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Got MLK?

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I know breastfeeding is supposed to make my kid smarter, but I swear it’s making me dumber. Or perhaps the fact that I never get more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep is finally catching up to me.

I just looked at my calendar, which has next Monday marked as MLK (Martin Luther King) Day and I totally thought it said MILK DAY.

Bring Me a Straight-Jacket

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I’m losing my mind. I can’t find anything today. Pieces of paper that were RIGHT THERE on my desk have disappeared. Pages that I could swear I remember updating remain out of date. And best of all, I discovered the Microsoft Office installation disks I was using yesterday…in the refrigerator this morning.

God help me.


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I was thoroughly guarded last night. For some inexplicable reason, our fun-loving puppy (who will always be “puppy” to us, even though he reached adulthood over a year ago) was on orange-alert the ENTIRE night. No matter where I went, he followed and intently watched the door as if some monster was going to come in and attack us. He was up ALL NIGHT guarding the bedroom. He wasn’t noisy or anything, but he was awake and watching the door the whole night while we slept. This is the same dog who doesn’t wake up when you shove him half-way across the bed.
At about 4:30am he woke us up by growling at the door. We let him explore the house and he was totally spooked about it. Then he went back to the bedroom and continued to guard it for the rest of the night, his little ears perked to full attention. Sometime between then and when the alarm went off this morning, he relaxed and seems to be ok now. Weird.

And he wouldn’t come back inside this morning when I let him out before I left for work, which consequently made me late. He ALWAYS comes inside when you call him, at worst when you offer him a treat. But no, he had no intention of stepping foot back into the house. I eventually had to resort to dangling the leash in front of him. I hate doing that because he LIVES to go on walks and I feel like such a SCUM BAG for tricking him into coming inside and then not taking him for a walk. You should have seen the wide-eyed look he gave me when I left. GUILT GUILT GUILT.

I was also late for work because I spent 20 minutes this morning looking for my keys. I should have been looking for my brain the whole time. Somehow, I managed to find them. In the trunk of my car. Thank goodness for the extra set of car keys J leaves on the counter. And for whatever prompted me to look in the TRUNK for my KEYS.

Local Emergency

I received a phone call last night from Andrea, an old friend from high school. Her brother (who is also a friend of my brother) has been put in ICU here in Dallas due to waking up without feeling in any of his limbs. He was rushed to the hospital and tests revealed that he had an extremely low potassium level (just above 1.1) and the doctors were amazed that he was still alive. Evidently he should have had cardiac arrest before his levels reached that low.

They pumped him full of potassium and he seems to be responding to the treatment. As of today, he has some mobility back in his legs. They are calling in specialists to figure out what went wrong and the theories they were tossing about didn’t sound too appealing. They included a blood leak in his brain, a degenerative disease that could leave him permanently crippled, and other options that were all a little scary.

The fact that he’s responding to the potassium treatment is encouraging though, and we’re hoping the only diagnosis they have to come up with is what caused his levels to drop so dramatically.

Please pray for healing and peace – both for Ryan and his family. He’s still in ICU and the doctors are only allowing 2 visitors at a time, twice a day for 30 minutes, so the family is unable to see him very much.

On a lighter note, I think I get the stupid award for the month. I walked into WingStop last night and paid for my pickup order. And left it on the counter. And I didn’t realize until I got home and had no wings to take inside. So J had to make an extra stop on the way home and pick up the wings.

Proof positive that a day and a half of correcting legal documents can turn my brain to mush. Sigh.

Thank goodness for patient husbands 🙂

PS: Besides low potassium, there are other things that would give you a heart attack…

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