves on the counter. And for whatever prompted me to look in the TRUNK for my KEYS.

Valentine’s Surprise

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I broke the news to J at dinner. Here he was expecting a nice quiet dinner out. BU-WHA-HA-HA-HA! I gave him a bag that contained a pooper-scooper*, a pair of infant booties with baseball puffs on the toes, and a book entitled “Father’s First Year.” He had that “deer in the headlights” look all night. He’s so cute that way. But I think he’s excited. He took it better than I did.
By that, I mean he didn’t give himself a stomach ache by jumping up and down and screaming obsenities.
But I’m doing better. I thought it would really annoy me that everyone else is really excited about this news that is going to change my life much more drastically than it affects theirs… but now I find it kind of helps with the anxiety. For some reason I feel that if nobody else is contemplating hurling themselves off a building, perhaps it’s not so neccessary afterall.
J is going to talk to his boss tomorrow to see if it’s too late to add me to the insurance policy. He’s got a really good plan, so it would be great to be on it. That, and the fact that there aren’t any personal insurance plans in Texas that cover maternity, so it’s pretty much company insurance or bust. I don’t like the sound of bust.

*Evidently not everyone is aware that pregnant women aren’t supposed to have contact with the litter box. Hence the pooper-scooper.

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