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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

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Actually, that’s not true.   It was almost 80 degrees today.   But for some reason I’m anticipating the Christmas Season early this year.   I could skip right past Thanksgiving and go straight into December without a second thought about it.

Do you think November is too early for a Christmas Blog Template?   Seriously, I want to know.   Because mine is done and I don’t have a Thanksgiving template.   J is adamant that Christmas Season doesn’t start until after his birthday, which is after Thanksgiving.   Would you hate me if I celebrated Christmas for 2 months???

Reading, Reading, Reading.

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I cannot sing and clap at the same time. It’s a disaster. Barney puts me to shame.

Likewise, I cannot seem to read blogs and blog at the same time, which is why this space has been a bit … quiet lately. I’m catching up on all of your stuff.

Dang, you people write a lot.

What Moms Want Dads To Know

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I received this email today and thought I would pass it on to you guys in case any of you are interested in participating and possibly having your quote included in the printed book. (Sorry dads, you have to sit this one out)

The link to the website is


I‘m co-writing a second book with a mom, Jesse Rutherford, titled “What Moms Want Dads to Know About Them.”

Jesse and I are gathering material for this book about moms for dads. (Our first book “Men Behaving Dadly” is about dads for moms. Read more about it below.) If you (and your readers) have concerns, frustrations, and confusion about how your husband parents or about your role as a mom that you can’t seem to discuss openly with your husband, the following blog is a place for you and your readers to discuss them.

To share your thoughts, your perspective on parenting, with me, Jesse, and other dads, click on “Comment” and post your thoughts. Jesse and I will personally read all comments that are posted to this blog and may even publish them in the book.

The inspiration for writing this book came from the first book Jesse and I just finished – “Men Behaving Dadly: What Dads Want Moms to Know About Them” (due out Summer 2007). This book gives moms and in-depth look into a father‘s perspective on caring for a baby and parenting. For more info about the book you can log on to the Men Behaving Dadly Blog at

Jesse and I would appreciate it if you forward this information to your blogging audience and add our blogs to your Link list.

Keep On Mommying,

Hogan Hilling
Author and Motivational Speaker


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They’ve found me.   Again.   What is it that suddenly makes all hell break loose on your blog one day and forces you to spend 6 hours every day moderating comments???

You wanna know what really pisses me off?   They’ve found a way to post spam comments on posts in which the comments ARE CLOSED.

HOW DO THEY DO THAT???   And why hasn’t the CIA swooped in and abducted them all to secret “re-education” camps?

Grrrrr… Makes me want to throw things.

Almost There…

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Well, as you may have noticed, there has been some progress on the template.   It looks good in Firefox, now I just have to tweak a few things, including the pictures, to make it look decent in Internet Explorer (stupid Internet Explorer; WHY are you people still using it???)

I hope to get the major bugs fixed today, and just have the fine tuning left to do after that.

Return of the Missing Blogger?

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So I was wasting some time at work this morning and just for kicks typed the address for Tequila Mockingbird, the once-famous blogger who apparently fell off the face of the earth toward the end of last year.   Not surprisingly, there were no new posts.

However, I did notice something that threw me off a bit…evidently our dear Mockingbird has added some ADS to her blog.   No new posts…just ads.   (???)

Could this be an indication that she’s planning to return to the world of blogging?   Or is she just capitalizing on the weirdos who STILL, even after ALL THIS TIME, return day after day, week after week, to her vacated space in the internet?     Only time will tell I suppose.

Also, the comments have all been removed.

Public Announcement

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You may have to ignore this blog for a few days. I’m taking a self-taught course in web/blog design and the only blog I have to experiment with is this one. So you can expect it to go through multiple partial changes and subsequently look like crap for a little while until I get this stuff figured out.

Thanx for your patience.

PS…if anybody knows what’s making those grey lines (1 under the header, 1 above the footer) please let me know so I can fix it.   They just sort of appeared and I don’t see anything in the code that should make them that way.


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Inlaws in town.   Working full time to cover for others.   House being painted (ok, that’s done but it did make things difficult a few days ago).     New projects going.   Stuff stuff stuff.

Will return soon, hopefully.

Things that make blogging difficult

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  1. Stupid mouse incessantly wigging out and sporadically jumping all over the screen when I try to use it.
  2. WordPress plugins that somehow work for EVERYFREAKINGBODYELSE but not for me.   And do not come with support help.
  3. Baby crawling, learning to walk, equipped with inexplicable gravitational pull toward any and all objects that could be potentially hazardous or lethal. Where’s that padded room I ordered?

Hot as Hades and Missing Links

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Just so you know, it’s supposed to be 106° tomorrow, so if I suddenly stop posting, please send someone with a spatula to scrape me off the pavement.

I’m confused.   According to my WordPress Dashboard, there is a link to my site from this page.   I was pretty skeptical (what would CBS News care about my blog?) so I looked, and I’m pretty sure there is no such link.   Anybody know how that could happen?

I Got Smacked!

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3 Smacks from Merciless Minx at I Talk 2 Much, DESPITE the fact that this is, yes, a dreaded Mommy Blog.

Don’t worry, faithful IT2M readers, it wasn’t really Minx’s fault. I tied her down and force-fed her strained peas and applesauce.

Probably could have gotten 4 smacks, had I pulled out the mashed squash…but even I am not THAT merciless.

New Site Up & Running

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Well ladies & gents, I think it’s just about done.  Take a look around and let us know if you see anything that isn’t working properly or appears to be unfinished.

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